[Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak With Integrity. Say Only What You Mean. Avoid Using The Word To Speak Against Yourself Or To Gossip About Others. Use The Power Of Your Word In The Direction Of Truth And Love.]

Author: Miguel Angel Ruiz Quotes

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Sana Rose Quotes

"Dreams have a way of persisting. They just dont come true until you DO what you CAN."

Marc Ribot Quotes

"Im not a really good classical guitarist by any means, but what I learned from this is a way of working very slowly on solo pieces and I enjoyed working on these pieces of Johns. They were not written for solo guitar but a lot of them were easy to adapt."

Zomicks Bakery Quotes

"If baking at Zomicks bakery is any labor at all, its a labor of love. A love that gets passed from one Zomicks generation to the next one."

Debbie Blue Quotes

"We might like to think of ourselves as autonomous beings who get to decide who we are going to be, but we are likely much more malleable than we think. We are often defined by the structure that keeps us captive. In some ways our desires are so socially constructed that they cant rightfully be called our own."

Sana Quotes

"For if u have positive attitude n creativeness u will always see a graveyard as a beautiful garden..."

Tamar Cohen Quotes

"I only want whats mine. And if I cant have whats mine, Ill take whats yours."

Geoff Dyer Quotes

"Have regrets. They are fuel. On the page they flare into desire."

Love Maia Quotes


FB Quotes

"your bad past is for you to learn dont pass it to others."

Cecilia Woloch Quotes

"Didnt I stand there once, white-knuckled, gripping the just-lit taper, swearing Id never go back? And hadnt you kissed the rain from my mouth?And werent we gentle and awed and afraid, knowing wed stepped from the room of desire into the further room of love? And wasnt it sacred, the sweetness we licked from each others hands? And were we not lovely, then, were we not as lovely as thunder, and damp grass, and flame?"

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Quotes About Marshall Mcluhan

"To bring order into this jangled sphere man must find its centre" Marshall McLuhan" - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Birds And Nature

"Nature is also Gods way of communicating with us. Jesus himself used nature to teach us about God. He used birds and flowers, the weather, precious stones...Looking at nature, we can come to understand God himself." - Author: Adelina St. Clair

Quotes About Abelard

"He looked up as the party emerged and nickered a soft hello to his master, who was dressed in an unfamiliar green cloak and had dirt plastered on his face. Halt glanced at him, brow furrowed, and silently mouthed the words shut up. Abelardshook his mane, which was as close as a horse could come to shruging, and turned away.My horse recognized me, Halt said accusingly out of the side of his mouth to Horace.Horace glanced at the small shagging horse, standing beside his own massive battlehorse.Mine didnt, he replied. So thats a fifty-fifty result.I think Id like odds better than that, Halt replied.Horace suppressed a grin. Dont worry. He can probably smell you.I can smell myself, Halt replied acerbically. I smell of tea and soot.Horace thought it was wiser not to reply to that." - Author: John Flanagan

Quotes About Passionless

"In those years I did not care to enjoy sex, only to have it. That is what seeing Alex again on Fifth Avenue brought back to me - a youth of fascinated, passionless copulation. There they are, figures in a discoloured blur, young men and not so young, the nice ones with automobiles, the dull ones full of suspicions and stinginess. By asking a thousand questions of many heavy souls, I did not learn much. You receive biographies interesting mainly for their coherence. So many are children who from the day of their birth are growing up to be their parents. Look at the voting records, inherited like flat feet." - Author: Elizabeth Hardwick

Quotes About Cracked

"That left two possibilities, really.Possibility one: Magic was so incredibly opaque, convoluted, and impenetrable, that even though wizards and witches had tried their best to understand, theyd made little or no progress and eventually given up; and Harry would do no better.Or...Harry cracked his knuckles in determination, but they only made a quiet sort of clicking sound, rather than echoing ominously off the walls of Diagon Alley.Possibility two: Hed be taking over the world.Eventually. Perhaps not right away." - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Quotes About Arcadia

"Well, I have to say its mighty nice of them Daimons to clean up after themselves when you kill them. Its much better than slaying an Arcadian. (He held his hands up to them.) Look, Ma, no mess. (Fang)Does Fang have an off switch? (Talon)(Looking a bit apologetic, Vane shook his head no.)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Being Ahead Of The Game

"Damn," Crystal sputtered, looking up from the dictionary in disbelief. "Oenophlygia: the state of being dunk. It really is a word".Johnny gloated unabashedly. "Just wouldnt listen, would you? Just couldnt stand that I might be way ahead of the game. Word to the wise," he added with a superior smirk. "Dont mess with a man of my experience in that arena." - Author: Cindy Gerard

Quotes About Ineffability

"Robert Frost didnt like to explain his poems—and for good reason: to explain a poem is to suck the air from its lungs. This does not mean, however, that poets shouldnt talk about their poetry, or that one shouldnt ask questions about it. Rather, it suggests that any discussion of poetry should celebrate its ultimate ineffability and in so doing lead one to further inquiry. I think of that wonderful scene from Elie Wiesels memoir, Night, where Mosche the Beadle of the local synagogue, in dialogue with the young, precocious author, explains: "Every question possesses a power that does not lie in the answer." - Author: Tony Leuzzi

Quotes About Wonders Of Nature

"Miss Bates…had never boasted either beauty or cleverness. Her youth had passed without distinction, and her middle of life was devoted to the care of a failing mother, and the endeavour to make a small income go as far as possible. And yet she was a happy woman, and a woman whom no one named without good-will. It was her own universal goodwill and contented temper which worked such wonders. She loved every body, was interested in every bodys happiness and quick-sighted to every bodys merits; thought herself a most fortunate creature, and surrounded with blessings in such an excellent mother and so many good neighbours and friends, and a home that wanted for nothing. The simplicity and cheerfulness of her nature, her contented and grateful spirit, were a recommendation to every body and a mine of felicity to herself." - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Easy To Fall In Love

"She wiped her eye and pressed her lips together. "I sleep in your room. Im fairly pathetic about it, really. I wear your T-shirts to bed and watchyour movies." She paused. "And you dont even remember me."This time I stopped walking. "Do you think its easy for me?" She had gotten a few steps ahead and turned to look back at me. "No, I dontremember you. I dont remember holding you or talking to you or falling in love with you—but I walk around with a giant hole in my heart all the time. Ifeel your absence every second of the day. It aches and nothing soothes it. Losing you is bad enough, but I dont even get the comfort ofremembering that I had you once." - Author: Gwen Hayes