[By The End, Everybody Had A Label - Pig, Liberal, Radical, Revolutionary... If You Had Everything But A Gun, You Were A Radical But Not A Revolutionary.]

Author: Jerry Rubin Quotes

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Samuel Larsen Quotes

"Id done some acting stuff when I was younger, around age nine."

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"Our idea is to serve everybody, including people with little money."

Tere Liye Quotes

"..., terkadang dalam banyak keterbatasan, kita harus bersabar menunggu rencana terbaik datang, sambil terus melakukan apa yang bisa dilakukan."

Rosalind Wiseman Quotes

"Nobody ever talks about the mean things that girls do to each other."

Donald Gorman Quotes

"Wheres the fun in playing with knives if you cant draw a little blood?"

Kevin Nelson Quotes

"When you run, you log on to yourself. You flip through the pages of your being."

Stephen Crane Quotes

"One viewed the existence of man then as a marvel, and conceded a glamour of wonder to these lice which were caused to cling to a whirling, fire-smote, ice-locked, disease-stricken, space-lost bulb."

Rahul Badami Quotes

"Self Belief allows you to predict your future."

Red Skelton Quotes

"Exercise? I get it on the golf course. When I see my friends collapse, I run for the paramedics."

John W Campbell Jr Quotes

"Write me a creature that thinks as well as a man or better than a man, but not like a man."

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"Shes a sun-kissed beach girl who goes gothgrungepunkhippierockeremocoremetalfreakfashionistabraingeekboycrazyhiphoprastagirl to keep it under wraps." - Author: Jandy Nelson

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"Can I get a two-thumbs up for a fatter America?" - Author: Andrew Sturm

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"Religion asks followers to believe in things nobody can see, however, animal activists ask people to see things they can prove. When Christian animal and environmental activists finally demand that their church be better stewards over the world, we will see change. Until then, one percent of sermons will teach parishioners about the importance of being stewards over our animals in a year. Mega churches and corporate religious empires will continue to own stock in companies that pollute our earth and exploit our animals. Ignorance and hypocrisy will continue to corrupt the pureness of the Gospel. From here, we will not be truly "saved" because we choose not to save ourselves." - Author: Shannon L. Alder

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"To borrow means to take and use something belonging to someone else and then eventually return it." - Author: Cecelia Ahern

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"Mr. Speaker, on September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked, and Britain stood with us. This was not only an attack against America, but against the civilized world; and Britain understood this." - Author: Vito Fossella

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"I assigned him to help me trim the Brussels sprouts, but instead he kept trying to throw them away when he thought I wasnt looking. "Brussels sprouts, Grace, really? These are our friends. Why are you doing this to them?" - Author: Alice Clayton

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"Pliny paid for his "phenomena"!...Ive paid a bit, too...everything worthwhile has its cost!...if its free, youre down with the shithead fraternity! blabbermouths, charlatans, the whole gang!...into the crapper with em! every one! right in the shitter!...its unlistenable!...just a bunch of farts!...Im telling you!..." - Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline

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"Natures accidents are the universes way of throwing chance into a system which would die of too much orderliness. Hurricanes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions are all Mother Natures way of stirring up the pot to prevent stagnation and putrefaction.A world without them would be a world of death. Floods, fires, eruptions, earthquakes all destroy and renew, kill and create, demolish and replant.So too riots, revolutions and wars are societies ways of throwing chance into their systems, which are dying of too much orderliness. And like natures eruptions, these too destroy and renew, kill and create, demolish and replant.And so too with individuals. Human beings need in their lives earthquakes and floods and riots and revolutions, or we grow as rigid and unmoving as corpses." - Author: Luke Rhinehart

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