[Bahasa Sansekerta, Bagaimanapun Kekunaannya, Memiliki Struktur Yang Menakjubkan; Lebih Sempurna Daripada Bahasa Yunani, Lebih Luas Daripada Bahasa Latin Dan Lebih Halus Dan Berbudaya Daripada Keduanya, Namun Memiliki Keterkaitan Yang Lebih Erat Pada Keduanya, Baik Dalam Bentuk Akar Kata-kata Kerja Maupun Bentuk Tatabahasa, Yang Tak Mungkin Terjadi Hanya Secara Kebetulan; Sangat Eratlah Keterkaitan Ini, Sehingga Tak Ada Seorang Ahli Bahasa Yang Bisa Meneliti Ketiganya, Tanpa Percaya Bahwa Mereka Muncul Dari Sumber Yang Sama, Yang Kemungkinan Sudah Tidak Ada.]

Author: William Jones Quotes

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"El escritor es al personaje lo que el Ser al Estar. Esencia inamovible; estado voluble."

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"The old days were slower. People buttered their bread without guilt and sat down to dinner en famille."

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"If the voices in your head make you cry, youre a lunatic. Put their words on paper, and youre a writer."

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"How soon do you think it is? Time will tell me. When its autumn, the leaves fall. When the time comes, Ill know it. [Responding to a question about when he will start throwing his slider in his attempt to comeback from a career-ending stroke.]"

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"When Louis XIV assumed the reins of government France suddenly and wonderfully came to her maturity; it was as if the whole nation had burst into splendid flower."

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"Im persistent."

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"Why take life seriously? No one gets out alive anyways."

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