[Aux âmes Bien Nées, La Valeur N'attend Point Le Nombre Des Années.]

Author: Pierre Corneille Quotes

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Ken Gire Quotes

"We reach for God in many ways. Through our pictures and our prayers. Through our writing and our worship. And through them He reaches us."

Lydia Kang Quotes

"Trust no one, I scold myself. Even if they smell good."

John Biddle Quotes

"What shall befall me in the pursuance of this work, I refer to the disposal of Almighty God, whose glory is dearer to me, not only than my liberty, but than my life."

Toon Tellegen Quotes

"Een man viel,sleepte heesters, spreeuwen, schoonheid met zich mee.‘Doe dat nog eens, zei een vrouw,en hij viel opnieuw,sleepte triestheid en muziek en liefdemet zich mee,en kasten vol kinderen.‘En nog eens, zei zij,en hij viel met een schreeuw,sleepte de zon met zich mee.‘En nog eens, zei zij,en het werd koud om hem heen -hij viel in duizend stukken.‘En nog één keer, zei die vrouw,en hij viel opnieuw."

Deb Fischer Quotes

"Im an honest, hardworking conservative leader who will stand up to Washington and fight for Nebraska."

Pat Schweibert Quotes

"When one person is missing the whole world seems empty."

Lars Ulrich Quotes

"As long as it says Metallica on the record its Metallica."

Phil Lesh Quotes

"Michael is the kind of guy who has rhythm; he has rocknroll in his soul, whether he really plays it or not."

John Cho Quotes

"Itd be nice if Asian actors could be perceived as profitable, which is the bottom line. Were perceived as not mattering much fiscally."

Donna Hatch Quotes

"Just because I havent found anyone to give my heart to, doesnt mean I dont know how to go about doing it properly when I do."

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"Catherine of Aragon said,"None get to God but through trouble." - Author: Rob Bell

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"When I see that my geek may have contained some of the best parts of me, when I love and appreciate him, I set my children free to see themselves as lovable however they are." - Author: Kenny Loggins

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"Anyone who has played the game professionally, youre always taught that the ball is the most important, most precious thing, so when the ball hits the ground, its always a mad scramble. Its amazing how many times there is a fumble, and the person who recovers it initially doesnt walk away with the ball." - Author: Barry Sanders

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"...You can have this whole entire life, with all your opinions, your loves, your fears. Eventually those parts of you disappear. And then the people who could remember those parts of you disappear, and before long, all thats left is your name in some ledger. This...person -- she had a favorite food. She had friends and people she disliked. We dont even know how she died...I guess thats why I like preservation better than history. In preservation I feel like I can keep some of it from slipping away." - Author: Katherine Howe

Quotes About The Valley Of Ashes From The Great Gatsby

"It is, then, not simply a question of black power or white power, but of how meaningfully to reenfranchise human power. This, as I think Martin Luther King understood, is the real point, the real gift to America, of the struggle of the black people. In accepting the humanity of the black race, the white people will not be giving accommodation to an alien people; it will be receiving into itself half of its own experience, vital and indispensable to it, which it has so far denied at great cost." - Author: Wendell Berry

Quotes About Being Indoors

"Amal: It isnt sad. When they shut me in here first I felt the day was so long. Since the Kings Post Office I like it more and more being indoors, and as I think I shall get a letter one day, I feel quite happy and then I dont mind being quiet and alone. I wonder if I shall make out whatll be in the Kings letter?Gaffer: Even if you didnt wouldnt it be enough if it just bore your name?" - Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes About Algis

"Jeigu būtų kur nors pasaulyje tokia vieta, kur tikrai vieną valandą per visus metus būtų galima gauti ką nors valgomo, jis kaip tik šią valandą, tarsi kokio įkvėpimo genamas, užsidėtų kepurę, išeitų, nueitų tiesiai lyg pagal kompasą ten, kur yra valgis, ir jį surastų. <...> Tai yra kažkokia mįslė, galima pamanyti, kad jis iš žemės iškasa. Didžiausias jo laimėjimas buvo keturios dėžės omarų." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Love To Your Family

"Girl, youre free, cant you see that? Youve got your child, youve got your family down here who love you, youve got your farm. You dont have to ask for anything. You know how few women in this world get to say that, black or white?" - Author: Natalie Baszile

Quotes About Compared

"...apart from the seemingly magical internet, life in broad material terms isnt so different from what it was in 1953...The wonders portrayed in THE JETSONS, the space-age television cartoon from the 1960s, have not come to pass...Life is better and we have more stuff, but the pace of change has slowed down compared to what people saw two or three generations ago." - Author: Tyler Cowen

Quotes About Keeping Things Personal

"Fire is our friend, fire is our enemy! This idea is also valid for all other things; all the things we see around us are both our friends and our enemies! With rocks you can build a house but rocks can also kill you! Everything is a friend, everything is an enemy! Water is your friend, water is your enemy!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan