[As To Your Newton, I Confess I Do Not Understand His Void And His Gravity; I Admit He Has Demonstrated The Movement Of The Heavenly Bodies With More Exactitude Than His Forerunners; But You Will Admit It Is An Absurdity To Maintain The Existence Of Nothing.[Letter To Voltaire, 25 Nov. 1777]]

Author: Frederick The Great Quotes

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"And, for the gods sake, dont waste the whole day working! Make time for a bit of adventure dear. This life is only so long."

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"Experiment or not, the government is always watching. - Felix"

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"Organized crime is the dirty side of the sharp dollar."

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"Ive always just been attracted to comedy."

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"I want you out in the hallway, against the far wall in single file, ready to move, in fifteen. Drop your fartsack, Ratliff."

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"Always games, baby. But the rules are ours to break. Julian Harte"

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"Get some perspective. A lot of things that may aggravate you only do so because you have the luxury of not wrestling with bigger issues. Today, be thankful for everything you have: being alive, your friends and family, your health, a roof over your head, something to eat, clean water to drink, indoor plumbing, heating, air conditioning, clothes, shoes, a job, and freedoms. Many, many people have it worse."

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"Woman enjoy sex more than a man because they dont pre-compile every pleasure in their mind ."

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"Life sure gives us serious lessons, but I refuse to sit down and take notes. I can pretty well do that walking!"

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"The impossible talked of is less impossible from the moment words are laid to it."

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"...Solidarity is, literally something which the society possesses." - Author: Émile Durkheim

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"Truth is one, thoughthe sagesknow it as many .God is one, thoughdifferentreligionsapproachHim differentlyCall Him Shiva, Vishnu, Allah, Jesusor any other form of God that you believein .Our paths may be different.Our destinationis the same." - Author: Amish Tripathi

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"Whatever course you decide upon there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires....courage." - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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"Yeah,Livie?""How do you figure out the right way to live your life?" Theres a long pause. So long that I check the screen of my cell phone to see if the call is still connected."Trial and error, Livie. Thats the only way that I know of." - Author: K.A. Tucker

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"Once she was standing by her locker and her puka shells broke and scattered and she made a joke about it but he could tell she was upset. He wanted to buy her some more. He wanted to give her a million strands of little nesting polished shells, and tropical flowers and ice creams and lemonades and a pale blue surfboard to teach her to surf on and anything else she wanted. Instead he let his checkered Vans step on one of the rolling shells and crush it." - Author: Francesca Lia Block

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"Bármilyen idiótának, aki azt kérdezi: „Feminista vagy? Akkor elégeted a melltartóidat, mi? HE? Melltartókat égetsz, te feminista?" – szép nyugodtan így kell válaszolni: „Ostoba. OSTOBA! A melltartó a barátom. A legkebelebb baratom. Mellesleg. Kivéve az a Janet Reger-féle balconette melltartót, ami pár centivel kisebb volt a kelleténél, és elszorította a vérkeringést a fejem felé. Na ja. Azt az egyet lelocsoltam benzinnel, és felgyújtottam az amerikai nagykövetség előtt." - Author: Caitlin Moran

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"Tell me, the man leans forward ans says, have you heard of a lady called Madeleine? No? In 1996, this lady named Albright Madeleine, the US ambassador to the United Nations, was asked on television how she felt about the fact that five hundred thousand Iraqi children had died as a result of US economic sanctions? Do you know what she said? She said that it was "a very hard choice" but "we think the price is worth it". These are her exact words. How do you feel about that?How do you think I feel about that? And I would take your love for children more seriously if you didnt have children cleaning your floors." - Author: Nadeem Aslam

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