[Being The Object Of Alfred Hitchcock's Obsession Was Horrific, But While He Ruined My Career, He Could Never Ruin My Life.]

Author: Tippi Hedren Quotes

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All Time Low Quotes

"Manage me, Im a mess Turn a page, Im a book Half unread"

Richard Allen Whisenant Quotes

"Passion is a must, Passion is a gaze, A wonder of lust"

Jane Lovering Quotes

"Know me right through to my bones."

Margaret MacMillan Quotes

"Nationalist movements often overlapped with economic and class issues: Rumanian and Ruthenian peasants, for example, challenged their Hungarian and Polish landlords."

Bryony Pearce Quotes

"Lions and tigers, bitches and bears, oh my."

Max W Miller Quotes

"Fiction is the evidence that reality exists"

Lynda Carter Quotes

"Im an adventurer and I enjoy all types of things, and eating is a part of that. Its just too bad we have to watch what we eat."

Hugh Dancy Quotes

"Ireland. Great for the spirit - very bad for the body."

Cilla Black Quotes

"I did smoke a joint once but I did not enjoy it."

Richard Manning Quotes

"What was invented with civilization was the ability of some to deny sensuality to others."

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"I borrowed 100 pounds and made the pact with God: Make me a millionaire - and you can have half of my money." - Author: Albert Gubay

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"You used to believe that with age you would become less unhappy, because you then would have reasons to be sad. When you were still young, your suffering was inconsolable because you believed it to be unfounded.Your suicide was scandalously beautiful…You died because you searched for happiness at the risk of finding the void. We shall have to wait for death before we can know what it is that you found. Or before leaving off knowing anything at all, if it is to be silence and emptiness that awaits us." - Author: Édouard Levé

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"The bad blood rose in me, just like wine." - Author: Sarah Waters

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"When both the inner man and woman takes responsibility for themselves and lives their own truth, a joy and love begins to flow naturally between them. Through understanding both the inner man and woman, we understand that outer relationships simply mirror the relationship between our inner man and woman. This understanding gives us the opportunity to take conscious responsibility for our choices and our further steps towards spiritual maturity." - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten

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"Do you suppose there is any living man so unreasonable that if he found himself stricken with a dangerous ailment he would not anxiously desire to regain the blessing of health?" - Author: Petrarch

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"Pustiul nici nu viseaza, nici nu se trezeste." - Author: Octavian Paler

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"He was now beginning to wonder whether the jigsaw was the correct metaphor for relationships between me and women after all. It didnt take account of the sheer stubbornness of human beings, their determination to affix themselves to another even if they didnt fit. They didnt care about jutting off at weird angles, and they didnt care about phone booths and Mary, Queen of Scots. They were motivated not by seamless and sensible matching, but by eyes, mouths, smiles, minds, breasts and chests and bottoms, wit, kindness, charm, romantic history and all sorts of other things that made straight edges impossible to achieve." - Author: Nick Hornby

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"I need Thee, O Lord, for a curb on my tongue; when I am tempted to making carping criticisms and cruel judgements, keep me from speaking barbed words that hurt, and in which I find perverted satisfaction. Keep me from unkind words and from unkind silences. Restrain my judgements. Make my criticisms kind, generous, and constructive. Make me sweet inside, that I may be gentle with other people, gentle in the things I say, kind in what I do. Create in me that warmth of mercy that shall enable others to find Thy strength for their weakness, Thy peace for their strife, Thy joy for their sorrow, Thy love for their hatred, Thy compassion for their weakness. In thine own strong name, I pray. Amen." - Author: Peter Marshall

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"Mike Hawk!" Bennett practically yelled at me, dropping his hand. His eyes were red from laughing. "How am I supposed to keep it together over that? Thats like meeting a fucking unicorn." - Author: Christina Lauren

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"Wow, shit. Gotten us a place? I am gone. Over Dorcas Cantrell, a girl who convinced me in a one-minute phonecall that I meant nothing to her." - Author: Tammara Webber