[As Dio Observed Later, Democracy Sounded Very Well And Good, "but Its Results Are Seen Not To Agree At All With Its Title. Monarchy, On The Contrary, Has An Unpleasant Sound, But Is A Most Practical Form Of Government To Live Under. For It Is Easier To Find A Single Excellent Man Than Many Of Them.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Albert Hofmann Quotes

"el espacio interior del alma es igual de infinito y enigmático que el espacio cósmico exterior, y (...) tanto los cosmonautas del espacio exterior cuanto los del interior no pueden permanecer allí, sino que tienen que regresar a la tierra, a la conciencia cotidiana. además, ambos viajes exigen una buena preparación, para que puedan desarrollarse con un mínimo de peligro y convertirse en una empresa realmente enriquecedora."

Viktor Vijay Kumar Quotes

"The Renaissance West Butchered the Rest.If I had to choose between an erudite Aristotle and an unknown ‘soulless black slave I would choose the latter. The ascendancy of the West was on a heap of bodies of slaves and trampled humanity through colonization"

Saffron Burrows Quotes

"Ill always take Scrabble and chess if Im going filming. But I do have the Scrabble dictionary, which can be infuriating for other players."

Rohit Pandita Quotes

"I am enjoying my life because things arent going the way I planned."

Sandra Oh Quotes

"In many Asian households, to not go on to higher education, thats like a big no-no. I know my parents discouragement was for my own protection, and Im really close to them now, but they didnt understand that there is value in this. Thats because they didnt know."

Mike Evans Quotes

"Only God can change a season of war into a season of peace. Would you agree with me in prayer for peace?"

Terry Brennan Quotes

"If youre old and you lose, they say youre outmoded. If youre young and you lose, they say youre green. So dont lose."

Paul R Timm Quotes

"An unrecorded goal is only a wish."

Mira Nair Quotes

"Every frame and every scene has to have an intention."

Nancy Mellon Quotes

"The harmony of the human body is a prototype for personal and communal evolution."

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Quotes About Changing Seasons

"Wherever you may go; Life is a beautiful thing. Life is like a passing season. It comes and go. Whatever may come, its better to enjoy the changing seasons." - Author: Happy Positivity

Quotes About Support And Encouragement

"The essential support and encouragement comes from within, arising out of the mad notion that your society needs to know what only you can tell it." - Author: John Updike

Quotes About Sydney

"You seem to have a problem with me," he says in typical Griggs fashion.I can tell he regrets saying it when he is treated to one of Hannahs long cold gazes."I think it will be a while before I forgive the trip to Sydney," she says flatly."Fair enough. I think it will be a while before I forgive you for what you put her through over the past six weeks."I watch them both and for the first time it occurs to me that Im no longer flying solo and that I have no intention of pretending that I am. I have an aunt and I have a Griggs and this is what its like to have connections with people."Do you know what?" I ask both of them. "If you dont build a bridge and get over it, Ill never forgive either of you." - Author: Melina Marchetta

Quotes About Expecting

"Theyre fanatics. Its like expecting humanity from a falling rock. Its not going to have a fit of compassion and not crack your skull open." - Author: Ilona Andrews

Quotes About Love Withstanding

"We love ourselves notwithstanding our faults, and we ought to love our friends in like manner." - Author: Cyrus the Great

Quotes About Acariciar

"Entonces mis manos buscan hundirse en tu pelo, acariciar lentamente la profundidad de tu pelo mientras nos besamos como si tuviéramos la boca llena de flores o de peces, de movimientos vivos, de fragancia oscura. Y si nos mordemos el dolor es dulce, y si nos ahogamos en un breve y terrible absorber simultáneo del aliento, esa instantánea muerte es bella. Y hay una sola saliva y un solo sabor a fruta madura, y yo te siento temblar contra mí como una luna en el agua." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Detroit Red Wings

"Its been a great honor for me to be a player for the Detroit Red Wings, to play for an Original Six franchise. I know Im far from perfect, but I learned a lot." - Author: Steve Yzerman

Quotes About Wielding Power

"Peter stood back up. Well, that was a perfectly useless conversation, he said with a sigh. Now, there is a wonderful thing in this world called foresight. It is a gift treasured above all others because it allows one to know what the future holds. most people with foresight end up wielding immense power in life, often becoming great rulers or librarians." - Author: Jonathan Auxier

Quotes About Dating A Musician

"My advice to women who habitually gravitate toward musicians is that they learn how to play an instrument and start making music themselves. Not only will they see that its not that hard, but sometimes I think women just want to be the very thing they think they want to sleep with. Because if youre bright enough--no offense, Tawny Kitaen--sleeping with a musician probably wont be enough for you to feel good about yourself. Even if he writes you a song for your birthday. Dont you know that a musician who writes a song for you is like a baker youre dating making you a cake? Aim higher." - Author: Julie Klausner

Quotes About Childhood Best Friends

"I have never - I have never let go of my childhood contacts. My best friends from childhood are still my best friends." - Author: Oscar Hijuelos