[Avrei Tanto Voluto Che La Giornata Fosse Tutta Come La Colazione, Quando Le Persone Sono Ancora Sintonizzate Sui Loro Sogni E Non è Previsto Che Debbano Affrontare Il Mondo Esterno. Mi Sono Reso Conto Che Io Sono Sempre Così; Per Me Non Arriva Mai Il Momento In Cui, Dopo Una Tazza Di Caffè O Una Doccia, Mi Sento Improvvisamente Pieno Di Vita, Sveglio E In Sintonia Col Mondo. Se Si Fosse Sempre A Colazione, Io Sarei A Posto.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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"If one abandons all other abilities and focuses his strength entirely on a single specialized skill, then he can overcome even the greatest of powers."

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"Erik Satie died on July 1, 1925; his last words were Ah, the cows..."

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"The word indulgent has become a popular catchphrase for dishes we should not eat for healths sake. I never use it to describe food, only poor parenting."

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"Reach into your pocket, a few taps on your smartphone, and you can know anything. We are all omniscient. I have the complete repository of human history sitting two inches away from my dick all day, every day."

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"Love does whatever it does, whenever it wants to do it."

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"I will be good."

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"Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing things actually helps to save the planet as well as the pennies."

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"Drive-Thru McDonalds was more expensive than I thought...once youve hired the car..."

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"A well-developed and versed character will write the story for you."

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