[But: All Journeys Were Return Journeys. The Farther One Traveled, The Nakeder One Got, Until, Towards The End, Ceasing To Be Animated By Any Scene, One Was Most Oneself, A Man In A Bed Surrounded By Empty Bottles. The Man Who Says, "I've Got A Wife And Kids" Is Far From Home; At Home He Speaks Of Japan. But He Does Not Know - How Could He? - That The Scenes Changing In The Train Window From Victoria Station To Tokyo Central Are Nothing Compared To The Change In Himself; And Travel Writing, Which Cannot But Be Droll At The Outset, Moves From Journalism To Fiction, Arriving Promptly As The Kodama Echo At Autobiography. From There Any Further Travel Makes A Beeline To Confession, The Embarrassed Monologue In A Deserted Bazaar. The Anonymous Hotel Room In A Strange City...]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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T Anne Constable Quotes

"Ingenuousness is skewed by the cracks in the mirrors of the eye caused by the blunders of the insincere"

Jo Goodman Quotes

"He chuckled. "I cannot speak for other men, but I want the woman who stumbles over a word like virgin and can say whore without raising a blush." His smile faded and he spoke soberly. "Your soldier… your first love… and every circumstance that followed in some way brought you to me, and while I can wish that you had never had your heart hurt, that you had never suffered even a moment of doubt, of pain, of sadness… of betrayal, I also know that you would in some way be changed. It would have made your life different. Mine also." North gave her hand a light squeeze. "Whether we are shaped by the circumstances of our lives, or by our perceptions of them, I still find I very much admire the shape you have become."

John Thackway Quotes

"The speaker calls for a careful examination of Christs principle of turning the other cheek before we use it as a demand or excuse for total personal pacifism. After all, when literally struck on the cheek, Jesus did question the legitimacy of the authority by which this was done."

Juana Ines De La Cruz Quotes

"... así estos malévolos, mientras más estudian, peores opiniones engendran; obstrúyeseles el entendimiento con lo mismo que había de alimentarse, y es que estudian mucho y digieren poco, sin proporcionarse al vaso limitado de sus entendimientos."

Joelle Charbonneau Independent Study Quotes

"History says that progress often requires sacrifice, but what kind of progress can we claim when it is built on the lives of the citizens it is supposed to aid?"

RK Lilley Quotes

"His soul was a mirror of my own."

K Hari Kumar Quotes

"You will come across people who always affirm by everything you say, but at the hour of need, they simply disappear! Stay away from such people or simply dont fall for their promises."

Eric Kraft Quotes

"A statement about luck is a statement about the mind, not about the world... We find what seems to have been the lucky break or the big mistake, and so we thank our lucky stars that we took the road less traveled or curse the fates that sent that little wavelet that flipped us on our backs. With hindsight, we seem to see that everything preceding the pivotal point was leading up to it, tending toward it, and that everything following it grew from it.To any observer outside the lucky one himself, however, luck is simply chance. Chance is neutral."

Jan Marshall Quotes

"After we deal and heal...NOT A A SHRED OF EVIDENCE EXISTS THAT LIFE IS SERIOUS.....Jan Marshall"

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"...they speak like melted butter and their children speak like footsteps on pavement..."

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"Why has pachinko swept Japan? It can hardly be the excitement of gambling, since the risks and rewards are so small. During the hours spent in front of a pachinko machine, there is an almost total lack of stimulation other than the occasional rush of ball bearings. There is no thought, no movement; you have no control over the flow of balls, apart from holding a little lever which shoots them up to the top of the machine; you sit there enveloped in a cloud of heavy cigarette smoke, semi-dazed by the racket of millions of ball bearings falling through machines around you. Pachinko verges on sensory deprivation. It is the ultimate mental numbing, the final victory of the educational system." - Lost Japan, Eng. vers., 1996" - Author: Alex Kerr

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"Oh, wär mein junges Leben doch ein Traum. Und würd doch mein Geist nicht wach, bis das der Strahl der Ewigkeit den Morgen brächte. Obwohl der Traum von schlimmen Kummer war, er war doch besser als die wirklichkeit des wachen Lebens für den, dessen herz gleich von Geburt an auf der Erde sein muss - Ein Chaos aus der tiefsten Leidenschaft." - Author: Edgar Allan Poe

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"In no great while you will be no one and nowhere, and nothing that you now behold will be in existence, nor will anyone now alive. For it is in the nature of all things to change and alter and perish, so that others may arise in their turn." - Author: Marcus Aurelius

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"Part of me has certainly been motivated by wanting to take a stand against the restrictions that made Mother give up so much." - Author: Susan Faludi

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"...in all the Kalahari Desert, only six true hunters remained. The renegades agreed to let Louis hang around, an offer he took to the extreme; once installed, Louis acted like an unemployed in-law, basically squatting with the Bushmen for the next four years...He learned to keep his campfire burning and tent zipped even on the most sweltering nights, since packs of hyenas were known to drag people from open shelters and tear out their throats. He leaned that if you stumble upon an angry lioness and her cubs, you stand tall and make her back down, but in the same situation with a rhino, you run like hell. (p. 234) Know why people run marathons? he said... Because running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running. Language, art, science; space shuttles... intravascular surgery, they all had their roots in our ability to run. Running was the superpower that made us human- which means its a superpower all humans possess. (p. 239)" - Author: Christopher McDougall

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"Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack." - Author: Anonymous

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"Im an idiot. Im ten times an idiot. God, I could just die." Then I forged ahead because the last comment was too close for comfort these days. "Not die die, as in not-breathing die, but die figuratively, if you know what I mean." Lee was grinning." - Author: Kristen Ashley

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"Is there such a thing as a life without any regrets? Ive never believed so. We spend our lives aiming for happiness and fulfilment in work, in love and with our friends and family, and yet often our energy is spent lamenting bad boyfriends, wrong career turns, fallouts with friends and opportunities missed. Or is that just me? I admit Im naturally a glass-half-empty kind of girl, but I know regrets are a burden to happiness and Im trying to let go of them because Ive learned that its all about choice. You can choose to turn regrets into lessons that change your future. Believe me when I say Im really trying to do this. But the truth is, Im failing. Because all I can think right now is: maybe I deserve it. Maybe this is my penance." - Author: Ali Harris

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"He said, moreover, "Teach those who are ignorant as many things as possible; society is culpable, in that it does not afford instruction gratis; it is responsible for the night which it produces. This soul is full of shadow; sin is therein committed. The guilty one is not the person who has committed the sin, but the person who has created the shadow."It will be perceived that he had a peculiar manner of his own of judging things: I suspect that he obtained it from the Gospel." - Author: Victor Hugo

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"Saying women arent funny is now like saying Asians cant drive or saying black people have bad credit. Its just really, like, so obsolete." - Author: Whitney Cummings