[Being A Good Person Is More Than Just Not Being A Bad Person.]

Author: A. Lee Martinez Quotes

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Mel Ballew Quotes

"Kitten, you are the beat to my deadened heart, the light of my soul-less soul. You are seriously the only one that was ever made just for me. You are my ‘light – my everything. You are mine." - Zander to Sylver"

Helmut Thielicke Quotes

"Tell me how much you know of the sufferings of your fellow man and I will tell you how much you have loved them."

Zoe Rosenberg Quotes

"Being afraid never fixes an issue, only makes it worse. Courage will always be with me. I will stay in the fight until the final round."

Jack Bruce Quotes

"I was 16 when I got a scholarship to study classical composition at a conservatory. By that time I had already listened to Scottish folksong with my mother, sung in church choirs, and had sung solo with Benjamin Britten conducting."

Gail Sheehy Quotes

"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

Arthur Slade Quotes

"The eye is always half-full."

David Weiskircher Quotes

"Dogs dont hesitate. They stand by our side, no matter the odds, the reason, the depth of cold. If we step into the blackest of nights, they step with us, and sometimes----most of the time---they take the first step. And no matter their size---from the smallest to the largest---theyll do what needs to be done to safeguard their human companion---their friend---even if it means giving their life. They dont weight odds, or ask any questions. Dogs are selfless."

Richard F Thomas Quotes

"One of the powerful functions of a library — any library — lies in its ability to take us away from worlds that are familiar and comfortable and into ones which we can neither predict nor control, to lead us down new roads whose contours and vistas provide us with new perspectives. Sometimes, if we are fortunate, those other worlds turn out to have more points of familiarity with our own than we had thought. Sometimes we make connections back to familiar territory and when we have returned, we do so supplied with new perspectives, which enrich our lives as scholars and enhance our role as teachers. Sometimes the experience takes us beyond our immediate lives as scholars and teachers, and the library produces this result particularly when it functions as the storehouse of memory, a treasury whose texts connect us through time to all humanity."[Browsing in the Western Stacks, Harvard Library Bulletin NS 6(3): 27-33, 1995]"

Ruth Moore Quotes

"Grampies boat was a little double-ender, a model not built nowadays. She was narrow, so that she pitched and rolled something wicked in almost any sea. He could handle her, but he said she was probably the boat Christ got out of and walked away from on the water."

Warren Rudman Quotes

"Washington, D.C., has a much greater risk than Manchester, N.H. They both need some level of funding, but they ought not to be done per capita. Congress is to blame for some of this."

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Quotes About Sleepovers

"Well bury our mothers and fathers - shuttling our children off for sleepovers, jumping on red-eyes, telling eachother stories that hurt to hear, about gasping, agonal breaths, hospice nurses, scars and bruises and scabs, and how skin papers shortly after a person passes. We will nod in agreement that it is as much an honor to witness a person leave this world as it is to watch a person come into it." - Author: Kelly Corrigan

Quotes About Counting My Blessings

"My mother raised her eyebrow, and murmured, "And to think I was always worried that you didnt have any friends. I suppose I should have been counting my blessings." - Author: Patricia Briggs

Quotes About Being Good To Others

"Where there is to be creative action, it is quite beside the point to discuss what we should or should not do in order to be right or good. A mind that is single and sincere is not interested in being good, in conducting relations with other people so as to live up to a rule. Nor, on the other hand, is it interested in being free, in acting perversely just to prove its independence. Its interest is not in itself, but in the people and problems of which it is aware; these are "itself." It acts, not according to the rules, but according to the circumstances of the moment, and the "well" it wishes to others is not security but liberty." - Author: Alan Wilson Watts

Quotes About Fragrance

"Holding up an oil-paper umbrella,I loiter aimlessly in the long, longAnd lonely rainy alley,I hope to encounterA lilac-like girlNursing her resentmentA lilac-like color she hasA lilac-like fragrance,A lilac-like sadness,Melancholy in the rain,Sorrowful and uncertain;She loiters aimlessly in this lonely rainy alleyHolding up an oil-paper umbrellaJust like meAnd just like meWalks silently,Apathetic, sad and disconsolateSilently she moves closerMoves closer and castsA sigh-like glanceShe glides byLike a dreamHazy and confused like a dreamAs in a dream she glides pastLike a lilac spray,This girl glides past beside me;She silently moves away, moves awayUp to the broken-down bamboo fence,To the end of the rainy alley.In the rains sad song,Her color vanishesHer fragrance diffuses,Even herSigh-like glance,Lilac-like discontentVanish.Holding up an oil-paper umbrella, aloneAimlessly walking in the long, longAnd lonely rainy alley,I wish forA lilac-like girlNursing her resentment glide by." - Author: Dai Wangshu

Quotes About Making Excuses

"Im not making any excuses. I got my butt kicked in certain games." - Author: David Wells

Quotes About Not Serious Relationships

"Before my marriage, I was really wild, and I was very open about it. My wife knows about it. From the age of 19 to 30, I was this mad, wild person. I just wanted to have a good time, not get serious with anyone. I didnt allow relationships to happen, and I made it clear to whoever I was with." - Author: Ram Kapoor

Quotes About Good Delhi

"I thought, What a miserable life hes had, having to hide his religion, his name, just to get a jobas a driver—and he is a good driver, no question of it, a far better one than I will ever be.Part ofme wanted to get up and apologize to him right there and say, You go and be a driver in Delhi.You never did anything to hurt me. Forgive me, brother.I turned to the other side, farted, and went back to sleep." - Author: Aravind Adiga

Quotes About The Mountain Game Of Thrones

"Id be happier on a horse," Makin said."Id be happier on a giant mountain goat," I said. "One that shat diamonds. Until we find some, were walking." - Author: Mark Lawrence

Quotes About Dostoievski

"Dacă-mi place atîta corespondenţa lui Dostoievski e pentru că acolo nu e vorba decît de boală şi de bani, unice subiecte <>. Tot restul nu e decît înflorituri şi talmeş-balmeş." - Author: Emil Cioran

Quotes About Chickenpox

"B-but, Mr Jimson, I w-want to be an artist.Of course you do, I said, everybody does once. But they get over it, thank God, like the measles and the chickenpox. Go home and go to bed and take some hot lemonade and put on three blankets and sweat it out.But Mr J-Jimson, there must be artists.Yes, and lunatics and lepers, but why go and live in an asylum before youre sent for? If you find life a bit dull at home, I said, and want to amuse yourself, put a stick of dynamite in the kitchen fire, or shoot a policeman. Volunteer for a test pilot, or dive off Tower Bridge with five bobs worth of roman candles in each pocket. Youd get twice the fun at about one-tenth of the risk." - Author: Joyce Cary