[But Investment In Space Stimulates Society, It Stimulates It Economically, It Stimulates It Intellectually, And It Gives Us All Passion.]

Author: Bill Nye Quotes

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Miles Davis Quotes

"Its always been a gift with me, hearing music the way I do. I dont know where it comes from, its just there and I dont question it."

Kevin Garnett Quotes

"I learned one thing - never hate a positive option."

Anne Mallory Quotes

"This was what marriage was like, being able to look ones fill."

Leonard Wibberley Quotes

"The crime which is done now is that war has made a tool and slave of science, and mans knowledge, painfully and laboriously compiled, is made the instrument of mans destruction."

Thomas Shepard Quotes

"That though thou seest it no great matter to be separated from Christ now, yet when the heavens shall be in a flaming fire, and the earth shall give up the dead that be in it."

Teresa Lynn Quotes

"Rene Caron takes my breath away!"

Larry Moniz Quotes

"I cant stand terminally stupid people."

Barbara Cook Quotes

"New Years Eve, were going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section."

Alan Chadwick Quotes

"Everywhere the devil spits, poison ivy grows."

Taryn Simon Quotes

"In my work, I construct texts and images. Between those two points the blur occurs. Each is altered by the other again and again, back and forth."

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Quotes About Confinement

"Imagine someone sitting alone in a room without television, radio, computer or phone and with the door closed and the blinds down. This person must be a dangerous lunatic or a prisoner sentenced to solitary confinement. If a free agent, then a panty-sniffing loser shunned by society, or a psycho planning to return to college with an automatic weapon and a backpack full of ammo." - Author: Michael Foley

Quotes About Ananta

"I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name"Though authors are a dreadful clanTo be avoided if you can,Id like to meet the Indian,M. Anantanarayanan.I picture him as short and tan.Wed meet, perhaps, in Hindustan.Id say, with admirable elan ,"Ah, Anantanarayanan --Ive heard of you. The Times once ranA notice on your novel, anUnusual tale of God and Man."And AnantanarayananWould seat me on a lush divanAnd read his name -- that sumptuous spanOf as and ns more lovely than"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan" --Aloud to me all day. I planHenceforth to be an ardent fanof Anantanarayanan --M. Anantanarayanan." - Author: John Updike

Quotes About Fibbing

"2NOTES"You broke your other appointment, didnt you?""I did not! I told you on the phone—these people canceled at the last minute—""Oh, Geo dear, come off it! You know, I sometimes think, about you, whenever you do something really sweet, youre ashamed of it afterwords! You knew jolly well how badly I needed you tonight, so you broke that appointment. I could tell you were fibbing, the minute you opened your mouth! You and I cant pull the wool over each others eyes. I found that out, long ago. Havent you—after all these years?""I certainly should have," he agrees, smiling and thinking what an absurd and universally accepted bit of nonsense it is that your best friends must necessarily be the ones who best understand you." - Author: Christopher Isherwood

Quotes About Colgan

"La primera cosa que recuerdo es estar debajo de algo. Era una mesa, veía la pata de una mesa, veía las piernas de la gente, y una parte del mantel colgando. Estaba oscuro allí debajo, me gustaba estar ahí. Debió de haber sido en Alemania, yo debía de tener entre uno y dos años de edad. Era en 1922. Me sentía bien bajo la mesa. Nadie parecía darse cuenta de que yo estaba allí. La luz del sol se reflejaba en la alfombra y en las piernas de la gente. Me gustaba la luz del sol. Las piernas de la gente no eran interesantes, no eran como el trozo de mantel que colgaba, ni como la pata de la mesa, ni como la luz del sol." - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Scottie Dogs

"At the time of the Revolution, dogs howled day and night all over Russia." - Author: Andrei Platonov

Quotes About Air Quality

"You must not think of time as a quantity, a period, a measure. Look at the sky," Gwynneth said. "The moon has now slipped away to another night, into another world. It was not the time it was here that you remember, Faolan, but rather the luminescence of the air, the blue shadows cast by the trees in its light. It was not the length of the time but the quality of the moons light that you felt and remember." Gwynneth paused. "It is the value, the quality that lives on." - Author: Kathryn Lasky

Quotes About Captain Hook

"and every time I saw him in the hall, I couldnt help but think, There goes Captain Hook," - Author: T.J. Klune

Quotes About Sustainable Cities

"How reprehensible it is when those blessed with commodities insist on ignoring the poor. Better to torment them, force them into indentured servitude, inflict compulsion and blows—this at least produces a connection, fury and a pounding heart, and these too constitute a form of relationship. But to cower in elegant homes behind golden garden gates, fearful lest the breath of warm humankind touch you, unable to indulge in extravagances for fear they might be glimpsed by the embittered oppressed, to oppress and yet lack the courage to show yourself as an oppressor, even to fear the ones you are oppressing, feeling ill at ease in your own wealth and begrudging others their ease, to resort to disagreeable weapons that require neither true audacity nor manly courage, to have money, but only money, without splendor: Thats what things look like in our cities at present" - Author: Robert Walser

Quotes About Amenhotep Iii

"Death by love is fairer by far than death by illness", said Amenhotep III." - Author: Naguib Mahfouz

Quotes About Bigger Problems

"Luc cast both of us dark looks. "I get that you two have problems—big problems—but guess what? Youre not the only aliens out there who are butt sore. There are bigger problems than what you guys have. Yeah, I know, hard to believe."I glanced over at Hunter, who shrugged again and said, "someone didnt get his warm milk this morning."I snickered." - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout