[Bertie's Gaze Fell There And His Blue Eyes Widened. "Deuce Take You, Jess," He Said Crossly. "Can't A Fellow Trust You For A Moment? How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You To Leave My Friends Alone?"Miss Trent Coolly Withdrew Her Hand.Trent Gave Dain An Apologetic Look. "Don't Pay It Any Mind, Dain. She Does That To All The Chaps. I Don't Know Why She Does It, When She Don't Want ‘em. Just Like Them Fool Cats Of Aunt Louisa's. Go To All The Bother Of Catching A Mouse, And Then The Confounded Things Won't Eat 'em. Just Leave The Corpses Lying About For Someone Else To Pick Up."Miss Trent's Lips Quivered.]

Author: Loretta Chase Quotes

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Dennis Nilsen Quotes

"I stood there amazed. I found it all hard to believe, that I, Des Nilsen, had actually done all that."

Lowestoft Thellow Quotes

"Religion reminds me of a lace condom. While lovingly crafted, its not designed for pleasure; unless inflated with fervour, it collapses; one size does not fit all; and no matter how many times you dunk it in holy water, it will not prevent misconceptions or contagion."

Randy Houser Quotes

"I always try to put something personal on my albums just to give people out there a little piece of my history and how I got where I am and who I am."

Ruth J Simmons Quotes

"The committees work is not about whether or how we should pay reparations. That was never the intent nor will the payment of reparations be the outcome. This is an effort designed to involve the campus community in a discovery of the meaning of our past."

Sappho Quotes

"sinä kaunis, sinä riemastuttava tyttö"

Ahmed Akram Mirza Quotes

"Sometimes is necessary to fall from grace to teach indecent."

Joaquim Mestre Quotes

"A perda quando é grande secas as pessoas, seca-as por dentro, como um lume."

DMX Quotes

"Im not going to disrespect you, dont disrespect me."

Jonathan Talat Phillips Quotes

"Our ailing planet needs spiritual warriors, ones capable of standing up to the Western materialism machine, so we can create sustainable societies that care for their citizens, harmonize with the cycles of nature, and receive and honor the vast healing light that quietly connects us all."

Mike Alsford Quotes

"To be heroic does not have to mean possessing the ability to stand against the evils of the world, either well or successfully, but just that one is willing to stand."

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Quotes About Protestors

"hope had become despair, protestors had become terrorists, love had become sex, music had become noise, and us had become me." - Author: Susan R. Sloan

Quotes About Noone Being There For You

"In this statement, my Scipio, I build on your own admirable definition, that there can be no community, properly so called, unless it be regulated by a combination of rights. And by this definition it appears that a multitude of men may be just as tyrannical as a single despot and indeed this is the most odious of all tyrannies, since no monster can be more barbarous than the mob, which assumes the name and mask of the people." - Author: Cicero

Quotes About Demoralize

"I, for one, hope that youth will again revolt and again demoralize the dead weight of conformity that now lies upon us." - Author: Howard Mumford Jones

Quotes About Double Standards In The Workplace

"Double standards in domestic roles are deeply rooted in cultural attitudes and workplace practices. Working mothers are held to higher standards than working fathers and are often criticized for being insufficiently committed, either as parents or professionals. Those who seem willing to sacrifice family needs to workplace demands appear lacking as mothers. Those who take extended leave or reduced schedules appear lacking as leaders." - Author: Barbara Kellerman

Quotes About Legacies

"So Dad has joined the others up there. I feel that they do watch and guide, and I also feel that they join me in the hope that this story of our people can help alleviate the legacies of the fact that preponderantly the histories have been written by the winners." - Author: Alex Haley

Quotes About Streets

"Under the seeming disorder of the old city, wherever the old city is working successfully, is a marvelous order for maintaining the safety of the streets and the freedom of the city. It is a complex order. Its essence is intricacy of sidewalk use, bringing with it a constant succession of eyes. This order is all composed of movement and change, and although it is life, not art, we may fancifully call it the art form of the city and liken it to the dance — not to a simple-minded precision dance with everyone kicking up at the same time, twirling in unison and bowing off en masse, but to an intricate ballet in which the individual dancers and ensembles all have distinctive parts which miraculously reinforce each other and compose an orderly whole. The ballet of the good city sidewalk never repeats itself from place to place, and in any once place is always replete with new improvisations." - Author: Jane Jacobs

Quotes About Smith

"Corus lay on the southern bank of the Oloron River, towers glinting in the sun. The homes of wealthy men lined the river to the north; tanners, smiths, wainwrights, carpenters, and the poor clustered on the bank to the south. The city was a richly colored tapestry: the Great Gate on Kings-bridge, the maze of the Lower City, the marketplace, the tall houses in the Merchants and the Gentrys quarters, the gardens of the Temple district, the palace. This last was the citys crown and southern border. Beyond it, the royal forest stretched for leagues. It was not as lovely as Berat nor as colorful as Udayapur, but it was Alannas place." - Author: Tamora Pierce

Quotes About Lonely

"The lonely one offers his hand too quickly to whomever he encounters." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Uncertainty And Doubt

"Sitting there on the heather, on our planetary grain, I shrank from the abysses that opened up on every side, and in the future. The silent darkness, the featureless unknown, were more dread than all the terrors that imagination had mustered. Peering, the mind could see nothing sure, nothing in all human experience to be grasped as certain, except uncertainty itself; nothing but obscurity gendered by a thick haze of theories. Mans science was a mere mist of numbers; his philosophy but a fog of words. His very perception of this rocky grain and all its wonders was but a shifting and a lying apparition. Even oneself, that seeming-central fact, was a mere phantom, so deceptive, that the most honest of men must question his own honesty, so insubstantial that he must even doubt his very existence." - Author: Olaf Stapledon

Quotes About Quiz

"This was me before I knew about anything hard, when my whole life was packed lunches and art projects and spelling quizzes." - Author: Nina LaCour