[At Different Points In My Life, I Had Grappled With The Idea Of Going Into The Priesthood - In High School Or Law School. Where It Ends, I'm Not Quite Sure. Perhaps It Ends With Death, Grappling With One's Spirituality.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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"One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organizations do not constitute a church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always."

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"If I could talk it like Dahoum, you would never be tired of listening to me."

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"Unless the relationship of law to Christianity is re-established, there is no future except destruction for Western culture."

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"August in Mississippi is different from July. As to heat, it is not a question of degree but of kind. July heat is furious, but in August the heat has killed even itself and lies dead over us."

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"Where do starfish come from?" asked Sam."From the sky," answered Stella. "Starfish are shooting stars that fell in love with the sea.""Werent the stars afraid of drowning?" asked Sam."No," said Stella. "They all learned how to swim."

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"I was the girl with cake batter in her hair, egg on her shirt and her foot in her mouth. Always."

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"Cakes are like books: There are new ones you want to read and old favorites you want to reread."

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"Greetings people of Earth, we have come for your chocolate and your buxom women. We will negotiate only with Skyler Luikens penis."

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"Myöntely tuo ystäviä, totuuden puhuminen vihamiehiä."

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"We must conduct research and then accept the results. If they dont stand up to experimentation, Buddhas own words must be rejected."

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"I love you, Elena. And its because I love you that I cant be selfish with you. I dont deserve you, but my brother does.-Damon Salvatore, S2" - Author: L.J. Smith

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"The fate of an epoch that has eaten of the tree of knowledge is that it must...recognize that general views of life and the universe can never be the products of increasing empirical knowledge, and that the highest ideals, which move us most forcefully, are always formed only in the struggle with other ideals which are just as sacred to others as ours are to us." - Author: Max Weber

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"There are crimes that are truly uncomely. With crimes, whatever they may be, the more blood, the more horror there is, the more imposing they are, the more picturesque, so to speak, but there are crimes that are shameful, disgraceful, all horror aside, so to speak, even far too ungracious..." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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"To me there never has been a higher source of earthly honour or distinction than that connected with advances in science. I have not possessed enough of the eagle in my character to make a direct flight to the loftiest altitudes in the social world; and I certainly never endeavored to reach those heights by using the creeping powers of the reptile, who, in ascending, generally chooses the dirtiest path, because it is the easiest." - Author: Humphry Davy

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"In addition the bill would expand an existing law conscience clause that protects physician training programs that refuse to provide training for abortion procedures." - Author: Ken Calvert

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"Zorro also is part of the bandido tradition, most closely associated with the possibly mythical Joaquin Murrieta and the historical Tiburcio Vasquez. As well as these local California legendary figures, Zorro is an American version of Robin Hood and similar heroes whose stories blend fiction and history, thus moving Zorro into the timeless realm of legend. The original story takes place in the Romantic era, but, more important, Zorro as Diego adds an element of poetry and sensuality, and as Zorro the element of sexuality, to the traditional Western hero. Not all Western heroes are, as D. H. Lawrence said of Coopers Deerslayer, "hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer," but in the Western genre the hero and villain more often than not share these characteristics. What distinguishes Zorro is a gallantry, a code of ethics, a romantic sensibility, and most significant, a command of language and a keen intelligence and wit." - Author: Robert E. Morsberger

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"…but I dont think Im the only person who is tired of books and movies full of paper-doll characters you dont care about, who have no self-respect and no respect for anybody or any institution…..And I dont want to sound preachy or Victorian, but Im tired of amorality in fiction and in real life. Immorality is a fascinating human dilemma that creates suspense for the readers and tension for the characters, but where is the tension in an amoral situation? When people have no personal code, nothing is threatening and nothing is meaningful." - Author: Olive Ann Burns

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"I should go so far as to say that embedded in the surrealistic frame of a television news show is a theory of anticommunication, featuring a type of discourse that abandons logic, reason, sequence and rules of contradiction. In aesthetics, I believe the name given to this theory is Dadaism; in philosophy, nihilism; in psychiatry, schizophrenia. In the parlance of the theater, it is known as vaudeville." - Author: Neil Postman

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"Max.God, but she was stubborn. And tough. And closed in. Closed off. Except whenshe was holding Angel, or ruffling the Gasmans hair, or pushing somethingcloser to Iggys hand so he could find it easily without knowing anyone hadhelped him. Or when she was trying to untangle Nudges mane of hair.Or-sometimes-when she was looking at Fang.He shifted on the hard ground, a half-dozen flashes of memory cyclingthrough his brain. Max looking at him and laughing. Max leaping off a cliff,snapping out her wings, flying off, so incredibly powerful and graceful thatit took his breath away.Max punching someones lights out, her face like stone.Max kissing that weiner Sam on Annes front porch.Gritting his teeth, Fang rolled onto his side.Max kissing him on the beach, after Ari had kicked Fangs butt.Just now, her mouth soft under his.He wished she were here, if not next to him, then somewhere in the cave, sohe could hear her breathing.It was going to be hard to sleep without that tonight." - Author: James Patterson

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"Pero diré esto: Cuando los científicos del futuro aparezcan en mi casa con ojos robot y me digan que los pruebe, yo les diré a los científicos que se larguen, porque no quiero ver un mundo sin él"—The Fault in Our Stars - John Green." - Author: John Green