[Being Gay Is A Fundamental Part Of My Being - The Core Of Who I've Always Been, And The Thing That I Had Repressed And Run From All My Life.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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Peg Streep Quotes

"As Louis Cozolino Ph. D., observes, a consistent theme of adult psychotherapy clients is that they had parents who were not curious about who they were but, instead, told them who they should be. What Cozolino explains, is that the child creates a "persona" for her parents but doesnt learn to know herself. What happens is that "the authentic self"--the part of us open to feelings, experinces, and intimicy--remains underdeveloped."

Germaine Greer Quotes

"It is agreed that little girls should have a different physical education than little boys, but it is not admitted how much of the difference is counseled by the conviction that little girls should not look like little boys."

Christina Henry Quotes

"You came, you saw, you burned everything to the ground."

J C Amberchele Quotes

"The Great Ones, the sages of every age, tell me what to look for. They say that the answer lies not elsewhere but right where I am, here where I am both the center and the source of the universe. They say that, contrary to what I may think I am, what I really am is formless, boundless, timeless, and deathless; that I am utterly transparent, empty, not an object. They say that this clarity that lies at the very heart of my humanity is none other than the Self, God, Buddha, Tao, and the Beloved, and that to see and be this requires no change, no achievement, no struggle, for it is already what I am; in fact, I cannot not be it. They say that no one else can tell me what I am, that I must see for myself, and should I discover this and live consciously from this, all will be right, all will be true."

Marlin Fitzwater Quotes

"The press briefing today I believe has lost much of its usefulness."

Alison Doody Quotes

"I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do take my work seriously."

Michael Trucco Quotes

"I really believe that we have the power to manifest our own fates."

Charlie Trotter Quotes

"A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music. He understands how things go together. For a chef, once you have that basis, thats when cuisine is truly exciting."

Keith Thibodeaux Quotes

"My talent for playing the drums was a gift from God."

Burleigh Grimes Quotes

"The oldest pitcher acquires confidence in his ballclub - he doesnt try to do it all himself."

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"Rather than seek to be squired and dated by their rivals why should it not be possible for women to find relaxation and pleasure in the company of their inferiors? They would need to shed their desperate need to admire a man, and accept the gentler role of loving him. A learned woman cannot castrate a truck-driver like she can her intellectual rival, because he has no exaggerated respect for her bookish capacities. The alternative to conventional education is not stupidity, and many a clever girl needs the corrective of a humbler souls genuine wisdom." - Author: Germaine Greer

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"Professor Raylenes ground breaking study found that subjects with Tourrettes Syndrome burned more calories than Lutherans." - Author: Chris Dolley

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"The sports apparel industry was dominated by the big shoe companies. But there was a void in apparel and I decided to fill it." - Author: Kevin Plank

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"I am a local economic revitalization strategist. But I am also a TV/radio host, and a small business owner. I find ways to use money more efficiently to realize positive goals for everyone." - Author: Majora Carter

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"Another glorious feature of many modern science museums is a movie theater showing IMAX or OMNIMAX films. In some cases the screen is ten stories tall and wraps around you. The Smithsonians National Air & Space Museu, the popular museum on Earth, has premiered in its Langley Theater some of the best of these films. To Fly brings a catch to my throat even after five or six viewings. Ive seen religious leaders of many denominations witness Blue Planet and be converted on the spot to the need to protect the Earths environment" - Author: Carl Sagan

Quotes About Happiness Because Of Her

"Humans are most imaginative when they need a means of self-destruction. If the world existed in an overflowing amount of happiness; a utopian state, then the suicide rate would dwarf any extinction level threat. Humans cannot be trusted with their own survival. Their minds have been trained to be blindly and unconsciously subjugated. In a time related to Heaven-on-Earth, the smallest amount of worry, will drive a human into the arms of death. This is how weak and fragile the human mind and will is. Its funny, because the best friend of humanity, is none other than Chaos itself." - Author: Lionel Suggs

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"The smells of Christmas are the smells of childhood [p. 53]" - Author: Richard Paul Evans

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"I dont think London has been given enough credit in a lot of the movies that we make here." - Author: Mel Smith

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"I heard a story once in the Orient about two architects who went to see the Buddha. They had run out of money on their projects and hoped the Buddha could do something about it. Well, Ill do what I can, said the Buddha, and he went off to see their work. The first architect was building a bridge, and the Buddha was very impressed. Thats a very good bridge, he said, and he began to pray. Suddenly a great white bull appeared, carrying on its back enough gold to finish construction. Take it, said the Buddha, and build even more bridges. And so the first architect went away very happy. The second architect was building a wall, and when the Buddha saw it he was equally impressed. Thats a very good wall, he said solemnly, and began to pray. Suddenly the sacred bull appeared, walked over to the second architect, and sat on him." - Author: Colin Higgins

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"I dont want to be typecast as the ambient guy or someone who only does electronic scores. I think most of the work that comes my way is because people feel they know me musically." - Author: Cliff Martinez