[At Some Point, If You're Changing A Really Deep-seated Behavior, You're Going To Have A Moment Of Weakness.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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Paul Daniels Quotes

"I dont particularly have any magical ambitions, but then, I never did. I just enjoyed the game."

Michael Newdow Quotes

"My daughter is in the lawsuit because you need that for standing."

Tom Shadyac Quotes

"Communism didnt work because people werent ready for it, it was corrupt, and because it squelched individualism."

Ruth Benedict Quotes

"Japan likewise put her hopes of victory on a different basis from that prevalent in the United States. (...) Even when she was winning, her civilian statesmen, her High Command, and her soldiers repeated that this was no contest between armaments; it was pitting of our faith in things against their faith in spirit."

William Stone Quotes

"Many people think all I do is some random engineering work in between caving expeditions. Its been far more deliberate than that."

Parris Glendening Quotes

"Not since the Depression has the state been this dry, have our rivers been this low, our water table this low, and our reservoirs this low."

James Sallis Quotes

"The whole city was a compass. How could anyone ever have gotten so hopelessly lost here?"

Amy Bloom Quotes

"She suffered from the opposite of "phantom limb" syndrome; something essential appeared to be present, but it was not."

Cory Lidle Quotes

"I may not be in the weight room as much as some guys, but I get my work done."

Horace Silver Quotes

"Ive found in composing that being simple and profound—having in-depthness in your music—is the most difficult thing to do. Anybody can write a whole lot of notes, which may or may not say something . . . But why make it complicated for the musicians to play? Why make it difficult for the listeners to hear?"

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Quotes About Jeanne

"Its all right," Jeanne was yelling. "Yeah, you heard me, its all right! Delos isnt dangerous. Not to us, anyway. Come on, you, get out of there! What are you doing hiding behind that pig?" - Author: L.J. Smith

Quotes About Existance

"It is not wise to think of people as either friends or enemies as if you were the center of the universe; many are not aware of your existance!" - Author: Salman Al Odah

Quotes About Bad Decisions

"My father was a food lover and a deadbeat dad, and maybe a connection between good food and bad dads was forged early, in the deepest folds of my subconscious, where we make so many decisions about our parents." - Author: J. R. Moehringer

Quotes About Morrison

"I am a child of the 70s, so I love classic rock - Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and I also love Coldplay." - Author: Rachel Zoe

Quotes About Being Alone And Strong

"Bjarne Møller, my former boss, says people like me always choose the line of most resistance. Its in what he calls our accursed nature. Thats why we always end up on our own. I dont know. I like being alone. Perhaps I have grown to like my self-image of being a loner, too....I think you have to find something about yourself that you like in order to survive. Some people say being alone is unsociable and selfish. But youre independent and you dont drag others down with you, if thats the way youre heading. Many people are afraid of being alone. But it made me feel strong, free and invulnerable." - Author: Jo Nesbø

Quotes About Stillness And Peace

"Maybe children just want whatever it is they dont get. And then they grow up and give their children what they wanted, be it silence or information, affection or independence--so that child, in turn, craves something else. With every generation the pendulum swings from opposite to opposite, stillness and peace so elusive." - Author: Laura Moriarty

Quotes About Living In The Country

"I first came to Brazil in the Sixties. Then I started coming back every year since touring most of the country. I grew to love it, the people, the music. I thought this is where I belong. Ive been living in Brazil for the past 23 years. I call it my stress-free country." - Author: Dionne Warwick

Quotes About The 1990s

"During the last economic slowdown in the 1990s, the Tories slashed infrastructure investment. I am determined not to make that mistake." - Author: Geoff Hoon

Quotes About Liking A Guy

"You know, unrequited love is very difficut? Its not just having this one-sided love of someone whos far away. Being close, talking daily, liking a guy whos constantly near me is harder than it would be under different circumstances." - Author: Park So Hee

Quotes About Camping

"I like going to museums and stuff, but I also like going out and doing lots of physical activity like camping and hiking. I like doing stuff that Ive never done before. Curiosity is a big thing. Usually it means that people are intelligent and that they want to learn stuff about the world." - Author: Nicholas DAgosto