[At One Time Musical Theater, Particularly In The '40s And '50s, Was A Big Source Of Pop Songs. That's How Musical Theater Started, Really - It Was Just A Way Of Linking Several Pop Songs For The Stage.]

Author: Neil Tennant Quotes

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"Vienmēr kā pacelta Zvēra ķetna blakus ir drauds, ka nāve iesprauksies starp diviem un atņems to otro."

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"We are all blessed ones. Heaven is no longer in the clouds. It is right here, all around us, everywhere; we must only open our eyes to see it."

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"For me, an aerial picture is no different than a close-up portrait. Its a question of framing and angle. Helicopters are great for that. But Ive also used planes. Of course, I always have a harness."

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"Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life."

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"i have beenused something fierce in my time buti am no bum sport archyi am a free spirit archy ilook on myself as beingquite a romantic character oh thequeens i have been and the swell feeds i have atea cockroach which you areand a poet which you used to bearchy couldn t understandmy feelings at having comedown to this i havehad bids to elegant feeds where poetsand cockroaches wouldneither one be mentioned without alaugh archy i have hadadventures but ihave never been an adventuress"

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"True. But yourre sad."I sit up. "Am I?""I dont know. Are you?""I dont know. Are you?"He laughs. "I am if you are. Im not if youre not."

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"Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it."

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"I think it was the right time for me to retire because nowadays tennis is too incredibly fast and you can say that my style tennis went out of fashion."

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"The neural code usually refers to how your current thoughts and feelings and perceptions are encoded in the signals that neurons are passing around - and its not the same. The code is not the same for every person."

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"We do not posses God. We find him periodically."

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"Whoever will take the trouble of reading the book ascribed to Isaiah, will find it one of the most wild and disorderly compositions ever put together; it has neither beginning, middle, nor end; and, except a short historical part, and a few sketches of history in the first two or three chapters, is one continued incoherent, bombastical rant, full of extravagant metaphor, without application, and destitute of meaning; a school-boy would scarcely have been excusable for writing such stuff; it is (at least in translation) that kind of composition and false taste that is properly called prose run mad." - Author: Thomas Paine

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