[As To Your Newton, I Confess I Do Not Understand His Void And His Gravity; I Admit He Has Demonstrated The Movement Of The Heavenly Bodies With More Exactitude Than His Forerunners; But You Will Admit It Is An Absurdity To Maintain The Existence Of Nothing.[Letter To Voltaire, 25 Nov. 1777]]

Author: Frederick The Great Quotes

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Tom North Quotes

"Being in the depths of the ocean was like being in the womb, suspended in a liquid environment, listening to my own breathing and heartbeat. Whether it was the serenity and security of being surrounded by this living liquid, or the total distraction of the adventure of the unknown which took me far away from the daily weight of the child abuse and violence at home, I sank beneath the surface, and if only for those few moments, was free."

Vernon Jordan Quotes

"But there will come a time and a place to give back, and each individual will recognize that time and place."

Cesar Quotes

"A man without god is a lost man. Every man believe in something. We CANT live by ourselves thinking only in money and possesions. We HAVE to live WITH others and love each other, and NEVER hate, because when you hate someone, you destroy your soul a little bit every day, and when the last day of our live come, we dont have the energy or the strenght to forgive, and repent of our sins, and thats whats kill us FOREVER, leading us to a eternal prision inside us, called "Hell". Hope you understand my perspective of life, that I assume is right."

George Byron Gordon Quotes

"Darkly, deeply, beautifully blue - the sky"

Kathryn Stockett Quotes

"A course we different! Everybody know colored people and white people aint the same. But we still just people."

Jenn McKinlay Quotes

"Nancy pursed her lips. "Men are stupid." "Agreed!"

K Ske Hasegawa Quotes

"Destiny is the road that unravels before us, the order of things both happy and tragic. Destiny is that which rules our long lives. And life is the distance we travel on that road. So there is no one real path. We all arrive at our destination, even after getting lost countless times."

Connie Mack Quotes

"Humanity is the keystone that holds nations and men together. When that collapses, the whole structure crumbles. This is as true of baseball teams as any other pursuit in life."

Gary Wolf Quotes

"Being a 911 operator means balancing seemingly contradictory skills. On one hand, operators have to be fanatically precise and well-organized. On the other, they must be able to establish rapport with panicky callers."

Abdoulaye Wade Quotes

"We wish to ensure that young Africans do not feel disorientated in the century in which they live."

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Quotes About Wajah

"Bolehkah menyatakan kerinduan? Perasaan kepada seseorang?Tentu saja boleh. Tapi jika kita belum siap untuk mengikatkan diri dalam hubungan yang serius, ikatan yang bahkan oleh negara pun diakui dan dilindungi, maka sampaikanlah perasaan itu pada angin saat menerpa wajah, pada tetes air hujan saat menatap keluar jendela, pada butir nasi saat menatap piring, pada cicak di langit-langit kamar saat sendirian dan tak tahan lagi hingga boleh jadi menangis.Dan jangan lupa, sampaikanlah perasaan itu pada yang maha menyayangi. Semoga semua kehormatan perasaan kita dibalas dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik. Semua kehati2an, menghindari hal-hal yang dibenci, akan membawa kita pada kesempatan terbaik. Semoga." - Author: Tere Liye

Quotes About Free Speech

"Democracy was supposed to champion freedom of speech, and yet the simple rules of table decorum could clamp down on the rights their forefathers had fought and died for." - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri

Quotes About Show Jumping

"Why do you like show jumping?""... Beauty and excitement. The elements of trust, talent, training, love, and danger make show jumping a thrilling and aesthetic experience. Its really the ultimate test of two nervous systems--the kinetic transfer of the riders muscle to the horses muscle enables them to clear those jumps. And theres nothing like it--horse and rider forming an arc of beauty, efficiency, and power, like a double helix.""DNA,""Yes, DNA, the code to life." - Author: Ainslie Sheridan

Quotes About Deuterium

"I looked for it [heavy hydrogen, deuterium] because I thought it should exist. I didnt know it would have industrial applications or be the basic for the most powerful weapon ever known [the nuclear bomb] ... I thought maybe my discovery might have the practical value of, say, neon in neon signs. [He was awarded the 1931 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering deuterium.]" - Author: Harold Urey

Quotes About Love Coming To Those Who Wait

"He had in those days imagined himself capable of extraordinary heroisms and endurances which would make the girl he loved forget the awkward hands and the spotty chin of adolescence. Everything had seemed possible. One could laugh at daydreams, but so long as you had the capacity to daydream there was a chance that you might develop some of the qualities of which you dreamed. It was like the religious discipline: words however emptily repeated can in time form a habit, a kind of unnoticed sediment at the bottom of the mind, until one day to your own surprise you find yourself acting on the belief you thought you didnt believe in." - Author: Graham Greene

Quotes About Gniew

"- Obawiam się, że lustro nie wymaga żadnych korekt – oświadczył z niezwykłą dla niego delikatnością. – Z zaklęciem jest wszystko w porządku, powinno też być kompatybilne z lustrem zamkowym. Problem polega na czymś innym.- Wiedziałam – rzuciła gniewnie Cimorena i zaczęła chodzić tam i powrotem przed kominem. – W domu stało się coś złego." - Author: Patricia C. Wrede

Quotes About Homens

"Aos políticos: «menos liberalismo e mais carácter»; aos homens de letras: «menos eloquência e mais ideia»; aos cidadãos em geral: «menos progresso e mais moral»." - Author: Eça de Queirós

Quotes About Combats

"What is about Army uniforms? Especially combats. They are just drool-worthy, if you ask me." - Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

Quotes About Ego

"Doar doua categorii de oameni sunt de-a dreptul fascinanti: cei care stiu totul si cei care nu stiu nimic" - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Achieving Dreams

"Dreams alone with no acts toward achieving them are useless: no dreams at all is a condition of the pathetic." - Author: Jonas Samuelle