[Because Of 'The Birds' And 'Marnie' I Was, As The Expression Goes, Hot In Hollywood And Producers And Directors Wanted To Hire Me.]

Author: Tippi Hedren Quotes

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Will Schwalbe Quotes

"Mom had always taught all of us to examine decisions by reversibility--that is, to hedge our bets. When you couldnt decide between two things, she suggested you choose the one that allowed you to change course if necessary. Not the road less traveled but the road with the exit ramp."

Sarah Kuttner Quotes

"Aber auch Glück ist anstrengend. Ich finde nichts frustrierender, als neben einer auserwählten Person zu liegen und das Bedürfnis zu haben, ihr so nah wie möglich zu sein. Man kann sich umarmen und verknoten, bis man schwarz wird, man hat immer das Gefühl, noch näher sein zu wollen. Das sogenannte "In-den-Partner-reinkriechen-Wollen". Man wird nie nahe genug sein. Oder Sehnsucht. Wie oft das Einander-Vermissen schon romantisiert, Chris-de-Burgh-isiert wurde. Sehnsucht ist fürchterlich. Wenn man vermisst, kann man sich nicht mal im Kino ablenken, weil im Film am Ende doch immer alle einander haben."

Winona Dimeo Ediger Quotes

"Hiking is sort of like strip poker: by the end, all the participants are hot, sweaty, and nearly naked, and the winner is the person who wore the most layers."

Peter Weller Quotes

"The goals are not about the sweet smell of success as much as its about enjoying a damn day on the movie set... I live in a complete state of grace."

Rita M Gross Quotes

"If one does not make an ego out of gender, one would still know whether one is a man or a woman, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender—whatever else we may think of. But those identities need to fit very loosely and be worn very lightly. All sense of privilege or deprivation that has developed around ones gender identity, all rigidity regarding proper roles and behaviors for the various genders, must be cut through."

Rizky Adam Rifai Quotes

"Dont make all of your sadness to be a miserable tragedy,Just forget it with your conscious heart and clear mind."

Chad Michael Murray Quotes

"Ive been going on Twitter every week going, Guys, you have to watch 2 Broke Girls because its incredible."

Louis Oosthuizen Quotes

"I usually have a few coins in my pocket when Im playing, but the one I use to mark my ball on the green is a special silver coin that my wife designed for me. It has our wedding date inscribed on it."

MJ Croan Quotes

"Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the center of it."

John Larkins Quotes

"Nostalgia is the intimate refuge of every man and every woman in a world seemingly gone mad."

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"Suddenly, Cain flipped her over and caged her in, his muscled strength creating a protective embrace. "My diamond," he growled. "You are home." She lifted her hand and cupped his cheek, then murmured, "Yes. I am." "I was dead without you. I would have ended up a shell like Rafael." She kissed him, hating the pain in his voice. "No, never like him. He was evil, Cain, his soul black. Yours isnt. Just a little gray." He smirked. "Gray?" She shrugged. "Well you arent lily white, thats for certain." - Author: Anne Rainey

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"I am thinking of one woman and the rest is blotto. I say I am thinking of her, but the truth is I am dying a stellar death. I am lying there like a sick star waiting for the light to go out. Years ago I lay on this same bed and I waited and waited to be born. Nothing happened. Except that my mother, in her Lutheran rage, threw a bucket of water over me. My mother, poor imbecile that she was, thought I was lazy. She didnt know that I had gotten caught in the stellar drift, that I was being pulverized to a black extinction out there in the farthest rim of the universe." - Author: Henry Miller

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"I want Pinterest to be human. The Internets still so abstract... To me, boards are a very human way of looking at the world." - Author: Ben Silbermann

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"I grasp his salt and pepper hair to steady myself as his tongue lingers and plays, making my legs feel weak with desire.- from The Gorgeous Girls by Marie Wilson" - Author: Marie Wilson

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"Now, now," my father said. "Lets just get the bags."This was typical. My father, the lone male in our estrogen-heavy household, had always dealt with any kind of emotional situation or conflict by doing something concrete and specific. Discussion of cramps and heavy flow at the breakfast table? He was up and out the door to change oil on one of our cars. Coming home in tears for reasons you just didnt want to discuss? Hed go make you a grilled cheese, which hed probably end up eating. Family crisis brewing in a public place? Bags. Get the bags." - Author: Sarah Dessen

Quotes About Real Friends Tagalog

"Do we take less pride in the possession of our home because its walls were built by some unknown carpenter, its tapestries woven by some unknown weaver on a far Oriental shore, in some antique time? No. We show our home to our friends with the pride as if it were our home, which it is. Why then should we take less pride when reading a book written by some long-dead author? Is it not our book just as much, or even more so, than theirs? So the landowner says, ‘Look at my beautiful home! Isnt it fine? And not, ‘Look at the home so-and-so has built. Thus we shouldnt cry, ‘Look what so-and-so has written. What a genius so-and-so is! But rather, ‘Look at what I have read! Am I not a genius? Have I not invented these pages? The walls of this universe, did I not build? The souls of these characters, did I not weave?" - Author: Roman Payne

Quotes About Life In Trenches

"When I see them here, in their rooms, in their offices, about their occupations, I feel an irresistible attraction in it, I would like to be here too and forget the war; but it repels me, it is so narrow, how can that fill a mans life, he ought to smash it to bits; how can they do it, while out at the front the splinters are whining over the shell-holes and the star-shells go up, the wounded are carried back on waterproof sheets and comrades crouch in the trenches. – They are different men here, men I cannot properly understand, whom I envy and despise." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Not Knowing Who You Want To Be With

"For sure, they dont teach you this in history class, but in colonial times, the person who got left in the stocks overnight was nothing less than fair game for everybody to nail. Men or women, anybody bent over had no way of knowing who was doing the ram job, and this was the real reason you never wanted to end up here unless you had a family member or a friend whod stand with you the whole time. To protect you. To watch your ass, for real." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

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"He felt teenage rejection overcoming him like a childhood virus that lies dormant, then attacks the unsuspecting adult. It would never be something he would get used to." - Author: Kenneth Eade

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"In fact, when we listen to the church today, at least in the West, we are often left with impression that Christianity actually has very little to do with truth. Christianity is only about feeling better about ourselves, about leaping over our difficulties, about being more satisfied, about have better relationships, about getting on with our mothers-in-law, about understanding teenage rebellion, about coping with our unreasonable bosses, about finding greater sexual satisfaction, about getting rich, about receiving our own private miracles, and much else besides. It is about everything except truth. And yet this truth, personally embodied in Christ, gives us a place to stand in order to deal with the complexities of life, such as broken relations, teenage rebellion, and job insecurities." - Author: David F. Wells