[At The Time, Most Bodies Worked On By Anatomists Were Cold Indeed. They Were Brought To Edinburgh From All Over Britain -- Some Came By Way Of The Union Canal. The Resurrectionists -- Body-snatchers -- Pickled Them In Whisky For Transportation. It Was A Lucrative Trade.""But Did The Whisky Get Drunk Afterwards?"Devlin Chuckled. "Economics Would Dictate That It Did.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Ronnie Dunn Quotes

"Country fans are the most loyal in the world."

Rachel A Marks Quotes

"He couldnt look back at the children. He couldnt think of it. All he could do was watch the eyes of his wife.He pulled her to him, her body soft, her skin warm. She was life, she was his. He took her lips and tasted his freedom once more. The subtle tenderness. The hope hidden in joined breath. He took it into himself. Soaking in the peace that came with it.And even as the rustling began he felt still, he felt calm. Scratching and scrapping within the stones, and the rustle of wings. But all Eli knew was the nature of love."

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"There is no logical staircase running from the physics of 10-28 cm. to the physics of 1028 light-years."

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"He had a toughness about him, and his five grand Savile Row suit did little to hide the fact that he worked out regularly. He looked like someone who couldve gone either way, the mob or something legitimate, and somehow ended up in the middle as a lawyer."

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"Lips are the fingerprints of love."

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"I just had to plod along without having any teaching, which was a pity."

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"You made me to think of others, by thinking others I may forget you... Be Aware"

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"Dont worry there is no other women in my heart."

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"If love was Jesuss greatest commandment, why dont more christians do so? This is the greatest sin, if Jesus in fact gave us one and only commandment and we dont follow! GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR SOMEONE ELSE, LIKE I DID FOR YOU!!! THAT IS CHRISTIANITY, SERVE THE POOR..."

Etienne De La Boetie Quotes

"Soiés resolus de ne servir plus, et vous voilà libres."

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"At nightfall I return home and enter my study. There on the threshold I remove my dirty, mud-spattered clothes, slip on my regal and courtly robes, and thus fittingly attired, I enter the ancient courts of bygone men where, having received a friendly welcome, I feed on the food that is mine alone and that I was born for. I am not ashamed to speak with them and inquire into the reasons for their actions; and they answer me in kindly fashion. And so for four hours I feel no annoyance; I forget all troubles; poverty hold no fears, and death loses its terrors. I become entirely one of them." - Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

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"Love is the will to extend ones self for the purpose of nurturing ones own or anothers spiritual growth... Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love." - Author: M. Scott Peck

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"The liberals and free people of the world will not like to see the Palestinian people living under siege. We have received indications from the international community that they will not stop their aid." - Author: Ismail Haniyeh

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"It would be too much for me to deal with to be sitting up there next to God, Bon Scott, Sid Vicious, and Jimi Hendrix, and hear somebody read my obituary from below:NIKKI SIXX DIED TODAY...FUCKING GOLFING" - Author: Nikki Sixx

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"In L.A., I have more of a yard existence, and so I enjoy walking my two little dogs in New York - ones a Maltese and the others a Shih Tzu." - Author: Jim Parsons

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"Recalling those gone times, old memories lit by the fire of the new, I did not this time wonder how long it would last; I was too smart for that now. Take what you get, and dont think. Of course it could never be that easy, but there were moments, like now, that I could successfully pretend that it was, and I had no inclination to try to peer past those moments. Im not one who wants to know the future: at the best it spoils the present, with longing or dismay, and at the worst, well. Who really wants to find out how tight the sling is, for your own very personal ass, who wants to know how deep the shit will really be. Not you. Not me either. Because its rarely bliss saved up, is it, when you finally get there. Ill take my now, waking with a lovers scent on me, around me, take my hopes before theyre maybe tragedy; a good morning is a good morning, even if it leads to apocalypse at night." - Author: Kathe Koja

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"Her hayat birçok günden oluşur, gün günü izler. Biz kendi hayatımızın içinden yürüyüp geçeriz, yolda karşımıza hırsızlar, hayaletler, devler, yaşlılar, gençler, zevceler, dullar, aşık biraderler çıkar. Ama illa ki kendimizle karşılaşırız her seferinde." - Author: James Joyce

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"You can call it innocence, or you can call it gullibility, but Celia made the most common mistake of the good-hearted: she assumed that everyone else was just like her." - Author: Lionel Shriver

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"My conflicts of conscience are about the only battles Im fighting these days, and Im willing to fight until the end. There is something freeingabout this life, about living out of a single backpack and disappearing into the night. About smelling terrible and never remembering peoples names. About never having to say youre sorry. We exist outside of society. We stay up late and sleep even later. Weare bandits, pirates, serial killers. The dregs. Someone should lock us up and never let us out again. But instead, they give us their money, they offer us their beds. We are notgoing to pay for the beer. We are not going to be back here for a good, long while. We have prior engagements. We have the money in a duffel bag. We have no shame. Fuck guilt. Back to life." - Author: Pete Wentz

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"These parvenu farmers clear the land by bushfires that smolder beneath the peat for many seasons, surfacing in dry spells to sow renewed calamity. The third blow to the Moriori was the whalers, now calling at Ocean Bay, Waitangi, Owenga & Te Whakaru in sizable numbers" - Author: David Mitchell