[Ayame: In Fact, Perhaps It Would Be Easier If We Just Discussed Me Instead.Yuki: What Would Be The Point In That?Ayame: Oh, In That Case, I Should Be Prepared To Talk About Why I Chose This Lyrical Professional Overflowing With Fantasy! It's Because I Wanted To Create Something. Even I, Who Have A Charisma That Wafts Of Noble Refinement, Have Times When I Lose Confidence! Ans So I Had This Uncontrollable Urge To Try Making Something. Anything, It Didn't Matter What. It Just So Happened That Dress-making Suited Me Best.... I Just Wanted To Make Sure That I Had The Power To Make Something. Maybe I Wanted To Know If I Could Create Something With My Own Hands. If There Could Be Something That Couldn't Exist Without Me.]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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