[Be Again, Be Again. (Pause.) All That Old Misery. (Pause.) Once Wasn't Enough For You.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Kitty Kelley Quotes

"Both Kennedy and Obama exuded a dash of glamour in their roles as commander-in-chief and became the darlings of Hollywood. As president, each brought to the White House a fashionable and accomplished First Lady, two adorable young children and scene-stealing pets."

Paul Feig Quotes

"I always feel in improv that nothing is ever as good once its repeated."

Doug Ten Rose Quotes

"A great friend can act like a trash can with a hole in the bottom. To listen to someone elses personal garbage with the same empathy you would spend listening to their joy, and then release that garbage just as quickly as you hear it, without absorbing it, makes you a wonderful friend to that person--and an even better one to yourself."

Mary Hogan Quotes

"If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live " "Right here " Enzo replies. "In your arms."

Skadi Winter Quotes

"We experience the gods and the wisdom of the universe all in our own way"

Herge Quotes

"Hooray! Hooray! The end of the world has been postponed!"

Hasan Ali Toptas Quotes

"Düşünce insanın içine düşünce,yolun yarısı tamam.Yani varılır bir yere,önceki noktada değilsindir artık ve dönemezsin.Dönsen de,eksik."

Jodelle Ferland Quotes

"There is no schedule in the film industry. Its not like you have a 9 to 5 job every day."

Julio Dinis Quotes

"Não tenteis a louca empresa de aniquilar o sentimento, espíritos áridos que infundadamente o temeis como coisa desconhecida à vossa alma seca e estéril. Quem deveras confia nos destinos da humanidade não tem medo das lágrimas. Pode-se triunfar com elas nos olhos."

Gabriel Rheaume Quotes

"I bought salvation from a man on the street. He said, "Go down to the beach and let the waves wash your feet."

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Quotes About Good Calmness

"Im sorry. I dont know how many times to tell you this for you to know it," I continued. "Francesca…the night you stayed with me was the best night of my life. Ive never felt more alive, more loved, happier, than when I hold you in my arms. Seeing your face makes my heart beat faster, in a good way, and I feel this calmness come over me. I dont know why, but its always been this way with you. I understand if you cant forgive me, and I know you could do better, but Im going to try my damnedest to make it up to you when I get out of here. I dont care if it takes a year, or ten, or even twenty. I will make you see how much I care." - Author: Felicia Tatum

Quotes About Freeway

"Life was radical right after I met the monster.Later, life became harder, complicated.Ultimately, a living hell, like swimming against a riptide,Walking the wrong direction in the fast lane of the freeway, Waking from sweetest dreams to find yourself in the middle of a nightmare." - Author: Ellen Hopkins

Quotes About Kool Aid

"He created his own Kool Aid reality and was able to illuminate himself by it." - Author: Richard Brautigan

Quotes About Harry Potter Series

"I think readers are always patient. Look at the Harry Potter series. Some have given up on this generation of kids as game and TV addicts, but lots of people spend lots of time patiently reading through hundreds of pages of dense prose. I think reading a comic by comparison is a lot more immediate." - Author: Dave Gibbons

Quotes About Bitter Reality Of Life

"I think life is staggering and were just too used to it." - Author: Donald Miller

Quotes About Young Leaders

"Instead of learned young people we have donkeys with University degrees. Instead of future leaders we have mollusks with expensive blue jeans and phony revolutionaries with ski masks. And do you know what? Maybe this is another reason why our Moslem invaders have such an easy game." - Author: Oriana Fallaci

Quotes About Virtuous

"Virtues are common, but the virtuous are very few. This is because ordinarily, people know but do not apply what they know. To break the culture, look for more information; learn more and apply more. This is wisdom." - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Bruised Ego

"You bruised my ego, you see, and theres just not enough money in the world to soothe my ego when it gets bruised" - Author: Jennifer Estep

Quotes About Ohio

"I will represent all of the people of Ohio, regardless of their background. I dont care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian or a vegetarian, I will be blind to race, religion or any kind of orientation." - Author: Josh Mandel

Quotes About Sisters And Friends

"I live myself with my cat Pebbles. She isnt enjoying the attention as much as me - she ran off up the stairs as soon as the film crew for the show came into the house. She didnt come down for hours. But I have the support of all my brothers and sisters and my neighbours and friends - everyone thinks its just great." - Author: Susan Boyle