[But With Time I Came To Understand That Seeing A Rubbery As A Humiliation And An Affront Is An Exmotional Luxury".]

Author: Ryszard Kapuściński Quotes

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Marg Helgenberger Quotes

"That got me to L.A. and reintroduced me to my future husband."

William Whipple Quotes

"I hope in time N. H. as well as the other States will feel the importance of Sovereignty."

LK Madigan Quotes

"Fear of what other people think should never dictate whether or not you do something."

Herbert Croly Quotes

"When Jefferson and the Republicans rallied to the Union and to the existing Federalist organization, the fabric of traditional American democracy was almost completely woven."

Christopher McQuarrie Quotes

"While I was a voracious movie-goer as a boy, I never put writing and films together in my mind."

Mary Browne Quotes

"If you want an accounting of your worth, count your friends."

Gordon S Wood Quotes

"Americans became so thoroughly democratic that much of the periods political activity, beginning with the Constitution, was diverted to finding means and devices to tame that democracy."

Jennifer Esposito Quotes

"I was screaming constantly, on the set, in my room... everywhere."

Carlos Ruiz Zafoniz Zafon Quotes

"Her tiny and organized handwriting reminded me of the tidiness of her desk, as if shed wanted to find in words the peace and safety that life hadnt wanted to grant her."

Barry Hannah Quotes

"Ill tell you why I like writing: its just jumping into a pool. I get myself into a kind of trance. I engage the world, but its also wonderful to just escape. I try to find the purities out of the confusion. Its pretty old-fashioned, but its fun."

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"the whole idea of boys being people you would actually choose to spend time with was pretty much totally incomprehensible to me. i could never think of anything to say to them, and they seemed equally dumbstruck by my presence." - Author: Ellen Wittlinger

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"The media response to unusual weather is as ritualized and predictable as the stages of grief. First comes denial: "I cant believe theres so much snow." Then anger: "Why cant I drive my car, why are the trains not running?" Then blame: "Why havent the local authorities sanded the roads, where are the snowplows, and how come the Canadians can deal with this and we cant?" This last stage goes on the longest and tends to trail off into a mumbled grumbling moan, enlivened by occasional ILLEGALS ATE MY SNOWPLOW headlines from the *Daily Mail....*" - Author: Ben Aaronovitch

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"Behind us hung a Correggio St. Sebastian with the habitual Buchmanite expression on his face. "Awful tripe," said Uncle Matthew. "Fella wouldnt be grinning, hed be dead with all those arrows in him." - Author: Nancy Mitford

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"Thats the big mistake a lot of people make when they wonder how soldiers can put their lives on the line day after day or how they can fight for something they may not believe in. Not everyone does. Ive worked with soldiers on all sides of the political spectrum; Ive met some who hated the army and others who wanted to make it a career. Ive met geniuses and idiots, but when all is said and done,we do what we do for one another. For friendship. Not for country, not for patriotism, not because were programmed killing machines, but because of the guy next to you. You fight for your friend, to keep him alive, and he fights for you, and everything about the army is built on this simple premise." - Author: Nicholas Sparks

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"Good attitudes are contagious; they inspire and encourage others. Bad attitudes are also contagious; they create a negative and hostile work environment and make others feel uncomfortable - like they have to walk on eggshells all the time." - Author: Tony Cooke

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"Sambit Bal may be right that this is a scandal the IPL needed. It certainly brings fans face-to-face with the tangled reality of their amusement, based as it is on a self-seeking, self-perpetuating commercial oligarchy issued licenses to exploit cricket as they please. Whether the fans care is another matter: one of the reasons Indians have embraced economic liberalisation so fervently is a shoulder-shrugging resignation about the efficiency and integrity of their institutions. Given the choice between Lalit Modi, with his snappy suits and his soi-disant Indian Peoples League, and the BCCI, stuffed with grandstanding politicians and crony capitalists, where would your loyalties lie?" - Author: Gideon Haigh

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"When political and business leaders tell the public - any public - We dont trust you to make the right decision - they prejudice that electorate against the very proposals they want it to accept and undermine public confidence in themselves." - Author: Preston Manning

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"Is the competition really some mythical beast? No, not really. Knowing how to play your group of salespeople as a team, to overcome the group objective of winning the customers support, is the objective. The opposing team in proper viewpoint is not just the similar competing business to yours. Nor is it the competing franchises of your home office.No, in order to really be effective in the market place as a surviving business, you must go beyond that philosophy. You must be willing to expand your viewpoint to fully understand who the competition truly is. Your true competition is simply this: Anywhere that your customer would spend his or her dollars as opposed to spending them at your company or place of business." - Author: Michael Delaware

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"But nobody else ever romped with White Fang. He did not permit it. He stood on his dignity, and when they attempted it, his warning snarl and bristling mane were anything but playful. That he allowed the master these liberties was no reason that he should be a common dog, loving here and loving there, everybodys property for a romp and good time. He loved with single heart and refused to cheapen himself or his love." - Author: Jack London

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"Desperate times call for desperate measures" is an aphorism which here means "sometimes you need to change your facial expression in order to create a workable disguise." The quoting of an aphorism, such as "It takes a village to raise a child," "No news is good news," and "Love conquers all," rarely indicates that something helpful is about to happen, which is why we provide our volunteers with a disguise kit in addition to helpful phrases of advice." - Author: Lemony Snicket