[As An Economic Historian, I Appreciate What Manufacturing Has Contributed To The United States. It Was The Engine Of Growth That Allowed Us To Win Two World Wars And Provided Millions Of Families With A Ticket To The Middle Class. But Public Policy Needs To Go Beyond Sentiment And History.]

Author: Christina Romer Quotes

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Mathias Rust Quotes

"Once this key conflict is eased, it will have a huge impact on the world. It will take time to find a solution. Its similar to the situation between East and the West at the time of my flight."

Andrew OHagan Quotes

"Long before the arrival of reality TV - before speed cameras, before recording angels on buses and lampposts - I felt I was living in a country that already knew how to watch itself. It was journalism that held the responsibility for seeing who we were and noticing what we did."

Toni Collette Quotes

"Im glad that it was so physical and so isolated."

Rafael Abalos Quotes

"perhaps death is nothing but a calm and eternal dream"

Colectivo Juan De Madre Quotes

"Halló la espada y la armadura enterradas a diez pasos bajo tierra, enredadas en las raíces de un árbol oscuro partido en la antigüedad por un rayo certero, donde habían anidado diez cuervos de garras blancas."

Andrew Ryan Quotes

"A man choses. A slave obeys."

Giando Sigurani Quotes

"My writing is my real work. My job is merely the way by which I debase myself for money."

Beatrix Potter Quotes

"Most people, after one success, are so cringingly afraid of doing less well that they rub all the edge off their subsequent work."

Katie Price Quotes

"Im so loud, as if I know what Im on about,but deep inside, Im so insecure.Just a little girl."

Otis Webb Brawley Quotes

"Generally places that are comfortable with excellence dont call themselves centers of excellence. Has anyone heard of a Princeton University Center of Excellence? Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of Excellence?"

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Quotes About Doing The Job Right The First Time

"I feel alive for the first time in years. I feel Im doing what I shouldve done a lifetime ago. For a little while Im not afraid. Maybe its because Im doing the right thing at last. Maybe its because Ive done a rash thing and dont want to look the coward to you. I suppose Ill have to do even more violent things, exposing myself so I wont fall down on the job and turn scared again" - Author: Ray Bradbury

Quotes About Feeling Tipsy

"...with you, Im always on the verge - feeling dizzy like looking at waves - and you, my Love, make me tipsy..." - Author: John Geddes

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"When a youth was giving himself airs in the Theatre and saying, I am wise, for I have conversed with many wise men, Epictetus replied, I too have conversed with many rich men, yet I am not rich!." - Author: Epictetus

Quotes About Slowly Dying

"It all seems so worthless. Such a waste of lives. Weve spent hundreds of years since the Return buffering the Dark City and trying to maintain it - scraping out a life that will soon be wiped out. And what of the rest of the world thats already fallen? Stars blinking away, their light slowly fading? Somewhere out there a stars just dying and well never know about it. Somewhere anothers being born whose light well never see. The Earth will spin, the stars will rearrange themselves around one another and the world will crawl with the dead who one day will drop into nothing ness: no humans left for them to scent, no flesh for them to crave. Everything- all of us- will simply cease to be" - Author: Carrie Ryan

Quotes About Lyndon B Johnson

"Ask him about the cemeteries, Dean!"In 1966 upon being told that President Charles DeGaulle had taken France out of NATO and that all U.S. troops must be evacuated off of French soil President Lyndon Johnson mentioned to Secretary of State Dean Rusk that he should ask DeGaulle about the Americans buried in France. Dean implied in his answer that that DeGaulle should not really be asked that in the meeting at which point President Johnson then told Secretary of State Dean Rusk:"Ask him about the cemeteries Dean!"That made it into a Presidential Order so he had to ask President DeGaulle.So at end of the meeting Dean did ask DeGaulle if his order to remove all U.S. troops from French soil also included the 60,000+ soldiers buried in France from World War I and World War II.DeGaulle, embarrassed, got up and left and never answered." - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson

Quotes About Predation

"Experimental architecture by its very nature is more prone to the depredations of time and natural elements than buildings made from conventional materials through traditional methods. Avant-garde architects often simply do not know how the products of their imagination will perform when implemented, especially if untested components are involved." - Author: Martin Filler

Quotes About Hypocritical Politicians

"What a country of lazy shits, with fucking hypocritical politicians claiming that people actually wanted to work if they could. Norwegians voted for the Socialist Party because it made it a human right to shirk their jobs, and who the hell wouldnt vote for a party that gave you three days off without a doctors note, gave you carte blanche to sit at home and jerk off or go skiing or recover from a hangover? The Socialist Party knew, of course, what a perk this was, but still tried to appear responsible, preened themselves with their "trust in most people" and declared the right to malinger as some kind of social reform. The Progress Party was even more fucking infuriating, buying itself votes with tax cuts and hardly bothering to conceal the fact." - Author: Jo Nesbø

Quotes About Cute Love Stories

"I am drawn to Tom Sawyer Island because a tribute to Mark Twain would not be out of place in a theme park of my own design. Should Vowell World ever get enough investors, Im going to stick my Tom Sawyer Island in Love and Death in the American Novel Land right between the Jay Gatsby Swimming Pool and Tom Joads Dust Bowl Lanes, a Depression-themed bowling alley renting artfully worn-out shoes." - Author: Sarah Vowell

Quotes About Divorce Papers

"Why do you read all the details of divorce cases in the newspapers? ... you are enjoying it. You would not dream of doing these things yourself, but you are doing them by proxy." - Author: D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

Quotes About Birthdays In July

"At that time, about July 5, we had no Iraqi corrections officers working for us. It was a responsibility of the CPA, with contractors, to set up a training program." - Author: Janis Karpinski