[As We Celebrate Black History Month We Should Be Grateful For The Achievements They Made And Inspired By Their Legacies To Continue Their Work.]

Author: Marty Meehan Quotes

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Joseph Nye Quotes

"As we think of power in the 21st century, we want to get away from the idea that powers always zero sum - my gain is your loss and vice versa. Power can also be positive sum, where your gain can be my gain."

Sarah Reeves Quotes

"God of the impossible, maker of all miracles, I stand in awe of You, Im so amazed by how You reach into my brokenness, make me beautiful again, I believe yes, I believe nothing is impossible with You."

Henri De Toulouse Lautrec Quotes

"Of course one should not drink much, but often."

Kid Cudi Quotes

"I used to take Sharpies and draw on my pillowcases, and then go to sleep on them and wake up with red marker from the drool all on my face."

Lynette Fromme Quotes

"How much will you give for the lives of your childrens children, which is yourself? How much are people willing to give up for air, earth, water, animals, and the coming generations? I think the answer to that is pretty clear."

Douglas R Hofstadter Quotes

"A term meant to convey a persons inability to make sense of the numbers that run their lives."

Johan Theorin Quotes

"The May sunshine makes both the trolls and the elves disappear, he thought. They burst like soap bubbles. Only human beings remain, for a little while. We are a brief song beneath the sky, laughter in the wind that ends in a sigh. Then we too are gone."

Michael Shannon Quotes

"Its obviously a lot harder to try and be a good guy than it is to be a bad guy. The world is a fundamentally evil place, it seems like. So in order to be a good person, you have to fight temptation and vice."

Evan Ross Quotes

"I have many creative outlets. I sing, I like music, I like art, I paint, I draw. I like buying art. I read a lot, too. I love books. And Im working on a clothing line, too."

Ezra Miller Quotes

"I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders."

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Quotes About Agassi Federer

"I remember Agassi playing Federer in Basel, Switzerland in 1998, and Andre was already saying at that time that Federer would be tough. Usually at the time players are 17, you can see if they will be great." - Author: Brad Gilbert

Quotes About Intensify

"Pain is not the most important tool in Dominance and submission, yet it is a most worthy tool. Pain breaks down barriers and defences. And for intensifying the orgasm? There are few superior devices a Dom has to achieve such, other than varying degrees of pain." - Author: Nikki Sex

Quotes About Diminish

"Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence neither speed up nor slow down add to nor diminish it is an imponderably valuable gift." - Author: Maya Angelou

Quotes About Willful Blindness

"Willful blindness sees no end of damage done." - Author: Stephen Richards

Quotes About Trample

"My life is like an autumn leafI lie around unclaimed.The breeze blows me around,To be trampled under the feet of men.Natures cruel feast has bestowed me with pain,Pain of being a part,Just a part of someone.Pain of departing,Departing from that one.Pick me up like a rose,And hold me to your heart.Keep me there till he does not come.And when he comes do a good deed,Dig the earth below,And bury me deepFor I dont want to lie around,Unclaimed, unloved." - Author: Amit Abraham

Quotes About Screenwriting

"Working at Pixar has been like my graduate school for screenwriting." - Author: Michael Arndt

Quotes About Sulla

"Camminando la linea dorizzonte ti dice sempre che tu sei disperso in un punto qualsiasi sulla linea della terra, come le cose che si vedono in distanza. Bisogna cercare un altro punto con cui fare asse, e immaginare che ci si arriverà una volta o laltra. Bisogna sempre riuscire a immaginare quello che cè là fuori, altrimenti non si potrebbe fare un solo passo." - Author: Gianni Celati

Quotes About Extreme Couponing

"These thrill seeker people doing extreme sports...they have a hideous accident, go through agonizing recovery, and then go back to that activity that nearly killed them...thats not facing your fear, thats embracing your stupidity." - Author: Kelli Jae Baeli

Quotes About Poker Cards

"Life may deal you a bad hand or take away a good hand you were already dealt. The way you play the hand is how your life is defined. Just like in poker you can end up winning no matter how bad the cards are you have." - Author: Benjamin Bayani

Quotes About Vuvuzelas

"Every time some spoiled European soccer millionaire complains about the blaring vuvuzelas, I want them to blare louder." - Author: Serge Schmemann