[Brunei Darussalam Is One Of The Oldest Kingdoms In South East Asia.]

Author: Hassanal Bolkiah Quotes

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"No virtue is safe that is not enthusiastic."

Larry Wall Quotes

"Programmers can be lazy."

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"You will learn more about writing from one hour of reading than you will in six hours of writing."

George Grey Quotes

"On embarking to return we could perceive no sign of One Tree Island; and as we swept down towards the sea the leafy top of a tree seen in the clear water under the boat was the only evidence of its existence; though a few hours ago it had formed so prominent an object."

TH White Quotes

"So we may well believe that the Kings men were shriven on the night before they fought. Something of the young mans vision had penetrated to his captains and his soldiers. Something of the new ideal of the Round Table which was to be born in pain, something about doing a hateful and dangerous action for the sake of decency--for they knew that the fight was to be fought in blood and death without reward. They would get nothing but the unmarketable conscience of having done what they ought to do in spite of fear--something which wicked people have often debased by calling it glory with too much sentiment, but which is glory all the same. This idea was in the hearts of the young men who knelt before the God-distributing bishops--knowing that the odds were three to one, and that their own warm bodies might be cold at sunset."

Kelly Liang Quotes

"If you want to be yourself, sometimes you cant compare the economic benefit with art."

Leslie Easterbrook Quotes

"Mother Firefly is the kind of character Ive always wanted to play. Shes larger than life, terribly tragic, and capable of a lot of love."

Beate Boeker Quotes

"Shed fallen for him. How stupid. Secretary falls in love with her boss. What a tepid thing to do."

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"He, who beats his wife defies his goddess"

Lauren Rachelle Quotes

"Write your own story, preferably in tattoos."

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"On one hand the eternal attraction of man towards femininity (cf. Gn. 2:23) frees in him-or perhaps it should free-a gamut of spiritual-corporal desires of an especially personal and "sharing" nature (cf. analysis of the "beginning"), to which a proportionate pyramid of values corresponds. On the other hand, "lust" limits this gamut, obscuring the pyramid of values that marks the perennial attraction of male and female." - Author: Pope John Paul II

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"The sight of a child…will arouse certain longings in adult, civilized persons — longings which relate to the unfulfilled desires and needs of those parts of the personality which have been blotted out of the total picture in favor of the adapted persona." - Author: C.G. Jung

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"And they discovered something very interesting: when it comes to walking, most of the ants thinking and decision-making is not in its brain at all. Its distributed. Its in its legs." - Author: Kevin Kelly

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"The world wont get more or less terrible if were indoors somewhere with a mug of hot chocolate, Kim said. ‘Though its possible it will seem slightly less terrible if there are marshmallows in the hot chocolate." - Author: Kamila Shamsie

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"Political realism refuses to identify the moral aspirations of a particular nation with the moral laws that govern the universe. As it distinguishes between truth and opinion, so it distinguishes between truth and idolatry. All nations are tempted — and few have been able to resist the power for long — to clothe their own aspirations and action in the moral purposes of the universe. To know that nations are subject to the moral law is one thing, while to pretend to know with certainty what is good and evil in the relations among nations is quite another. There is a world of difference between the belief that all nations stand under the judgment of God, inscrutable to the human mind, and the blasphemous conviction that God is always on ones side and that what one wills oneself cannot fail to be willed by God also." - Author: Hans J. Morgenthau

Quotes About Unconfessed Sin

"I often remembered also that I had been told, that we shall have as many devils biting us, if we go to hell, as we have unconfessed sins on our consciences." - Author: Maria Monk

Quotes About Family And Friends And Memories

"My family sat in their pool courtyard," Harah said, "in air bathed by the moisture that arose from the spray of a fountain. There was a tree of portyguls, round and deep in color, near at hand. There was a basket with mish mish and baklawa and mugs of liban—all manner of good things to eat. In our gardens and, in our flocks, there was peace . . . peace in all the land.""Life was full with happiness until the raiders came," Alia said."Blood ran cold at the scream of friends," Jessica said. And she felt the memories rushing through her out of all those other pasts she shared."La, la, la, the women cried," said Harah." - Author: Frank Herbert

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"Watching Paris is Burning, I began to think that the many yuppie-looking, straight -acting, pushy, predominantly white folks in the audience were there because the film in no way interrogates "whiteness." These folks left the film saying it was "amazing," "marvellous," incredibly funny," worthy of statements like, "Didnt you just love it?" And no, I didnt love it. For in many ways the film was a graphic documentary portrait of the way in which colonized black people (in this case black gay brothers, some of whom were drag queens) worship at the throne of whiteness, even when such worship demands that we live in perpetual self-hate, steal, go hungry, and even die in its pursuit. The "we" evoked here is all of us, black people/people of color, who are daily bombarded by a powerful colonizing whiteness that seduces us away from ourselves, that negates that there is beauty to be found in any form of blackness that is not imitation whiteness." - Author: Bell Hooks

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"Por la escalera, hacia la luz del sol, fueron saliendo el cocinero (que, obviamente, había seguido la vieja costumbre de enfrentarse a un desastre en la mar emborrachándose tan rápida y concienzudamente como le fue posible) […]" - Author: Tim Powers

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"I went to an historically black college where were always told that theres limitation. And so Im happy to represent for black colleges." - Author: Terrence J