[Atrocity Is Truly Emperor; All Things That Thrive Are Slaves Of Cruel Creation.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Frederic Raphael Quotes

"As Oscar Wilde should have said, when bad ideas have nowhere else to go, they emigrate to America and become university courses."

Jacob Lew Quotes

"We have to reduce the burden placed on our economy by years of deficits and debt."

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann Quotes

"Models are like athletes: You burn hard and fast."

Abbie Hoffman Quotes

"Understand that legal and illegal are political, and often arbitrary, categorizations; use and abuse are medical, or clinical, distinctions."

Douglas W Smith Quotes

"Getting a handle on why wolves do what they do has never been an easy proposition. Not only are there tremendous differences in both individual and pack personalities, but each displays a surprising range of behaviors depending on whats going on around them at any given time. No sooner will a young researcher thing, Thats it, Ive finally got a handle on how wolves respond in a particular situation, than theyll do something to prove him at least partially wrong. Those of us whove been in this business for very long have come to accept a professional life full of wrong turns and surprises. Clearly, this is an animal less likely to offer scientists irrefutable facts than to lure us on a long and crooked journey of constant learning."

Charles Roven Quotes

"I dont believe making a movie accessible means you have to dumb them down."

John Kenneth Galbraith Quotes

"Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists."

Rich Cohen Quotes

"Writing a nonfiction story is like cracking a safe. It seems impossible at the beginning, but once youre in, youre in."

Brooke Astor Quotes

"I had a job; I was, during the war, a nurse, a Gray Lady. We wore a veil and a gray dress."

Charlotte Sullivan Quotes

"Since I was a kid, Ive had this morbid fascination with dark and scary subject matter."

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Quotes About Drogue

"- Chaque clan a ses règles, Beth, dis-je dune voix calme. Si je ne mabuse, les loups sont même champions dans ce domaine.- Non. Nous, on ne se serait jamais permis de faire ça. On a trop le sens de lhospitalité.- Tas raison. Pas plus tard quhier, un de tes petits copains a menacé de ma violer puis ensuite de mégorger parce que jétais entrée sur votre territoire. Maurane, elle, au moins, ma servi des petits gâteaux avant de tenter de me droguer avec son thé.- Faut toujours que tu critiques, dit-elle en amorçant un sourire.- Quest-ce que tu veux, cest mon côté français, on nest jamais content, dis-je dun ton las." - Author: Cassandra ODonnell

Quotes About Reichstag

"I was lucky because on the morning after the burning of the Reichstag I left my home very early to catch a train to Berlin for the conference of our student organization and that is the only reason why I escaped arrest." - Author: Klaus Fuchs

Quotes About Weight Issues

"Ive had weight issues all my life. Ive been on all the diets: Atkins, liquid protein, Scarsdale diet. Now I go to the gym often. Im always on the StairMaster, and I do weights." - Author: Hoda Kotb

Quotes About Comfortable Places

"Im working from the assumption its going to go horribly wrong. If we get out of here with limbs intact and no aspen slivers in uncomfortable places, were calling it a win."Merit/Jonah" - Author: Chloe Neill

Quotes About Lemony

"Reader: Dear Mr. Snicket, What is the best way to keep a secret? Lemony Snicket : Tell it to everyone you know, but pretend you are kidding." - Author: Lemony Snicket

Quotes About Creating Beauty

"Art has something to do with beauty. The act of creating beauty pulls the portion of your soul to the surface that is true to the way you were created." - Author: Timothy Simpson

Quotes About Heartbreak Changing You

"The attribution of intelligence to machines, crowds of fragments, or other nerd deities obscures more than it illuminates. When people are told that a computer is intelligent, they become prone to changing themselves in order to make the computer appear to work better, instead of demanding that the computer be changed to become more useful." - Author: Jaron Lanier

Quotes About Possible

"Its heaven to know that its still possible to run, though she doesnt know what shes running from." - Author: Gregory Maguire

Quotes About Sonata

"The sonatas of Mozart are unique; they are too easy for children, and too difficult for artists." - Author: Artur Schnabel

Quotes About Womanhood

"Do not use your energy except for a cause more noble than yourself. Such a cause cannot be found except in Almighty God Himself: to preach the truth, to defend womanhood, to repel humiliation which your Creator has not imposed upon you, to help the oppressed. Anyone who uses his energy for the sake of the vanities of the world is like someone who exchanges gemstones for gravel. There is no nobility in anyone who lacks faith. The wise man knows that the only fitting price for his soul is a place in Paradise..." - Author: Ibn Hazm