[As People Strengthened Their Willpower Muscles In One Part Of Their Lives—in The Gym, Or A Money Management Program—that Strength Spilled Over Into What They Ate Or How Hard They Worked. Once Willpower Became Stronger, It Touched Everything.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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Srini Chandra Quotes

"Nothing disappoints an atheist more than meeting God."

Mary Ann Rivers Quotes

"He moves to look in my eyes and everything below the belt swoops, then his big hands are around my face and hes angled to brush his mouth against my lips. I reach up to put my hands over his."

Larry Buchanan Quotes

"I wanted to be a director and producer and writer, but in the early 40s the union wouldnt let you get through the gates. You couldnt get on a crew, or even learn to direct."

Ian Livingstone Quotes

"Excuse me for a moment, will ye. I think I have to talk to the river, he said unsteadily and flopped over the side-rail."

Brian Molko Quotes

"Ive always found music that is carnal very attractive but not in the most obvious way."

Joyce Johnson Quotes

"Id learned myself by the age of sixteen that just as girls guarded their virginity, boys guarded something less tangible which they called Themselves."

Liza Minnelli Quotes

"The regrets of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow can kill you."

Phyliss Todd Quotes

"Expect Gods miracle power everyday!"

Kim Smith Quotes

"Im still reading some scripts and I model as well, so Im still doing that. But I dont want to do like just anything so were being really selective about the stuff Ill do."

Philip J Hilts Quotes

"...I still cannot tap on your walls and discover by the hollow or firm sounds which of your walls are merely decorative, and which ones hold everything up."

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"I imagine the life of an atheistic praying mantis to be rather torturous." - Author: Brian Celio

Quotes About They Are All The Same

"For Kierkegaard, for Heidegger, for Sartre, the more profound the awareness, the more authentic the existence. They measure honesty and the essence of experience by the degree of awareness. But is our humanity really built on awareness? Doesnt awareness--that forced, extreme awareness--arise among us, not from us, as something created by effort, the mutual perfecting of ourselves in it, the confirming of something that one philosopher forces onto another? Isnt man, therefore, in his private reality, something childish and always beneath his own awareness? And doesnt he feel awareness to be, at the same time, something alien, imposed and unimportant? If this is how it is, this furtive childhood, this concealed degradation are ready to explode your systems sooner or later." - Author: Witold Gombrowicz

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"ENTER THIS DESERTED HOUSEBut please walk softly as you do.Frogs dwell here and crickets too.Aint no ceiling, only blueJays dwell here and sunbeams too.Floors are flowers - take a few.Ferns grow here and daisies too.Whoosh, swoosh - too-whit, too-woo,Bats dwell here and hoot owls too.Ha-ha-ha,hee-hee,hoo-hoooo,Gnomes dwell here and goblins too.And my child, I thought you knewI dwell here...and so do you." - Author: Shel Silverstein

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"A womans magazine quiz:Question: You decide to do the dread deed and just as things are starting to get hot he comes, rolls over, and asks, "Was it good for you?"You:a. Say, "God, yes! That was the best seventeen seconds of my life"b. Say, "Sure, as good as it gets for me with a man."c. Put a Certs in your navel and say, "Thats for you, Mr. Bunnyman. You can have it on your way back up, after the job is finished" - Author: Christopher Moore

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"The bodys a funny thing. Its so full of surprises that it makes conventional wisdom seem silly." - Author: Pat Conroy

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"Books, like men their authors, have no more than one way of coming into the world, but there are ten thousand to go out of it, and return no more." - Author: Jonathan Swift

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"Il dottor Hoenikker soleva dire che qualunque scienziato non fosse in grado di spiegare quello che stava facendo a un bambino di otto anni, era un ciarlatano." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About Taking Things One Day At A Time

"Dwindling energy is one of the most boring things about being old. From time to time you get a day when it seems to be restored, and you cant help feeling that you are back to normal, but it never lasts. You just have to resign yourself to doing less--or rather, taking more breaks than you used to in whatever you are doing. In my case I fear that what I most often do less of is my duty towards my companion rather than indulgence of my private inclinations." - Author: Diana Athill

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"I like dark comedies. Thats why I like the Wayans Brothers." - Author: Zach Galifianakis

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"It is in Christianity that our arts have developed; it is in Christianity that the laws of Europe--until recently--have been rooted. It is against a background of Christianity that all of our thought has significance. An individual European may not believe that the Christian faith is true, and yet what he says, and makes, and does will all spring out of his heritage of Christian culture and depend upon that culture for its meaning...I do not believe that culture of Europe could survive the complete disappearance of the Christian faith. And I am convinced of that, not merely because I am a Christian myself, but as a student of social biology. If Christianity goes, the whole culture goes." - Author: T.S. Eliot