[Children, As Persons, Are Entitled To The Greatest Respect. Children Are Given To Us As Free-flying Souls, But Then We Clip Their Wings Like We Domesticate The Wild Mallard. Children Should Become The Role-models For Us, Their Parents, For They Are Coated With The Spirit From Which They Came- Out Of The Ether, Clean, Innocent, Brimming With The Delight Of Life, Aware Of The Beauty Of The Simplest Thing; A Snail, A Bud....]

Author: Gerry Spence Quotes

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Mary Pierce Quotes

"I like to go on the court and have a little bit of information about my opponent."

Phil Condit Quotes

"Two quarters doesnt make a trend, but its a heck of a lot better than none."

William Goldman Quotes

"Dummy, dummy, go out now and fill your tummy."

Tim Tharp Quotes

"Thats how it is online—theres no time in cyberspace. Its almost like everything physical evaporates, and its just your mind and the different sites floating in a void."

Crystal Renn Quotes

"During the shoot in November 2003, I was vaguely aware of the stylists sulky demeanor and eye-rolling vibe, but I blocked her out. Some fashion people are snotty drama queens; this is not news. Whatever was going on with her, I was determined to be positive and not get infected by her energy. Later, Fiorella told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, "I cant believe I have to style a FAT GIRL!" Believe it, bitch."

Koundeenya Dhulipalla Quotes

"If someone can do it, why cant you be that someone to someone."

Rebecca Ethington Quotes

"Night had come and eaten everything."

Kamoshida Hajime Quotes

"You know, with talented people....They draw people to themselves, and without even trying to, they tear them to shreds."

Zygmunt Bauman Quotes

"Human attention tends to be focused on the satisfactions relationships are hoped to bring, precisely because somehow they have not been truly satisfactory. And if they do satisfy, the price of this satisfaction has often been found to be unacceptable."

Steven S Skiena Quotes

"It has all the right ingredients: rich contents, friendly, personal language, subtle humor, the right references, and a plethora of pointers to resources."

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"Then, O King! the God, so saying,Stood, to Prithas Son displayingAll the splendour, wonder, dreadOf His vast Almighty-head.Out of countless eyes beholding,Out of countless mouths commanding,Countless mystic forms enfoldingIn one Form: supremely standingCountless radiant glories wearing,Countless heavenly weapons bearing,Crowned with garlands of star-clusters,Robed in garb of woven lustres,Breathing from His perfect PresenceBreaths of every subtle essenceOf all heavenly odours; sheddingBlinding brilliance; overspreading-Boundless, beautiful- all spacesWith His all-regarding faces;So He showed! If there should riseSuddenly within the skiesSunburst of a thousand sunsFlooding earth with beams undeemed-of,Then might be that Holy OnesMajesty and radiance dreamed of!" - Author: Edwin Arnold

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"Marrying cousins was astoundingly common into the nineteenth century, and nowhere is this better illustrated than with the Darwins and their cousins the Wedgwoods (of pottery fame). Charles married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, daughter of his beloved Uncle Josiah. Darwins sister Caroline, meanwhile, married Josiah Wedgwood III, Emmas brother and the Darwin siblings joint first cousin. Another of Emmas brothers, Henry, married not a Darwin but a first cousin from another branch of his own Wedgwood family, adding another strand to the familys wondrously convoluted genetics. Finally, Charles Langton, who was not related to either family, first married Charlotte Wedgwood, another daughter of Josiah and cousin of Charles, and then upon Charlottes death married Darwins sister Emily, thus becoming, it seems, his sister-in-laws sister-in-laws husband and raising the possibility that any children of the union would be their own first cousins." - Author: Bill Bryson

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"The thing I dont understand is why so often one hears discussion of the fruits of human labor as if its all the creation of some alien race." - Author: Chris Ware

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"A man takes what the gods thrust upon him." - Author: David Gemmell

Quotes About Turkish Coffee

"I had a real revelation. We were all in robes, and they made some Turkish coffee for us. The professor explained how the coffee was made very different from anywhere else, and I realized, So fucking what? Which kids even in Turkey give a shit about Turkish coffee? All day I had looked at young people in Istanbul. They were all drinking what every other kind in the world drinks, and they were wearing clothes that look like they were bought at the Gap, and they are all using cell phones. They were like kids everywhere else. It hit me that, for young people, this whole world is the same now. When were making products, there is no such thing as a Turkish phone, or a music player that young people in Turkey would want thats different from one young people elsewhere would want. Were just one world now." - Author: Walter Isaacson

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"Is it spoken word? Kinda, but thats a weird area. Is it comedy? Well, its funny but no, its not comedy." - Author: Bruce McCulloch

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"O sofrimento! Mas é a causa única da consciência! Eu vos declarei, é verdade, no início, que, a consciência, na minha opinião, é um dos maiores males do homem; mas sei que o homem a ama e não a trocará por nenhuma satisfação, seja qual for." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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"Todays Republican Party...is an insurgent outlier. It has become ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition, all but declaring war on the government. The Democratic Party, while no paragon of civic virtue, is more ideologically centered and diverse, protective of the governments role as it developed over the course of the last century, open to incremental changes in policy fashioned through bargaining with the Republicans, and less disposed to or adept at take-no-prisoners conflict between the parties. This asymmetry between the parties, which journalists and scholars often brush aside or whitewash in a quest for "balance," constitutes a huge obstacle to effective governance." - Author: Thomas E. Mann

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"Urbanism is the most advanced, concrete fulfillment of a nightmare. Littre defines nightmare as a state that ends when one awakens with a start after extreme anxiety. But a start against whom? Who has stuffed us to the point of somnolence?" - Author: Tom McDonough

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"I do not support drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants." - Author: Brian Sandoval