[By The Late '70s I Had Come To Question The Point Of A Great Deal Of What We Were Doing, In Terms Of The CIA's Overall Charter.]

Author: Aldrich Ames Quotes

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Brooks Adams Quotes

"Politics, as a practice, whatever its profession, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds."

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Quotes

"The Joan Crawford that Ive heard about in Mommie Dearest is not the Joan Crawford I knew back when."

Brian Doyle Quotes

"Love is the story and the prayer that matters the most."

Jordan Christy Quotes

"Class is not defined by our circumstances - it is our reaction to those circumstances that defines who we are."

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Quotes

"As religion is now practiced and science is now practiced, there is no intersection between the two. That is for certain. And its not for want of trying. Over the centuries, many people - theologians as well scientists - have tried to explore points of intersection. And anytime anyone has declared that harmony has risen up, it is the consequence of religion acquiescing to scientific discovery. In every single case."

Addison Mizner Quotes

"Where there is a will there is a lawsuit."

Herbert Butterfield Quotes

"History is not the study of origins; rather it is the analysis of all the mediations by which the past was turned into our present."

Ernst Thalmann Quotes

"Every conceivable cruel method of blackmail was used against me to obtain by force and at all costs confessions and statements both about comrades who had been arrested, and about political activities."

Sherri Gaillard Quotes

"But you want a placid pond, a glassy surface to reflect your own casual desires and nothing more. You will never fathom the depths of my savage ocean."

Jenn Thoman Quotes

"The immoral woman in Luke 7 has the faith to anticipate Christs forgiveness. She can act in love with no words to justify."

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"Helping someone in their time of need is the greatest thing you could ever do. Why, because it shows that you care and that youre a good friend, even if they are a stranger. When someone needs your help dont just ignore it, try your best even if you dont succeed. Later on down the line that person may be there for you when you need someone. Be the change in a persons life, make a difference, show you care. Dont ignore people when they need help, be the change that person needs in their life and show you care." - Author: Benjamin Ford Crouch

Quotes About Flower Of Life

"~A Comparison of Seasons~Snows unforgiving power causes some men to wish for springs flower.Some might hate snows bitter chill, but you love it at your own will.I see snow as something fun, but others might still long for summers sun.You and I hate summers heat, but we still love the warmth of a fire on our feet.Spring has jays whose virtuous songs are nice, but winters lonely echoes are earths frigged vice.I enjoy springs life, yet I still love winters seemingly harsh sorrow; sometimes I cant get out of the house, so I worry about tomorrow.I love the sight of snow and I treasure the sight of summers river which swiftly flows.Also, winter can be cold, but we can look forward to seeing springs life and joy unfold." - Author: Seth D.

Quotes About Civilization And Savagery

"Richard straightened with a sigh. "People are often more willing to believe lies than truth. Lies can be made to sound pleasant. The truth, by its very nature, isnt always so attractive.""That leaves peaceful people no choice but to fight for their lives or fall to the blades of madmen. In such a situation, there is no middle ground. There is no such thing as compromise between civilization and savagery. Civilization must always defend itself against savagery or else fall to it.""I guess thats our part in this?"Richard nodded. "Ive never wanted to fight, to be in a war, to see good people die, to have to kill. I just wanted to live my life in peace. Others wouldnt allow me that life of peace. The battles I fight have always been to survive and live in peace, not to conquer." - Author: Terry Goodkind

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"We are all of us balanced on Fortunas wheel, clinging as best we can lest we tumble needlessly into Fatas dark maw. Yet we can, if we dare, let go and in that golden moment find the strength of our wings unfurling." - Author: Sara Poole

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"All right, two dozen house specials. Any chance one of you might want to live dangerously and try a vegetable? (Aimee)Do we look like rabbits to you? (Fury)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"Librarians, too, are gatekeepers -- not of actual experience, of course, but of its written accounts. My job is to safeguard those accounts. Not to judge them; simply to see to their proper dissemination." - Author: Martha Cooley

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"I wash with the can of water I set aside the night before, and eat whatever I put next to it. The washing is not strictly neccessary but, again, I have always found it a good way to greet the day. You wash after a period pf work, after all, and what else is a night of sleep, if not work, or a journey at least? ("The Things He Said")" - Author: Michael Marshall Smith

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"In a way, I have simplified my life by setting priorities." - Author: Karen Duffy

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"Jaykit is blind..." - Author: Erin Hunter

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"Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger. Instead of getting angry nurture a deep caring and respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance and patience." - Author: Dalai Lama XIV