[Between Two Groups Of People Who Want To Make Inconsistent Kinds Of Worlds, I See No Remedy But Force.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Chad B Hanson Quotes

"A dream in the night is but an untold story begging to be written."

Yuan Mei Quotes

"A month alone behind closed doorsforgotten books, remembered, clear again.Poems come, like water to the poolWelling, up and out,from perfect silence"

Patricia Cornwell Quotes

"He was pushing fifty, with a face life had chewed on, and long wisps of graying hair parted low on one side and combed over his balding pate."

Ilya Ehrenburg Quotes

"You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but sooner or later green grass would break through."

Tadanobu Asano Quotes

"I have blood from Dutch and Norwegian."

Charles Louis De Secondat Baron De Montesquieu Quotes

"We receive three educations, one from our parents, one from our school masters, and one from the world. The third contradicts all that the first two teach us."

Terra Harmony Quotes

"Micah: "Come, on. Lets get you out of here." He began putting his arms under me and lifted me off my bed of rocks."Oh, no. You cant just come trotting in here like some hero. Im saving myself this time. Go away!" "And let me just say you were doing a fine job lying there on your back."

Tim Bishop Quotes

"We need to get serious about combating gang violence on Long Island, and the entire nation."

Jenny Weber Quotes

"If you can not master your language you must be its slave."

Tommy Hilfiger Quotes

"I currently live in the Plaza in New York and I love it - all that history, all those interesting stories."

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Quotes About Capitalism And Environment

"The challenge for capitalism is that the things that breed trust also breed the environment for fraud." - Author: James Surowiecki

Quotes About Brett Ashley

"I heard them laugh. I turned off the light and tried to go to sleep. It was not necessary to read any more. I could shut my eyes without getting the wheeling sensation. But i could not sleep. There is no reason why because it is dark you should look at things differently from when it is light. The hell there isnt!I figured that all out once, and for six months I never slept with the electric light off. That was another bright idea. To hell with women, anyway. To hell with you, Brett Ashley." - Author: Ernest Hemingway

Quotes About Television Watching

"I feel guilty because for a long time I didnt allow myself a television, and I used to drop that fact in conversation to impress people. I thought it made me sound dignified. A couple of years ago, however, I visited a church in the suburbs and there was this blowhard preacher talking about how television rots your brain. He said that when we are watching television our minds are working no harder than when we are sleeping. I thought that sounded heavenly. I bought one that afternoon." - Author: Donald Miller

Quotes About Reliving History

"Inaugurals conventionally start with a history lesson and finish with a prayer." - Author: Jonathan Raban

Quotes About Spaceship

"Wolf, are you asking me to be ... your alpha female?"He hesitated.Scarlet couldnt help it - she burst into laughter. "Oh - Im sorry. That was mean. I know I shouldnt tease you about this."Still grinning, she made to retract her hand, but he was suddenly gripping it, refusing to relinquish the touch. "You just look so scared, like Im going to disappear any minute. Were stuck on a spaceship, Wolf. Im not going anywhere." His lips twitched, his nervousness beginning to ease away, though his hand stayed tense over hers."Alpha female," he murmured. "I sort of like that."Beaming, Scarlet gave a mild shrug. "It could grow on me." - Author: Marissa Meyer

Quotes About Replaced Love

"Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail." - Author: Leigh A. Bortins

Quotes About You Cant Go Back

"I love you," Matt said.I love you, too," Maria replied. "I know thats a sin, and Ill probably go to hell for it."If I have a soul, Ill go with you," promised Matt." - Author: Nancy Farmer

Quotes About Winter Time

"He lived with his mother, father and sister; had a room of his own, with the fourth-floor windows staring on seas of rooftops and the glitter of winter nights when home lights brownly wave beneath the heater whiter blaze of stars--those stars that in the North, in the clear nights, all hang frozen tears by the billions, with January Milky Ways like silver taffy, veils of frost in the stillness, huge blinked, throbbing to the slow beat of time and universal blood." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Barack

"A disturbing prospect looms before us as Americans consider the possibility of a second term for President Barack Obama. Millions of conservatives who revere the Constitution, with its guarantees of freedom and limited government, have watched with alarm as the campaign season has unfolded." - Author: James Dobson

Quotes About New Endeavours

"Yes, it struck her now that this whole business of the bull was like a life; the important birth, the fair chance, the tentative, then assured, then half-dispairing circulations of the ring, an obstacle negotiated - a feat improperly recognized - boredom, resignation, collapse: then another, more convulsive birth, a new start; the circumspect endeavours to obtain ones bearings in a world now frankly hostile, the apparent but deceptive encouragement of ones judges, half of whom were asleep, the swervings into the beginnings of disaster because of that same negligible obstacle one had surely taken before at a stride, the final enmeshment in the toils of enemies one was never quite certain werent friends more clumsy than actively ill-disposed, followed by disaster, capitulation, disintegration." - Author: Malcolm Lowry