[At All Times, Think Like A Writer, And Keep Those Antennae Twitching - That Way, You Pick Up New Ideas.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Billy Bob Thornton Quotes

"Marketing is the devil."

Delia J Colvin Quotes

"Every time I complete a major project I reward myself with two full days of just reading and coffee! I do justify that it is my work!"

LisaRaye McCoy Misick Quotes

"I have very few friends. Im an associate of everybody and friend of none."

Dany Laferriere Quotes

"le temps va plus vite quand les gens veulent larrĂȘter."

Hersh Saeed Quotes

"With a metal heartI came to this life,My head was a crucible, full of elixir.Pearl by pearlMy heart was poured,Drop by dropMy head was splashed.The world was entirely a magnet."

Patrick Troughton Quotes

"I believed totally in the possibilities implied in the series. I never thought of it as fantasy. Far from it."

Mina Khan Quotes

"Protector and destroyer were two sides of the same coin. Who knew which one would come out in a toss-up?"

Robert D Harris Quotes

"No time is more precious and well rewarded than those few moments you spend reading a story to a child"

BV Larson Quotes

"What programmer didnt live with a deadline over his head?"

Melissa Craig Quotes

"Enjoy it any way you can."

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Quotes About Distance Love Affair

"I love Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman - those are the careers I want. My goal is to win an Oscar, and Im going to take the steps to get there." - Author: Ashley Benson

Quotes About Origin Of Species

"I expect to think that I would rather be author of your book [The Origin of Species] than of any other on Nat. Hist. Science.[Letter to Charles Darwin 12 Dec 1859]" - Author: Joseph Dalton Hooker

Quotes About La Boheme

"I got last-minute rush seats to Baz Luhrmanns Boheme, and my favorite singer, Ekaterina Solovyeva, was playing Mimi that day. My face got burned off when she sang the aria Donde Lieta Usci. The woman was technically sobbing and singing opera at the same time. I dont know how you do that." - Author: Nina Arianda

Quotes About Being Alone Without Love

"Except for the sound of the rain, on the road, on the roofs, on the umbrella, there was absolute silence: only the dying moan of the sirens continued for a moment or two to vibrate within the ear. It seemed to Scobie later that this was the ultimate border he had reached in happiness: being in darkness, alone, with the rain falling, without love or pity." - Author: Graham Greene

Quotes About Relationships Falling Apart

"Henry was learning that time apart has a way of creating distance- more than mountains and time zone separating them. Real distance, the kind that makes you ache and stop wondering. Longing so bad that it begins to hurt to care so much." - Author: Jamie Ford

Quotes About Sideshow

"Ive never related to the work geek at all-it sounds much more horrible than nerd. Like a freak biting a chickens head off in a sideshow." - Author: Jonathan Lethem

Quotes About Chesney

"Some artists will tell you thats all they want to do is write their own music, and thats great, but George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, they didnt write everything they recorded, and theyve had major, major careers. I think its all about the best song." - Author: Jake Owen

Quotes About Being Consumed By Hate

"I loved being so consumed by Will. Adored it. But I kind of hated it too, because I felt like a huge part of myself had been wrested from my control. I mean, sometimes you just want to make a peanut butter sandwich without being overcome by your own passion, you know?" - Author: Michelle Dalton

Quotes About State

"Look I eat really well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to. I dont starve myself in an extremist way. Youre not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because Id be devastated." - Author: Jennifer Aniston

Quotes About Lack Of Integrity

"If youre not comfortable enough with yourself or with your own truth when entering a relationship, then youre not ready for that relationship. Dont make the other person suffer for your own lack of integrity or inability to embrace the truths of your life." - Author: Steve Maraboli