[By The Late Twentieth Century, Our Time, A Mythic Time, We Are All Chimeras, Theorized And Fabricated Hybrids Of Machine And Organism; In Short, We Are Cyborgs.]

Author: Donna J. Haraway Quotes

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Dana Fox Quotes

"Audiences know exactly whats coming and they know from the beginning of the movie that everythings going to be OK and there will be high jinks that will get you from the beginning to the end, and eventually all the misunderstandings will be worked out and everyone will be in love."

La Monte Young Quotes

"Give people knowledge and they really eat it up and they appreciate it a lot and the more that knowledge is made available to people, the more they will utilize it and let it be a part of them."

Emma Holly Quotes

"Who among us is free? Only those who see their chains know what freedom means.-pg. 123 Welland Hevington, A Memoir "The Demons Daughter"

Louise Marley Quotes

"Six Stars, he exclaimed. Finding the right words is hard!"

Carl Jung Quotes

"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity."

Antonio Villaraigosa Quotes

"So laying people off is not something I do lightly, its not something I relish."

Alva Noe Quotes

"Facts and values are entangled in science. Its not because scientists are biased, not because they are partial or influenced by other kinds of interests, but because of a commitment to reason, consistency, coherence, plausibility and replicability. These are value commitments."

Thomas Gilovich Quotes

"When we do cross paths with people whose beliefs and attitudes conflict with our own, we are rarely challenged."

Dorothy Gambrell Quotes

"Technically you would only need one time traveler convention."

Felicity Heaton Quotes

"In Hell... bad is good... and I am second only to the Devil."

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Quotes About Aunt Love

"Aunt Lovey used to tell me that if I wanted to be a writer, I needed a writers voice. Read, shed say, and if you have a writers voice, one day it will shout out, I can do that too!" - Author: Lori Lansens

Quotes About Dictates

"You obviously want the results but you must do your job in every at-bat and deal with what every situation dictates." - Author: Anthony Rizzo

Quotes About Satanic Love

"On present-day Earth we have the most Christ-like nation in human history, a civilization built on loving kindness and demilitarization. They are being wiped off the face of their homeland. Well, at least the Chinese government isnt blaming Christ or Buddha for their actions against Tibet! But many savage pillagers throughout the past two thousand years have, and the Romans of a thousand years ago fall into that category. Within five hundred years they erased nearly all the nature-based, matriarchal tribes in what we now know as Europe. The invaders falsified history in order to justify their greed. Harmless facts and beautiful rituals were twisted to appear Satanic. Love of the environment and its animals and plants, love of healing modalities that modern day health professionals are now searching frantically to recover, were spin-doctored into demented superstition and turned outlaw." - Author: Doug Ten Rose

Quotes About You Cant Bring Me Down

"Tell me again what you saved.Your life Daenerys, said.Mirri Maz Duur laughed cruelly. Look to your khal and see what life is worth when all the rest is gone." - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Biosphere

"Monod proposed an analogy: Just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an "abstract kingdom" rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this kingdom? Ideas. Ideas have retained some of the properties of organisms. Like them, they tend to perpetuate their structure and to breed; they too can fuse, recombine, segregate their content; indeed they too can evolve, and in this evolution selection must surely play an important role. Ideas have "spreading power," he noted—"infectivity, as it were"—and some more than others. An example of an infectious idea might be a religious ideology that gains sway over a large group of people. The American neurophysiologist Roger Sperry had put forward a similar notion several years earlier, arguing that ideas are "just as real" as the neurons they inhabit. Ideas have power, he said." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Conroy

"Conroy writes that, while part of him was following the basketball game from the bench, "the other part, an embassy of a completely sovereign nation, would fling its doors open to the most authentic part of me." - Author: Pat Conroy

Quotes About Froid

"– Les jours les plus sombres, on doit chercher un coin de clarté ; les jours les plus froids, on doit chercher un coin de chaleur ; les jours les plus lugubres, on doit laisser ses yeux sémerveiller, et les jours les plus tristes, on doit garder les yeux ouverts pour laisser les larmes couler. Puis les laisser sécher. Leur donner loccasion de dissiper la douleur pour y voir clair et y croire encore." - Author: Tahereh Mafi

Quotes About Counts

"Suppose the looking glass smashes, the image disappears, and the romantic figure with the green of forest depths all about it is there no longer, but only that shell of a person which is seen by other people - what an airless, shallow, bald, prominent world it becomes! A world not to be lived in. As we face each other in omnibuses and underground railways we are looking into the mirror that accounts for the vagueness, the gleam of glassiness, in our eyes." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Devoutly

"When Sorrows fling,Or slow Disease, thus, oer some beauteous FormTheir shadowy languors, Form, devoutly dearAs thine to me, Honora, with more warmAnd anxious gaze the eyes of Love sincereBend on the charms, dim in their tintless snow,Than when with healths vermilion hues they glow." - Author: Anna Seward

Quotes About Martyrdom

"The Europeans and Americans have said the martyrdom operations are why Hamas has been put on the terrorist list. But now these operations have stopped. Did they then remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organisations? We do not launch wars. We are people resisting occupation." - Author: Ismail Haniyeh