[But He Had Turned, Little By Little, A Disturbance Into Words, He Had Made A Pillow Of Old Words, For His Head.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Austin Peck Quotes

"Ever since I got on Days Ive been doing theater."

Dave Annable Quotes

"Michael J. Fox was my idol. I always wanted to be Michael J. Fox."

AC Kemp Quotes

"Words cannot express my disappointment that I must pass on the invitation to once again witness your gelatinous buttocks swaying as you try to climb a greased pole naked in search of athletic glory. Sadly, the last occasion on which I witnessed this event had a deleterious effect on my psyche for which I am still seeking the attention of a therapist.A.C. Kemp as Lady Arabella Snark"

Christian Baloga Quotes

"You say freak, I say unique."

Pierre Choderlos De Laclos Quotes

"Marquise de Merteuil: Ive distilled every thing to one single principle: win or die."

Immanuel Velikovsky Quotes

"My first name - I have no middle name - was chosen by my father, as he told me, on that solitary walk in the forested hills. He selected it from a verse of the seventh chapter of Isaiah; there was no Immanuel among our ancestors known to him."

Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa Quotes

"I dont order laws, I propose them."

Oliver Neubert Quotes

"When I grow up, maybe I will bethe first one to circle the sea.Or maybe I will just spend all my daydoing everything my way.Maybe I will be in a world of my ownI just hope not alone.I just know that whatever I doI will never, ever forget about you."

Richard Berry Quotes

"If I told you the words, you wouldnt believe them anyway."

Anna Salter Quotes

"I should meet many people who do not know anyone personally who has been raped or molested as a child. But I cant remember seeing a newspaper without a rape or molestation charge in it somewhere, and when I ask groups how many people know someone personally with a history of molestation, almost always, every hand in the room goes up."

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Quotes About Strength And Death

"Have faith. Believe.She did.She understood now what fate asked of her-to have the strength to hold on regardless. To acknowledge that, even if he died, even if he left her, she would still love him until the day she died.Love didnt care. Love simply was.Love was unconditional.Love was for ever more.She had faith in love. She believed in love.She would love him in life and in death.And if the chance came again she would convince him of that.As the night closed around her, she closed her eyes and prayed." - Author: Stephanie Laurens

Quotes About Starting The Day With Coffee

"Protecting all this land, working with the President to establish all these monuments, to, you know... I think the President has a land protection record thats second to no one in this century, maybe Teddy Roosevelt." - Author: Bruce Babbitt

Quotes About Transcending Time

"God always was, and always is, and always will be. Or rather, God always Is. For Was and Will be are fragments of our time, and of changeable nature, but He is Eternal Being. And this is the Name that He gives to Himself when giving the Oracle to Moses in the Mount. For in Himself He sums up and contains all Being, having neither beginning in the past nor end in the future; like some great Sea of Being, limitless and unbounded, transcending all conception of time and nature, only adumbrated [intimated] by the mind, and that very dimly and scantily." - Author: St. Gregory the Theologian

Quotes About Christian Discouragement

"The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, O God, forgive me, or Help me." - Author: Billy Graham

Quotes About Pretending To Be Someone Else

"Standing in public in other peoples clothes, pretending to be someone else. Its a strange way for a grown man to make a living." - Author: James Gandolfini

Quotes About Around The Bend

"It might be high summer all about but inside me everything is fall. The lonesomeness of a sad, slow closing of days, knowing frost is nigh and wind needling through the cabin chinks is just around the bend. Thats me, right now." - Author: Guy Vanderhaeghe

Quotes About Attractive Qualities

"[Annabeth]I might have a plan. Itll be your turn to keep Serapis distracted.Sadie frowned. ‘Did I mention Im out of magic?‘Thats okay, Annabeth said. ‘How are you at bluffing, lying and trash-talking?Sadie raised an eyebrow. ‘Ive been told those are my most attractive qualities.‘Excellent, Annabeth said. ‘Then its time I taught you some Greek." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Torture

"Then she leaned slightly into him and said gently, "I dont think you should be left be. I think youre dealing with something heavy, youre obviously doing it alone." She threw a mitten-covered hand out to indicate the area, "You need to unload it, Chace."Christ.Fuck.Christ.That voice, quiet, gentle, so fucking sweet saying his name, her eyes soft on him.Fuck.Better than he could have imagined.Better than he ever could have dreamed.And not his.Never to be his.Which meant finally hearing her say his name was torture." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Lyla

"One never sleepwalks through grizzlyland, dreaming of other places to be." - Author: William Stolzenburg

Quotes About Precedes

"Faith precedes the miracle. It has ever been so and shall ever be. It was not raining when Noah was commanded to build an ark. There was no visible ram in the thicket when Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Two heavenly personages were not yet seen when Joseph knelt and prayed. First came the test of faith–and then the miracle. Remember that faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other. Cast out doubt. Cultivate faith." - Author: Thomas S. Monson