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Author: John Gerzema Quotes

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Lisa Bu Quotes

"Coming true is not the only purpose of a dream. Its most important purpose is to get us in touch with where dreams come from, where passion comes from, where happiness comes from. Even a shattered dream can do that for you."

Maryam DAbo Quotes

"To do a Bond picture is a blessing but also a curse."

Julie Burchill Quotes

"Gluttony and idleness are two of lifes great joys, but they are not honourable."

Cleo Coyle Quotes

"Read with joy!"

Sandra Chami Kassis Quotes

"The death of loved ones often awakens the death inside of us."

Adam Sandler Quotes

"Im 31 now. I think Im beginning to understand what life is, what romance is, and what a relationship means."

Nayana Currimbhoy Quotes

"Its the standard-issue Indian male syndrome. Mothers and sisters on a pedestal on the one hand, and loose women and prostitutes below the boot on the other. And me, a good Marathi girl like his sisters, consorting with all of you wastrels and worse. Too confusing for him."

Hans Carl Artmann Quotes

"Several people toss and turn in their sleep, startled by the lines of the newspapers in their dreams, knives out, lights out, lights out, knives out!"

Chris Paul Quotes

"If my son is happy, then I am happy."

Hazrat Inayat Khan Quotes

"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."

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"And when the universe has finished exploding all the stars will slow down, like a ball that has been thrown into the air, and they will come to a halt and they will all begin to fall towards the centre of the universe again. And then there will be nothing to stop us seeing all the stars in the world because they will all be moving towards us, gradually faster and faster, and we will know that the world is going to end soon because when we look up into the sky at night there will be no darkness, just the blazing light of billions and billions of stars, all falling." - Author: Mark Haddon

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"Like an author, a cricketer signs his name on every innings he bats or bowls in; indeed for every cricket ball that challenges him on the field." - Author: Harsha Bhogle

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"It is a matter of common knowledge that the government of South Carolina is under domination of a small ring of cunning, conniving men." - Author: Strom Thurmond

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"In the past year Ive learned that love can make you do crazy, silly, stupid, ridiculous things. And the fact that one person can make you feel this way and do those things is amazing to me." - Author: Allie Everhart

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"Yes," said Cook. That is soup that you are smelling. The princess, not that you would know or care, is missing, bless her goodhearted self. and times are terrible. and when times are terrible, soup is the answer. Dont it smell like the answer?" - Author: Kate DiCamillo

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"White people love rock climbing almost more than they love camping. This isbecause the activity affords them the opportunity to be outside, to use a carabiner for something other than their keys, and to purchase a whole new set of expensive activity-specific clothing and accessories." - Author: Christian Lander

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"Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession." - Author: Kingman Brewster Jr.

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"You picked that out?" Caine asked. "That pink, plastic toy?"I turned to look at him. "I happen to have been a little girl, once upon a time, detective. I know what they like. Every little girl wants to be a princess."A thoughtful frown overcame the angry tension on Caines rugged face. "And what happens when they grow up?"I thought of my mother and sisters and all the horrors that had happened the day theyd died. A bitter laugh escaped from my tight lips. "Then they just want to be little girls again." - Author: Jennifer Estep

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"It was beyond embarrassing or humiliating or even mortifying. It was ego-slaying!" - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen

Quotes About Thrifty

"Were all made to the same pattern. Knitted up like a thrifty housewifes sock from scraps - random unravelled bits of yarn that used to make someone else, chance combinations from the hand-me-down wardrobes of dead strangers.But surely the execution must have an effect? After all, some knit better than others. I could never master it myself." - Author: Tanya Moir