[Being Gay Is A Fundamental Part Of My Being - The Core Of Who I've Always Been, And The Thing That I Had Repressed And Run From All My Life.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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Marya Mannes Quotes

"The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future."

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"I owe Jericho my whole time in America, really. It was a fantastic group of people to work with."

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"Every other day I read a book. It takes me two days to finish a book. I like reading because if Im not doing anything, then I read. If my mom tells me to go take out the trash, Ill go take out the trash, and come back and start reading again."

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"His mama beat him with an ugly stick so hard, it gone straight on till his soul."

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"The one thing women love more than money is power."

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"Magandang isipin ang kasiyahan… pero minsan mas magandang isipin ang kalungkutan, dahil doon mo makikita ang mga dumamay sa iyo at ang mga tunay mong kaibigan na nagmamahal sa iyo."

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"Youve been in Hollywood long enough to know that all the real acting happens offscreen."

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"It isnt for wantof something to say--something to tell you--something you should know--but to detain you--keep you from going--feeling myself hereas long as you are--as long as you are"

Steve Buckler Quotes

"Arendt, as we have seen, is committed to understanding totalitarianism in its complete novelty, as an unprecedented phenomenon. It is unprecedented in the strict sense that it does not just represent a novel variation with respect to the categories defining forms of government that we have long held… historically, mankind ‘even in its darkest periods, granted the slain enemy the right to be remembered, as a self-evident acknowledgment of the fact that we are all men (Arendt 1968a: 452). What was attempted in the camps was neither punishment nor persecution but obliteration, such that even death was robbed of its meaning, ‘making martyrdom, for the first time in history, impossible."

Ethan Gilsdorf Quotes

"Who needs sports stardom when you can shoot fireballs from your fingertips?"

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"As a self-respecting dude, Id never believed in fairy tales, but in that moment, I did. Id found my angel to live happily-ever-after with." - Author: Katie Ashley

Quotes About Radical Christianity

"If the Christian church is to move responsibly towards the future, it must restore or renew its ties with its past. Contemporary Catholic and Protestant radicals want to claim that Christianity means whatever "Christian" today happen to believe and practice, be it pantheism, unitarianism, or sodomy. The Christian faith has suffered immeasurable harm because of the tendency of people to use the word "Christian" in a careless and non-historical way. Nothing in this argument would preclude liberal Protestants and Catholics from developing and practicing any religion they like." - Author: Ronald H. Nash

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"Um artista pode sofrer muito, ser muito infeliz até à morte. Acredito mesmo que entre os artistas se enfileirem alguns dos grandes desgraçados da terra. No entanto, na desventura dum artista - por amarga que ela tenha sido - brilhou sempre um raio de sol. A sua desgraça não foi com certeza a duma existência vazia e desoladora - que é a maior e mais real miséria deste mundo." - Author: Mário de Sá Carneiro

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"Aproveita a vida enquanto ela é vida dentro de ti. Aproveita o teu corpo enquanto és tu que lá moras. Aproveita. Primeiro tens mais espírito do que corpoe há dentro de ti uma convulsão de ideias, uma agitação insolorida de projectos, resoluções, descobertas.Depois a convulsão abranda e começas a viver das ideias amealhadas.Depois, pouco a pouco, vais perdendo essas ideias ou vai-las esquecendo nosótão de ti. Depois resta só uma ou duas com que te vais governando.Aproveita o teu corpo enquanto estás dentro dele.Aproveita enquanto estás" - Author: Vergílio Ferreira

Quotes About Past Friends

"When this is over, society will need entertainment to get past it. Well make movies about it, hundreds of movies, and in every one of them, well be the heroes and the love interests and best friends and winners and well watch these movies until we are so far removed from our own history, well forget how it really felt to be here." - Author: Courtney Summers

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"Other than his ex-wife and despite appearances with a series of cultivated blondes, Edward de Bono has never publicly aligned himself with a woman. Im looking for a fat, cross-eyed hunchback, he explains, stifling a giggle. A prosthetic hump would do. His delight evaporates when asked about his three grandchildren. Am I a doting grandfather? He pauses. Im a … something grandfather, yes. The fact that De Bono remains unperturbed by this lack betrays an emotionally austere childhood, and his passions for play, toys, and bad jokes tell of the same deprivation." - Author: Antonella Gambotto Burke

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"Hey," Victor said. "Tell me a story."Thomas closed his eyes and told this story: "There were these two Indian boys who wanted to be warriors. But it was too late to be warriors in the old way. All the horses were gone. So the two Indian boys stole a car and drove to the city. They parked the stolen car in front of the police station and then hitchhiked back home to the reservation. When they got back, all their friends cheered and their parents eyes shone with pride. You were very brave, everybody said to the two Indian boys. Very brave.""Ya-hey," Victor said. "Thats a good one. I wish I could be a warrior." - Author: Sherman Alexie

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"Sméagol wont grub for roots and carrotses and - taters. Whats taters, precious, eh, whats taters?Po-ta-toes, said Sam. The Gaffers delight, and rare good ballast for an empty belly. But you wont find any, so you neednt look. But be good Sméagol and fetch me some herbs, and Ill think better of you. Whats more, if you turn over a new leaf, and keep it turned, Ill cook you some taters one of these days. I will: fried fish and chips served by S. Gamgee. You couldnt say no to that. Yes, yes we could. Spoiling nice fish, scorching it. Give me fish now, and keep nassty chips!Oh, youre hopeless, said Sam. Go to sleep!" - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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"One guy that really inspired me was Michael Jordan. I wouldnt say that he inspired me as a sportsman, but I love going back and watching videos of him, especially how he conducts himself in interviews. He always seemed to be very careful about the words that he used and thought about everything differently to anybody else." - Author: Matteo Manassero

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"Dear You,You are holding in your hands what was promised to you years ago. Im sorry it took so long. But life, as is often the case, is life and we forget about the promises weve made.You, however, are harder to forget.I know the world is crazy. I know love is not always the way its meant to be. I sometimes, things hurt. But I also know that well get through this. That our hearts will arrive on the other side, in one piece. That everything is beautiful, if we give it the chance to be." - Author: pleasefindthis