[Because We Demand A Future, We Live Each Moment In Expectation And Unfulfillment. We Live Each Moment In Passing. In Just This Way The Real Nunc Stans, The Timeless Present, Is Reduced To The Nunc Fluens, The Fleeting Present, The Passing Present Of A Mere One Or Two Seconds. We Expect Each Moment To Pass On To A Future Moment, For In This Fashion We Pretend To Avoid Death By Always Rushing Toward An Imagined Future. We Want To Meet Ourselves In The Future. We Don't Want Just Now—we Want Another Now, And Another, And Another, Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow. And Thus, Paradoxically, Our Impoverished Present Is Fleeting Precisely Because We Demand That It End! We Want It To End So That It Can Thereby Pass On To Yet Another Moment, A Future Moment, Which Will In Turn Live Only To Pass.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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"Sonnet VIIIJe vis, je meurs : je me brûle et me noie,Jai chaud extrême en endurant froidure ;La vie mest et trop molle et trop dure,Jai grands ennuis entremêlés de joie.Tout en un coup je ris et je larmoie,Et en plaisir maint grief tourment jendure,Mon bien sen va, et à jamais il dure,Tout en un coup je sèche et je verdoie.Ainsi Amour inconstamment me mèneEt, quand je pense avoir plus de douleur,Sans y penser je me trouve hors de peine.Puis, quand je crois ma joie être certaine,Et être en haut de mon désiré heur,Il me remet en mon premier malheur."

Dorothea Singer Quotes

"[Giordano] Bruno died, despised and suffering, after eight years of agony. From that moment, his works have attracted interest, and he has long been recognized as an important figure in the development of modern thought. Nevertheless, few are familiar with the many and often bewildering pages of his writings. His Italian works have their place in the history of Italian literature. The Latin works in prose and verse are much more bulky and diffuse, but the few who grapple with them are rewarded by passages of great beauty and eloquence."

Tanner Patrick Quotes

"Sometimes life gets weird. Hang in there, it gets better."

Larry Harvey Quotes

"We take people to the threshold of religion. Our aim is to induce immediate experience that is beyond the odd, beyond the strange, and beyond the weird. It verges on the wholly other."

Carl Sandberg Quotes

"Have I, have you, been too silent? Is there an easy crime of silence?"

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"Sitting up straighter, I remember Nora Mahoney saying, You only go around the block once. I rework it in my mind so she adds, So do it right."

George Nethercutt Quotes

"If I cant affect some change in six years, maybe Im in the wrong place."

Lisa De Jong Quotes

"I didnt want a wedding at all until this certain girl popped into my life. Now I want whatever she wants. I would do anything to make her happy."

Bianca Nogrady Quotes

"Peoples most common regret was living the life others expected of them, rather than having the courage to live a life true to themselves, and realising some dreams had gone unfulfilled as a result."

Albert Ehrenstein Quotes

"Once a day has begun eventfully, it generally carries on being every bit as lively."

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"too many maniacs not enough michelangelos" - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

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"The Garden En robe de parade. - SamainLike a skein of loose silk blown against a wallShe walks by the railing of a path in Kensington Gardens,And she is dying piece-mealof a sort of emotional anaemia.And round about there is a rabbleOf the filthy, sturdy, unkillable infants of the very poor.They shall inherit the earth.In her is the end of breeding.Her boredom is exquisite and excessive.She would like some one to speak to her,And is almost afraid that I will commit that indiscretion." - Author: Ezra Pound

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"Our children will be born of our actions. Our accidents will become their destinies. Oh, the actions will remain. It is a simple matter of what you will do when the chips are down, my friend. When the fat lady is singing. When the walls are falling in, and the sky is dark, and the ground is rumbling. In that moment our actions will define us. And it makes no difference whether you are being watched by Allah, Jesus, Buddah, or whether you are not. On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he cant. On both occasions, the man breathes." - Author: Zadie Smith

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"During the twenty years of Odesseus absence, the people of Ithaca retained many recollections of him but never felt nostalgia for him. Whereas Odysseus did suffer nostalgia, and remembered almost nothing. .....For four long books of the Odyssey he had retraced in detail his adventures before the dazzled Phaeacians. But in Ithaca he was not a stranger, he was one of their own, so it never occurred to anyone to say, Tell us!" - Author: Milan Kundera

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"(Q: From an outsiders perspective, what you call "chaos magick" has a lot of rules, discipline, and order involved, and doesnt seem very chaotic at all. What would you say to such a person?)A: I differentiate sternly between Chaos and Entropy. Only highly ordered and structured systems can display complex creative and unpredictable behaviour, and then only if they have the capacity to act with a degree of freedom and randomness. Systems which lack structure and organisation usually fail to produce anything much, they just tend to drift down the entropy gradient. This applies both to people and to organisations." - Author: Peter J. Carroll

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"Many people want guidance from God, but they dont want to lay aside other things in order to hear His voice. But David narrowed down everything he wanted to just one thing—more of God all the days of his life. I believe the only thing that truly satisfies the longing within us is to know God more intimately today than we did yesterday." - Author: Joyce Meyer

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