[Books Never Cease To Astonish Me. When I Was A Child, I Knew--in The Incontestable Way That Children Know Things--that God Was An Author Who'd Imagined Me, Which Is Why I (and Everyone Else) Existed: To Populate His Narrative. My Task Was To Imagine God In Return: This Was All He And I Owed Each Other.]

Author: Martha Cooley Quotes

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Landon Liboiron Quotes

"I freakin hate Twitter, man. I honestly dont understand the purpose of it."

Copernican Quotes

"The Christians who engaged in infamous persecutions and shameful inquisitions were not evil men but misguided men. The churchmen who felt they had an edict from God to withstand the progress of science, whether in the form of a Copernican revolution or a Darwinian theory of natural selection, were not mischievous men but misinformed men."

Sade Andria Zabala Quotes

"The thought of youbeing with someone else isliterally killing me.And you couldnt care less. BecauseI am just one of the writhing bodiesthat ruined your bed sheets."

Douglas Wilder Quotes

"What is blackness? Is it the way you talk? Do you got to say, Dey this, dey dat. Or the way you dress? Or is it the forgiving of certain things? What is black enough?"

Linda Tschirhart Sanford Quotes

"Men recorded their experiences and called it history; men looked about the world and called their observations science; men wondered about the existence of God and the problem of evil and called their speculations theology; men did handiwork and called it art; men made up stories, wrote them down and called them literature; men thought about such topics as truth, beauty, justice, and the nature of existence and called their opinions philosophy."

Jennifer Hudson Taylor Quotes

"I was angry at God until I came to understand that it isnt Gods fault when people mistreat me. I still have my doubts at times, but I try to remember that God has given them the same free will that Hes given me."

Rocky Marciano Quotes

"Why waltz with a guy for 10 rounds if you can knock him out in one?"

Julia Spencer Fleming Quotes

"And as for people shunning us because of our known association with homosexuals""

Sidney Altman Quotes

"The RNA World referred to an hypothetical stage in the origin of life on Earth."

Michael Hastings Quotes

"Janet Malcolm had famously described journalism as the art of seduction and betrayal. Any reporter who didnt see journalism as "morally indefensible" was either "too stupid" or "too full of himself," she wrote. I disagreed. Without shutting the door on the possibility that I was both stupid and full of myself, Id never bought into the seduction and betrayal conceit. At most, journalism - particularly when writing about media-hungry public figures - was like the seduction of a prostitute. The relationship was transactional. They werent talking to me because they liked me or because I impressed them; they were talking to me because they wanted the cover of Rolling Stone."

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"Some men, under the notion of weeding out prejudice, eradicate virtue, honesty and religion." - Author: Jonathan Swift

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"Kennedy said that if we had nuclear war wed kill 300 million people in the first hour. McNamara, who is a good businessman and likes to save, says it would be only 200 million." - Author: Norman Thomas

Quotes About Confuse

"He was certainly in a confused state. I used to go and visit him in Callan Park. They were really - to me they were the best poets those two writing in those days but it wasnt very encouraging because, well, they werent getting far were they?" - Author: Robert Adamson

Quotes About Forest Logging

"But when you have bad governance, of course, these resources are destroyed: The forests are deforested, there is illegal logging, there is soil erosion. I got pulled deeper and deeper and saw how these issues become linked to governance, to corruption, to dictatorship." - Author: Wangari Maathai

Quotes About Toes And Feet

"Well, you are awfully pale." I exhaled slowly. Refused to look up. He reached for my bare foot and squeezed my toes. "And cold." I pulled my feet away. "Bad circulation." "You could always bite me, just to test.I hate you, too, by the way. Just so you know." "Oh, I do. I would suggest make-up sex, but... " "Too bad you have scruples," I said. "Now youre just being cruel." "I like pushing your buttons." "Youd enjoy it more if you undid them first." Save me. "I think I should go and help Daniel." "With what?" "Anything." Noah stood. There was a mischievous smile on his lips as he left." - Author: Michelle Hodkin

Quotes About Would You Miss Me

"Why on earth would you buy a car like this if you cant drive a stick? There are dozens of cars--new cars--that have automatic transmission. Itd be a million times easier." Adrian shrugged. "I like the color. It matches my living room." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Silver Jewellery

"A golden heart, a dioamond soul, a silver lining attitude and a titanium will power is the finest and the only jewellery I wear." - Author: Shahla Khan

Quotes About Francois

"Virtue would go far if vanity did not keep it company.Francois de La Rochefoucauld" - Author: Gabriela Popa

Quotes About Universal Questions

"Of all the universal lies she accepted unquestioningly, the happy ending was the most absurd. The hero and heroine lived happily ever after, and the ending seemed indisputable, definitive. No questions asked about how long love or happiness lasts in that forever that can be divided into lifetimes, years, months. Even days" - Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte

Quotes About Okonkwos Character

"A woman cant do anything about her appearance. Either shes pretty or she isnt. But her character is quite another matter." - Author: Julie Garwood