[Children, As Persons, Are Entitled To The Greatest Respect. Children Are Given To Us As Free-flying Souls, But Then We Clip Their Wings Like We Domesticate The Wild Mallard. Children Should Become The Role-models For Us, Their Parents, For They Are Coated With The Spirit From Which They Came- Out Of The Ether, Clean, Innocent, Brimming With The Delight Of Life, Aware Of The Beauty Of The Simplest Thing; A Snail, A Bud....]

Author: Gerry Spence Quotes

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Chiranjeevi Quotes

"Internationally, I love going to Switzerland. I went there many times for shooting and loved the Alps, the tranquility, cleanliness, the greenery and the warmth of the people there."

Shiree McCarver Quotes

"When I face an obsticle that it seem I cant overcome I tell myself its Gods way of telling me to move on becase something bigger and better is in my destiny, my load becomes much lighter."

Raymond Duncan Quotes

"The best substitute for experience is being sixteen."

Hal Hershfield Quotes

"countries who have a longer past are better able see further forward into the future and think about extending the time period that theyve already been around into the distant future."

Spyridon Marinatos Quotes

"To excavate is to open a book written in the language that the centuries have spoken into the earth."

Joanne Clancy Quotes

"Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says "Oh, no! Shes up."

Kathy Kenney Marshall Quotes

"InsomniaI cannot get to sleep tonight.I toss and turn and flop.I try to count some fluffy sheepwhile oer a fence they hop.I try to think of pleasant dreamsof places really cool.I dont know why I cannot sleep -I slept just fine at school."

Elizabeth Brundage Quotes

"There was the dream of happiness and then there was what was real."

Bruce Chatwin Quotes

"Quali sono, quindi le prime impressioni che un bimbo nomade ha del mondo? Un capezzolo dondolante e una cascata doro."

Dana Fuller Ross Quotes

"Her grief still burdened her, and she knew she would bear it the rest of her days."

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"What would be a show that I would rescue? If I could bring anything back, it would be The Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway is just... I just watched him so many times do stuff over and over. Hes just so amazing." - Author: Tony Hale

Quotes About Sensitive

"So perhaps there are no phantom pains after all; perhaps all pain is real; perhaps each long-ago blow lives on into eternity in some different permutation and shape; perhaps the body is this hypersensitive, revengeful entity, a ledger book, a warehouse of remembered slights and cruelties." - Author: Thrity Umrigar

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"--Your headache--I am trying to imagine itYour head is in your handsThe nurse is pouring pills onto a plateNovember againToo lateYour headacheIt is a birdWounded, in leavesIts sweet birds nest is full of pain in a distant placeNovemberThere are daisiesIn the ruined garden, still blooming strangelyAnd in a manic yellow hat, the old ladyAnd the old man, dead in his bedAnd their daughter, the saint:Her dark, religious hair gets tangled in the branchesShe is screaming, grabbingWhile the nurses play Mozart in another roomWhile the bats fly over the roofSnatch the black notes from the blacknessLaughingYou cryI am going to dieI can see them through this windowTheir little black capesThe touching ugliness of their little faces" - Author: Laura Kasischke

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"wish to deal with my most distinguished contemporaries, not personally or in a merely literary manner, but in relation to the real body of doctrine which they teach. I am not concerned with Mr. Rudyard Kipling as a vivid artist or a vigorous personality; I am concerned with him as a Heretic — that is to say, a man whose view of things has the hardihood to differ from mine. I am not concerned with Mr. Bernard Shaw as one of the most brilliant and one of the most honest men alive; I am concerned with him as a Heretic — that is to say, a man whose philosophy is quite solid, quite coherent, and quite wrong." - Author: G.K. Chesterton

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"Écoutant, en effet, les cris dallégresse qui montaient de la ville, Rieux se souvenait que cette allégresse était toujours menacée. Car il savait ce que cette foule en joie ignorait, et quon peut lire dans les livres, que le bacille de la peste ne meurt ni ne disparaît jamais, quil peut rester pendant des dizaines dannées endormi dans les meubles et le linge, quil attend patiemment dans les chambres, les caves, les malles, les mouchoirs et les paperasses, et que, peut-être, le jour viendrait, où, pour le malheur et lenseignement des hommes, la peste réveillerait ses rats et les enverrait mourir dans une cité heureuse." - Author: Albert Camus

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"We can teach a lot of things, but if the teacher cant relate by talking to a group of friendly students, hell never be a competent teacher." - Author: William Glasser

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"WHAT heart could have thought you? --Past our devisal(O filigree petal!)Fashioned so purely,Fragilely, surely,From what ParadisalImagineless metal,Too costly for cost?Who hammered you, wrought you,From argentine vapor? --"God was my shaper.Passing surmisal,He hammered, He wrought me,From curled silver vapor,To lust of His mind --Thou couldst not have thought me!So purely, so palely,Tinily, surely,Mightily, frailly,Insculped and embossed,With His hammer of wind,And His graver of frost." - Author: Francis G. Thompson

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"When he talked about a Higher Power, he used words like gratifying, restorative and life-changing. It was something that "got you through the tough times," which "any young person could manage with a little hard work, trust and tenacity." God was a trip to Cancun." - Author: Marisha Pessl

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"Dont make me out to be something worth saving. We both know Im a waste." His voice was so quiet. "I wish I was better at telling you why you have to stay here. I wish I could put into words the part of my heart that has your name written on it. That part hurts right now. You have to be here. You love life too much. Youre so important. I wish I could make you understand this." He tried to smile at her valiant efforts. "I would keep you if I could. You can sleep here, right on this couch. Beckett, I will let you hold this baby when it comes." She touched her stomach. "Does that tell you how much you mean to me? Its the only thing I can come up with." He shrugged. "Mouse would be disappointed. Hed feel like he didnt do his job if you died…Eve loves you. Wherever she is—in this strip club—is that what youve been wishing for?" Beckett shook his head. "No, right? She loves you. You cant kill someone she loves. You just cant." - Author: Debra Anastasia

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"I lost my mother, who suffered from Alzheimers disease, and we had to relocate my dad after 58 years in the family home. That was tough." - Author: Doug Davidson