[Better Than A Thousand Hollow Words, Is One Word That Brings Peace.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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N Smith Quotes

"When you live in reaction you give your power away. Then you get to experience what you gave your power to."

Martina Mcbride Quotes

"Through the wind and the rain She stands hard as a stone In a world that she cant rise above But her dreams give her wings And she flies to a place where shes loved Concrete angel"

Renea Mason Quotes

"It was need, Linden. I dont want to need anything. I can make. I can destroy. Need implies something controls me and nothing controls me."

Peter Brooks Quotes

"Woman, especially her sexuality, provides the object of endless commentary , description, supposition. But the result of all the telling only deepens the enigma and makes womans erotic force something that male storytelling can never quite explain or contain."

Nikos Kazantsakis Quotes

"What a mystery woman is, boss! Even if she falls thousand times, she rises a thousand times a virgin. But how´s that? you´ll say. Because she doesn´t remember!"

Delphine De Girardin Quotes

"Good taste is the modesty of the mind; that is why it cannot be either imitated or acquired."

Jack Whittaker Quotes

"Id do the same things, but Id be a little more quiet."

Damon Willis Quotes

"All girls are beautiful, and when they say theyre ugly they only lie to themselves, for its impossible for them to be ugly."

Andrew Macrae Quotes

"This is what works for me: I practise crop rotation with my creative endeavours. Ive found that when the nitrogen runs out in the soil in one field, its best to leave it fallow for a while and cultivate another."

Jaya Bhateja Quotes

"Life is a matter of choices live it or lift it !"

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Quotes About Intelligence And Education

"The programme into which Cheryl was inducted combined all the different ways the intelligence community had learned could cause intense psychological change in adults and children. It had been learned through the use of both knowledgeable and unwitting volunteers. They were subjected to sensory overload, isolation, drugs and hypnosis, all used on bodies that had been weakened from mild hunger. The horror of the programme was that it would be like having an elementary school sex education class conducted by a paedophile rapist. It would have been banned had the American government signed the Helsinki Accords. But, of course, they hadnt. For the test that day and in those that followed, Cheryl Hersha was positioned so she faced a portable movie screen. A 16mm movie projector was on a platform, along with several reels of film. Each was a short pornographic film meant to make her aware of sexuality in a variety of forms..." - Author: Cheryl Hersha

Quotes About Gourmand

"Go to the meat market of a Saturday night and see the crowds of live bipeds staring up at the long rows of dead quadrupeds. Does not that sight take a tooth out of the cannibals jaw? Cannibals? who is not a cannibal? I tell you it will be more tolerable for the Fejee that salted down a lean missionary in his cellar against a coming famine; it will be more tolerable for that provident Fejee, I say, in the day of judgement, than for thee, civilized and enlightened gourmand, who naliest geese to the ground and feistiest on their bloated livers in thy paté-de-foie-gras." - Author: Herman Melville

Quotes About Starting New Job

"Telling a story about something you know nothing about is like starting a new job without the training." - Author: Joshua Hartzell

Quotes About Betamax

"When I was a teenager there was no video in my country. Betamax came to Mexico very slowly." - Author: Guillermo del Toro

Quotes About Receber

"Ele agora receberia o troco na mesma moeda. Aliás, a Bíblia também falava disso, não falava? Olho por olho, dente por dente? O quê? Ah, sim! Sua professora explicou que isso era só no Antigo Testamento, certo? Sei como é. Dizem que agora o certo é oferecer a outra face, não é isso? Pois é. A questão é que eles já me haviam socado nessa face também." - Author: Camilo Gomes Jr.

Quotes About Moneygrump

"Down with the Miserable Moneygrumps ™!" - Author: Melissa D. Stiveson

Quotes About Year Round Schools

"His OFELLUS in the Art of Living in London, I have heard him relate, was an Irish painter, whom he knew at Birmingham, and who had practiced his own precepts of economy for several years in the British capital. He assured Johnson, who, I suppose, was then meditating to try his fortune in London, but was apprehensive of the expence, that thirty pounds a year was enough to enable a man to live there without being contemptible. He allowed ten pounds for cloaths and linen. He said a man might live in a garret at eighteen-pence a week; few people would inquire where he lodged; and if they did, it was easy to say, "Sir, I am to be found at such a place." By spending three-pence in a coffee-house, he might be for some hours every day in very good company; he might dine for six-pence, breakfast on bread and milk for a penny, and do without supper. On clean-shirt day he went abroad, and paid visits." - Author: James Boswell

Quotes About Angry Family

"For The Haunting Hour, I thought it would be a lot of fun. It was great to play this cool kid role. My episode is called The Intruders and my character is this mean, angry teenager because her younger brother was just born and he gets all of the attention. Shes always playing tricks on her family, and there are some cool twists." - Author: Willow Shields

Quotes About Applying To College

"Before high school ended, I started applying to college. It really wasnt even a choice because of the brainwashing of my parents." - Author: Tatyana Ali

Quotes About Taste And Judgment

"I should like to direct the attention of artists. A constant producer, a man who is a "mother" in the grand sense of the term, one who no longer knows or hears of anything except pregnancies and childbeds of his spirit, who has no time at all to reflect and make comparisons with regard to himself and his work, who is also no longer inclined to exercise his taste, but simply forgets it, letting it take its chance of standing, lying or falling -- perhaps such a man at last produces works on which he is then quite unfit to pass a judgment: so that he speaks and thinks foolishly about them and about himself. This seems to me almost the normal condition with fruitful artists." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche