[Case Shuffled Into The Nearest Door And Watched The Other Passengers As He Rode. A Pair Of Predatory-looking Christian Scientists Were Edging Toward A Trio Of Young Office Techs Who Wore Idealized Holographic Vaginas On Their Wrists, Wet Pink Glittering Under The Harsh Lighting. The Techs Licked Their Perfect Lips Nervously And Eyed The Christian Scientists From Beneath Lowered Metallic Lids. The Girls Looked Like Tall, Exotic Grazing Animals, Swaying Gracefully And Unconsciously With The Movement Of The Train, Their High Heels Like Polished Hooves Against The Gray Metal Of The Car's Floor. Before They Could Stampede, Take Flight From The Missionaries, The Train Reached Case's Station.]

Author: William Gibson Quotes

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"People are essentially red meat. They are."

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"Confinement is not a part of your destiny. Your life purpose is to take the totality of your negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation for your destiny. Confinement is not a part of your destiny. Your life purpose is to take the totality of your negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation for your destiny."

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"My boyfriend is not a swimmer!"

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"This is my heart on CRACK." Robin when she sees Creek"

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"She not only expects the worst, but makes the worst of it when it happens."

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"I always get carried away when Im kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. Its embarrassing - not knowing what to say to each other."

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"If life is really as purposeless, unfair, and uncontrollable...,then life is simply too terrifying to be managed. So we search for a redemptive narrative... That search is a survival mechanism."

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"Let the pitcher move first, then, as he draws his arm back, you draw the bat back and you are ready."

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"I expected it to be overwhelming and all-encompassing, but having a kid brings you into the world in a whole different way."

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"Writing is like having sex. The people who never shut up about doing it are usually the ones who dont know what the hell theyre doing."

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"Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time." - Author: Ransom Riggs

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"Often they descended to their grave with an ironic smile – for what was there left of them to bury! Only the dross, refuse, vanity, animality that had always weighed them down and that was now consigned to oblivion after having for long been the object of their contempt. But one thing will live, the monogram of their most essential being, a work, an act, a piece of rare enlightenment, a creation: it will live because posterity cannot do without it. In this transfigured form, fame is something more than the tastiest morsel of our egoism, as Schopenhauer called it: it is the belief in the solidarity and continuity of the greatness of all ages and a protest against the passing away of generations and the transitoriness of things." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

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"Much like books, she could tell how voiceless things had provided a brand of companionship more compatible to his nature than human friendship had ever been. These things, locked in their inanimate ways, fed him ideas, she thought. They whispered their tales to him through unmoving lips and he listened, opening himself to their world so much more than any normal passerby. That much was evident in the way hed taken the photos, as if hed caught each soulless thing in a candid moment of secret animation. Like theyd sensed him coming and so turned themselves his way because they knew that he held the power to translate their silence into words." - Author: Kelly Creagh

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"There is no murky pit of hell awaiting anyone ... Mind cannot arise alone without body, or apart from sinews and blood ... You must admit, therefore, that when then body has perished, there is an end also of the spirit diffused through it. It is surely crazy to couple a mortal object with an eternal..." - Author: Lucretius

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"Boys", Buffy hissed through clenched teeth, "being quiet is an important part of sneaking.""Oh, sorry", Xander said, reducing his voice to a whisper."Besides, ritual sacrifice is a religious rite", Giles went on quietly. "They wouldnt sacrifice just anyone at random. Its far more likely theyd suspect you of being a Roman spy scouting for the invasion and just outright kill you"."Oh great! Great! Way to be encouraging Giles. And I suppose youll just watch that happen, in your Watchery way." - Author: Alice Henderson

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"Americas wealth comes from the efforts of people striving for success. Take away their incentive with badmouthing success and you take away the wealth that helps us take care of the needy." - Author: Thomas Peterffy

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"My husband is a former Air Force pilot and my son is an active duty Army surgeon, recently returned from Iraq, so my pride in our military is passionate... and personal." - Author: Robyn Carr

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"Butch sighed in relief. "Listen, man, do me a favor. Warn me before you pull another stunt like that. Id rather choose." Then he smiled a little. "And we still aint dating."V laughed in a short burst. "Go to sleep, roomie. You can kick my ass for this later.""I will" - Author: J.R. Ward

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