[But What's Regret Anyway? Regret, I Am Learning These Days, Is A Lot Of Things. But Mostly, It's A Slippery Seed Of Longing, Of Looking Back And Asking Yourself Why You Didn't Know Better When The Answers Were So Obvious All Along.]

Author: Allison Winn Scotch Quotes

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Lance Morcan Quotes

"All things in Fiji are paid for in blood."

Grey DeLisle Quotes

"Somehow, it seems that the sadder a song is, the happier I feel. The release of emotions that many would label as negative is actually a liberating process for me."

Brandon Cruz Quotes

"I get to surf every day."

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"في المرَّةِ الأولى عندما متنالَمْ نَجِد سريراً يُلائم أجسادنا المُكتظَّة بأشياءٍ جميلةوبقينا بلا نومٍ لأيامٍ نُخفِّف حمولة داخلنا من رداءةِ ما عَلِق...طائرات ورقية رسمناها في صيف 2008بوسترات أفلام رخيصة كانت نتيجة خوفنا من أن نفشل في الإنجابقمصان زاهية نرتديها حينما تقهرنا الرغبة، نرتديها بدافع الضحكوالملل والعادة؛رسائل بريدية تحمل أُغنية، أخبار قديمة، قصائد نُمرِّرها عبر أيقونةسريعة، محادثة مرئية تُعيد لنا ملامحنا القديمةحزن بنفسجيّ كأخرِ وردة بينناذبحة صدريّة انغمست في أصابعنا فتوقّفنا عن الكتابة ؛المرّة الأولى كانت كافيةً جداً لإعادةِ الاختياروأنْ ننام ونوافذنا مفتوحة ليجِد الحبَّ مُتَّسعاً."

Douglas Preston Quotes

"Already up to his waist in the quaking bog, Pendergast stopped struggling and stared up at his assassin. The icy glitter in the pale gray eyes spoke more eloquently of his hatred and despair than any words he might have spoken, and it shook Esterhazy to the core."

Kasie West Quotes

"It was hard when I knew I was about to be flooded with memories of a life I hadnt lived yet. Really, two lives I hadnt lived yet."

Ihab Omar Quotes

"إن الوطن باق والأشخاص زائلون.. ومصر العريقة هي الخالدة أبداً.. تنتقل رايتها وأمانتها بين سواعد أبنائها.. وعلينا أن نضمن تحقيق ذلك بعزة ورفعة وكرامة.. جيلاً بعد جيل.. ~ من خطاب الرئيس السابق محمد حسني مبارك يوم الثلاثاء 1 فبراير 2011."

Karen MacInerney Quotes

"I just smiled and wished hard for the waitress to come back from Cancun or Mazatlan or wherever she was so I could order my martini."

Ksdarsh Quotes

"We are always told to take small steps in life in order to move ahead. But sometimes these small step try to burden rather than ease you. Just friendship doesnt work. The simple still complex relationship chokes you. You need to move on but you cant. It might be because of your ego or because of your attitude or any other reason. You cant do anything. And so there are these people who act as alum in your life. Try to settle down the dirt, your ego! Try to clear the water, change your attitude! So when water is clear, dirt has settled down, taking decisions become so easy."

Max Baucus Quotes

"Fundamentally, legislation that is historic, that is comprehensive, that has a large number of senators supporting it is more durable."

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"THE BRAIN. The brain is wider than the sky,    For, put them side by side, The one the other will include    With ease, and you beside. The brain is deeper than the sea,    For, hold them, blue to blue, The one the other will absorb,    As sponges, buckets do. The brain is just the weight of God,    For, lift them, pound for pound, And they will differ, if they do,    As syllable from sound." - Author: Emily Dickinson

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"I love rapping. I do. My stylings similar to Missy Elliott - I think shes so dope. In a weird way, thats how I first learned the American accent: doing American rap songs." - Author: Rebel Wilson

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"I watched bulls bred to cows, watched mares foal, I saw life come from the egg and the multiplicative wonders of mudholes and ponds, the jell and slime of life shimmering in gravid expectation. Everywhere I looked, life sprang from something not life, insects unfolded from sacs on the surface of still waters and were instantly on prowl for their dinner, everything that came into being knew at once what to do and did it, unastonished that it was what it was, unimpressed by where it was, the great earth heaving up bloodied newborns from every pore, every cell, bearing the variousness of itself from every conceivable substance which it contained in itself, sprouting life that flew or waved in the wind or blew from the mountains or stuck to the damp black underside of rocks, or swam or suckled or bellowed or silently separated in two." - Author: E.L. Doctorow

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"An hour or so later he received a note from Odette. Swann had left his cigarette case at her house. "If only," she wrote, "you had also forgotten your heart! I should never have let you have it back." - Author: Marcel Proust

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"You will arise, so start by attempting to rise. Dont give space for failure to erect local huts in your land; agree that you are constructing a global edifice there! Think possibility and be hopeful!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

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"Its about personal development. Its about creating your own character and pushing it to the limit. Its about pushing yourself so far out of your own and everybody elses idea of who you are and what youre capable of, that you no longer believe in limits. Its about reaching beyond your so-called potential, because your potential is never where you or anyone else expects it to be, not even close. Its about being able to say with the last breath of your life "I used all my potential and all my talents and pushed myself to the limit. I could not have fought any harder." - Author: Charlotte Eriksson

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"For me, Lamb started out as a further exploration of the phenomenon of faith and the responsibility of a messiah that I touched on in Coyote Blue and Island of the Sequined Love Nun, but it ended up being an exploration of the true meaning of sacrifice, loyalty, and friendship." - Author: Christopher Moore

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"It is manifestly pregnant and has a bulging white belly heavy with its load of kittens." - Author: Kōbō Abe

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"She makes use of the soft of the bread for a napkin. She falls asleep at times with shoes on, on unmade beds. When a little money comes in, June buys delicacies, strawberries in the winter, caviar and bath salts." - Author: Anaïs Nin