[Because Of An Adulterous Affair I Shall Leave Office In November.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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Robert Merrill Quotes

"When in doubt, sing loud."

LeAnn Rimes Quotes

"I dont earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids."

Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu Quotes

"I have devoted my whole life to Physical Culture. I shall devote the rest too for the same. I have seen the degradation in which we are at present. I have travelled extensively and all that I have remarked here is from experience; and my suggestions are to meet the situation. I know they would, if adapted remedy the evil; for, I have studied carefully the position. If we in all seriousness wish to call ourselves the descendants of the mighty Yoddhas of past, if we wish not to cast a blot on the fair name of India, if we wish that India should have a future vying with its glorious past, if we wish that we should gain an honorable and equal place among the peoples of the world it should be our sacred resolve from now to wake up from the sleep as a lion; we should muster muscle and steel the body. For all greatness lies in Culture and 1 should only be too gratified if my scheme could put the youth of the country on the right track to achieve our most cherished Ideals."

Charles Frohman Quotes

"When you consider all the stars I have managed, mere submarines make me smile."

Johann Heinrich Lambert Quotes

"I am undecided whether or not the Milky Way is but one of countless others all of which form an entire system. Perhaps the light from these infinitely distant galaxies is so faint that we cannot see them."

Vincent Kartheiser Quotes

"And when I was a kid being an actor was not cool. Im thirty now and when I was a kid in the 80s that wasnt a cool thing to be."

John James Ingalls Quotes

"In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave."

Stirling Moss Quotes

"To achieve anything, you must be prepared to dabble on the boundary of disaster."

Julie Kavner Quotes

"I have had friends for years who have never seen my house."

Stephen Collins Quotes

"I took the role because its rare to read a script that makes me laugh and cry, and it spoke to my own religious feelings, as well as giving me a chance to draw on my experience as a parent. Accepting it was a no-brainer."

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"The Swedes have coined the term management by perkele to portray the Finnish managerial approach. Instead of collectively pondering all the possible alternatives and letting every member of the staff from the cleaner to the MD voice their views, as the Swedes do, the Finns act swiftly and dont waste time on the decision-making process. If something isnt happening quickly enough, it is necessary for the top managers to slam their fists on the table and yell, Perkele! Repeatedly, if necessary." - Author: Tarja Moles

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"Dont forget three rules for success : Never tell anyone everything you have, you know and you can do." - Author: Vikrant Parsai

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"With sin comes fatigue. With repentance comes temptation. With beatification comes ugliness." - Author: Bauvard

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"Who do you think I am, Pete Rose? I dont bet. I come from a long line of compulsive gamblers. Gambling scares me." - Author: Mario Cantone

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"Temeroso arranco esparadrapos, gaze e passos." - Author: Filipe Russo

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"Fine. Seer knows best, even if he is nuts. Maybe I can stand to wait a few more... whoa. What the hell happened to my car?-Melissa" - Author: Scott Westerfeld

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"Although it is very easy to marry a wife, it is very difficult to support her along with the children and the household. Accordingly, no one notices this faith of Jacob. Indeed, many hate fertility in a wife for the sole reason that the offspring must be supported and brought up. For this is what they commonly say: ‘Why should I marry a wife when I am a pauper and a beggar? I would rather bear the burden of poverty alone and not load myself with misery and want. But this blame is unjustly fastened on marriage and fruitfulness. Indeed, you are indicting your unbelief by distrusting Gods goodness, and you are bringing greater misery upon yourself by disparaging Gods blessing. For if you had trust in Gods grace and promises, you would undoubtedly be supported. But because you do not hope in the Lord, you will never prosper." - Author: Martin Luther

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"Ogni sera, per riuscire a dormire, Alfredo fantasticava.Di stendere il cadavere di Irene sul tavolo di una sala operatoria e farla a pezzi meticolosamente e freddamente come in fondo lei aveva fatto a pezzi lui.O di aspettarla sotto casa, nel vano scale, tra le cantine e lascensore, per cingerle al collo la stessa cravatta con la quale avevano giocato spesso, a letto.Fantasticava, sulla paura nei suoi occhi, su suppliche e disprezzo, sullespressione contratta che le avrebbe lasciato sul volto.Fantasticava, e si addormentava sereno." - Author: Cristina Obber

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"You and me?" I let out a stunned bark of laughter. "There is no you and me.""Thats what you think," Chaz says, tugging on his coat. "And Ill be damned if Im going to wait around until you figure out that isnt true.""Fine," I say "Im not asking you to, am I?""No." Chaz is smiling… but not like hes happy. "But you would if you had the slightest idea what was good for you."And with that, he yanks open the door and storms through it, slamming it closed behind him with enough force to cause the windowpanes to rattle.And then hes gone." - Author: Meg Cabot

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"Piracy has destroyed the domestic market." - Author: Zhang Yimou