[As People Strengthened Their Willpower Muscles In One Part Of Their Lives—in The Gym, Or A Money Management Program—that Strength Spilled Over Into What They Ate Or How Hard They Worked. Once Willpower Became Stronger, It Touched Everything.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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"Dont let sex make you a mother before love makes you a wife."

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"My love for you will outlast this beach, this ocean, this planet. When judgement comes and Heaven finally falls, I will take you back with me."

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"I think everyone can relate to the idea of making a bad choice - and knowing its a bad choice - but doing it anyway."

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"For children, parents are a yardstick for normalcy."

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"Stories You Can Feel!"

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"Many a night I woke to the murmer of paper and knew (Dad) was up, sitting in the kitchen with frayed King James - oh, but he worked that book; he held to it like a rope ladder."

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"If you are divided from your body you are also divided from the body of the world, which then appears to be other than you or separate from you, rather than the living continuum to which you belong."

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"The use of tobacco is one of the most evident of all the retrograde influences of our time. It invades all classes, destroys social life, and is turning, in the words of Mantegazza, the whole of Europe into a cigar divan."

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"Try to see the good in all things..."

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"Im always pursuing the next dream, hunting for the next truth."

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