[But Now We Have Time. Endless Time Stretches Before Us.]

Author: Emily Giffin Quotes

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Gertrude Stein Quotes

"Silent gratitude isnt very much to anyone."

Thekla Clark Quotes

"John and I noticed that whenever we talked about our children Wystan reached for his cats."

Basil Bunting Quotes

"The mason stirs.Words!Pens are too light.Take a chisel to write."

Aleena Farrukh Quotes

"Fantasy Is just another synonym for "having-your-own-crazy-world-bcause-the-real-one-is-too-cynical-to-handle-your-craziness"."

Jacob Needleman Quotes

"Man must have results, real results, in his inner and outer life. I do not mean the results which modern people strive after in their attempts at self-development. These are not results, but only rearrangements of psychic material, a process the Buddhists call samsara and which our Holy Bible calls dust."

Penelope Lively Quotes

"I didnt want it to be a book that made pronouncements."

Huang Po Quotes

"Here it is--right now. Start thinking about it and you miss it."

Joseph Pearce Quotes

"Although secular fundamentalist "progressives" might believe in a future "golden age," such an age does not exist. The future that they herald is merely one of gathering gloom and ever darkening clouds. This fate has ever been so for those who proclaim their "Pride." They have nothing to expect in the future but their fall.As for the Christian, he has nothing to fear but his falling into the pride of despair. If he avoids becoming despondent and retains his humility, he will receive the gift of hope which is its fruit. Where there is hope there is the Way, the Truth and the Life."

Bryanna Plog Quotes

"At family gatherings in the United States, two off-limit subjects are almost always put together in the same phrase: no religion or politics. While in Colombia, the former was embraced ("What do you mean you arent Catholic?") but the latter was taboo. While it may be the only reason that Colombia (or Columbia) makes the international news outside of prostitution or scandals, Colombias political problems, drug trade, and civil conflicts are forbidden subjects for most Colombians."

Robert Beverly Hale Quotes

"Am I the kind of person I want my eternal companion to be?"

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Quotes About When The Music Stops

"As in music, when we hear the crescendo building, suddenly if the music stops, we begin to hear the silence as part of the music." - Author: Chögyam Trungpa

Quotes About Branches Of Life

"Theres an enormous difference between being a story writer and being a regular person. As a person, its your duty to stay on a straight and even keel, not to break down blubbering in the streets, not to pull rude drivers from their cars, not to swing from the branches of trees. But as a writer its your duty to lie and to view everything in life, however outrageous, as an interesting possibility. You may need to be ruthless or amoral in your writing to be original. Telling a story straight from real life is only being a reporter, not a creator. You have to make your story bigger, better, more magical, more meaningful than life is, no matter how special or wonderful in real life the moment may have been." - Author: Rick Bass

Quotes About Life Style Tagalog

"We dont see the life after life as it truly is, because in our eyes it conforms to our mechanics of nature." - Author: Scott Lynch

Quotes About Rome In The Aeneid

"She was a full lipped and hipped italian tomato with Rome burning in her eyes. She had the look of a carnival in Rio, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or bullfights in Spain, or Saturday night in my apartment." - Author: Richard S. Prather

Quotes About Hidden Potential

"Under this swarm of waspish self-inquiries he began to feel sorry for himself - a brilliant man trapped, a Byron tamed; and his mind wandered back to Sarah, to visual images, attempts to recollect that face, that mouth, that generous mouth. Undoubtedly it awoke some memory in him, too tenuous, perhaps too general, to trace to any source in his past; but it unsettled him and haunted him, by calling to some hidden self he hardly knew existed. He said it to himself: It is the stupidest thing, but that girl attracts me. It seemed clear to him that it was not Sarah in herself who attracted him - how could she, he was betrothed - but some emotion, some possibility she symbolized. She made him aware of a deprivation. His future had always seemed to him of vast potential; and now suddenly it was a fixed voyage to a known place. She had reminded him of that." - Author: John Fowles

Quotes About Your Characteristics

"A novel, in which all is created by the authors whim, must strike a more profound level of truth, or it is worthless.""And yet, I have heard you say that any novel that relieves your ennui for an hour has proved its usefulness.""You have a good memory. It must have been ten thousands of years ago that I uttered those words.""And if it was?""In another ten thousand, perhaps I will agree with them again.""In my opinion, the proper way to judge a novel is this: Does it give one an accurate reflection of the moods and characteristics of a particular group of people in a particular place at a particular time? If so, it has value. Otherwise, it has none.""You do not find this rather narrow?""Madam—""Well?""I was quoting you." - Author: Steven Brust

Quotes About Espera

"–¿No está enojado? –Estoy contento, –dijo. –Ellos van a ser capaces de cuidar uno del otro cuando yo me haya ido, o por lo menos puedo esperar eso. Él dice que ella no lo ama, pero seguramente ella llegara a amarlo con el tiempo. Will es fácil de amar y él le ha dado todo su corazón. Lo puedo ver. Espero que no se lo rompa." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Adventurous

"I like trying things, I am kind of adventurous and I like thrill seeking." - Author: Joshua Bell

Quotes About Your Time Being Wasted

"And then the kissing started again. There was no avoiding it, not when we were together like this, far away from the real world of our normal lives. The setting was too perfect. He was too perfect, despite being one of the most imperfect people I knew. And honestly, wed wasted far too much time with doubts and games. The one thing you learn from constantly having your life in danger is that youd better not waste it." - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Notable Death

"imitation of notable models as an effective spring of learning;was the most ancient and effective motivation to learn—to become like someone admirable—put to death deliberately by institutional pedagogy." - Author: John Taylor Gatto