[Black,The Death Of An Old Habit In Order For Anew Journey To Start. The Dark Cloudsdisappeared, Chased Away By The Brilliant Shine Of Your Smile. So That I Had The Courage To Be Me Once Again…~Riley]

Author: Ottilie Weber Quotes

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Sterling Hayden In Wanderer Quotes

"The years thunder by.The dreams of youth grow dimwhere they liecaked in dust on the shelves of patience.Before we know it, the tomb is sealed.Where, then lies the answer?In choice.Which shall it be:Bankruptcy of Purseor Bankruptcy of Life?"

Emma Thompson Quotes

"Sense and Sensibility signs litter Devon -- arrows with S & S on. Whenever Ang [Lee] sees a B & B sign he thinks its for another movie."

Blake Nelson Quotes

"É o que têm os segredos, acabam por nos enlouquecer. Mas enlouquecem-nos mesmo. Isolam-nos dos outros. Separam-nos da nossa tribo. Acabam por nos destruir. A não ser que uma pessoa seja forte. A não ser que uma pessoa seja muito, muito forte."

Elizabeth Daily Quotes

"I dont I have everything I want; however, I have a lot and for that I am very grateful."

Diagoras Quotes

"With reason did the Athenians adjudge Diagoras guilty of atheism, in that he not only divulged the Orphic doctrine, and published the mysteries of Eleusis and of the Cabiri, and chopped up the wooden statue of Hercules to boil his turnips, but openly declared that there were no gods at all."

Nelson Jack Quotes

"Passion and Carrier will never coincide for most of the people. If it does, they are considered to be legends!!"

Jimmy Dore Quotes

"I am not the sharpest knife in the knife-thing."

Ana Beatriz Barros Quotes

"Since I learned English, Ive become a motormouth!"

Thea Harrison Quotes

"You totally love him. Hes your widdle snookums."

Marissa Mayer Quotes

"For some people, what really matters to them is sleep."

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Quotes About Change Is The Only Constant

"The things Ive seen," he continues easily, "have shown me that the only constant is change. Too much power in one place is a fools errand. Eventually, and inevitably, no matter how good the intentions, or how long the life, power always wins out, and everyone suffers for it. The only true path of rational existence is balance; a constant re-assessment of the burdens of power, if you will." - Author: Bill Blais

Quotes About Dna Replication

"[...] Deep within, her female organs began to contract and release. She felt the path of his seed and now in her mind she could see a golden trail. How was this even possible? Dear God, how was any of this even possible?Now she could see the chrysalis of her genetic material, a bright burning light at the end of a tunnel. The imagery made her smile then laugh. She could see his sperm, like lightning [...] If his DNA wanted to make a child, why wouldnt it move at an accelerated rate?She felt the moment when her egg received his sperm and their child began all the fantastic portentous crazy cell replications. [...]" - Author: Caris Roane

Quotes About Bumps

"Marriage is not comfortable and harmonious. Rather it is a place of individuation where a person rubs up against oneself and against the partner, bumps up against the person in love and in rejection, and in this fashion learns to know oneself, the world, good and evil, the heights and the depths." - Author: Adolf Guggenbühl Craig

Quotes About Relaxing In The Garden

"And I walk out of spaceInto an overgrown garden of values,And tear up seeming stabilityAnd self-comprehension of causes.And your, infinity, textbookI read by myself, without people -Leafless, savage medical book,A problem book of gigantic radicals." - Author: Osip Mandelstam

Quotes About Working On Yourself

"Do what you can on this plane to relieve suffering by constantly working on yourself to be an instrument for the cessation of suffering. To me, thats what the emerging game is all about." - Author: Ram Dass

Quotes About Suffering Fools

"Harness the imagination: Sometimes curbing her, sometimes giving her rein, for she is the whole of happiness. She sets to rights even the understanding. She sinks to tyranny, not satisfied with mere faith, but demanding works. Thus she becomes the mistress of life itself. She does so with pleasure or with pain, according to the nonsense presented. She makes people contented or discontented with themselves. By dangling before some nothing but the specter of their eternal suffering, she becomes the scourge of these fools. To others she shows nothing but fortune and romance, while merrily laughing. Of all this she is capable if not held in check by the wisest of wills." - Author: Baltasar Gracián

Quotes About Lasting Impact

"Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memory made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life." - Author: Scott Neustadter

Quotes About Body And Spirit

"Ivanov: Once I worked hard and thought a lot but I never got tired; now I do nothing and think of nothing, but Im tired in body and spirit. My conscience aches day and night, I feel deeply guilty but I dont understand where I am actually at fault. And add to that my wifes illness, my lack of money, the constant bickering, gossip, unnecessary conversations, that stupid Borkin... My home has become loathsome to me and I find living there worse than torture." - Author: Anton Chekhov

Quotes About Done Playing Games

"Youre an idiot, half-breed," she taunted, as I kicked snow at her. She dodged easily. "Rowans too good for you, and hes experienced. Most everyone, fey and mortal boys included, would give their teeth to have him to themselves for a night. Try him. I guarantee youll like it.""Not interested," I snapped, glaring at her with narrowed eyes. My butt still stung, making my words sharp. "Im done playing games with faery princes. They can go to hell, for all I care. Id rather strip naked for a group of redcaps.""Ooh, if you do, can I watch?" - Author: Julie Kagawa

Quotes About Throwing Up

"Natures accidents are the universes way of throwing chance into a system which would die of too much orderliness. Hurricanes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions are all Mother Natures way of stirring up the pot to prevent stagnation and putrefaction.A world without them would be a world of death. Floods, fires, eruptions, earthquakes all destroy and renew, kill and create, demolish and replant.So too riots, revolutions and wars are societies ways of throwing chance into their systems, which are dying of too much orderliness. And like natures eruptions, these too destroy and renew, kill and create, demolish and replant.And so too with individuals. Human beings need in their lives earthquakes and floods and riots and revolutions, or we grow as rigid and unmoving as corpses." - Author: Luke Rhinehart