[Choose The Things That Matter To God. See Things As He Sees Them. Whatever Results, That Is The Best Way.]

Author: Jason M. Steffens Quotes

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Chingy Quotes

"Even if I make a gospel album, my gospel songs are going to get you dancing and crunk."

Richard K Morgan Quotes

"I lay still for a while, picking up the scattered garments of my mind and trying to assemble some kind of reasonable outfit from them."

Sheila Hageman Quotes

"Im feeling a low regarding writing. I sometimes think I should finish working on my book of stripper poetry that I started, but other times I feel like its not worth it. Sometimes I think I should work on my comic book idea, and then other times I want to work on a website, and still other times I think I should be working on this memoir. Thats a lot of thinking about writing without a whole lot of writing going on."

Dave DiGrazie Quotes

"Good literature is one key to peace. When we stop reading each other, when we stop paying attention to each others words and stories, we too easily oppose one another."

Cassie McCown Quotes

"Absently, Quinn reached for the sheet to replace it over the aged mirror, but the back of his hand brushed against the cold surface and a strange shiver ran up his arm and down his spine. ~ "The Mirror"

Marcia Wallace Quotes

"Im in awe of people out there who deal with Alzheimers, because they have to deal with death 10 times over, year after year."

Melki Rish Quotes

"Fais attention à tes pensées et à tes paroles, car elles répondent avec des évènements semblables"

Uvi Poznansky Quotes

"‎"Then, winking at him, I passed my tongue over the top, and all around the ice cream at the rim of the cone, filling my whole mouth and, just to look sexy, also licking the tips of my fingers. Then I came around the counter, swaying my hips real pretty, and steadying myself over the wobbly high heels. I came right up to him, and before he could guess what kind of trouble I had cooked up in my head, I kissed him—so sweet and so long—on his lips, to the shouts and outcries of the offended customer..."

Edouard Seguin Quotes

"Not one idiot in a thousand has been entirely refractory to treatment, not one in a hundred has not been made more happy and healthy; more than thirty per cent have been taught to conform to social and moral law, and rendered capable of order, of good feeling, and of working like the third of a man; more than forty per cent have become capable of the ordinary transactions of life under friendly control, of understanding moral and social abstractions, of working like two-thirds of a man."

Richard Herley Quotes

"If there was a God up there, which there wasnt, why was it that he worked so hard to identify whatever thing a man dreaded most, and, having identified it, why did he always, always, vindictively succeed in making that very thing come to pass?"

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Quotes About Gatsby And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

"The great macrocosmic universe circulates the bliss and joy of the energy that has created it through the microcosmic circuits of two bodies that have become as one soul." - Author: John Maxwell Taylor

Quotes About Being Hurt Twice

"Evil doesnt die. It never dies. It just takes on a new face, a new name. Just because weve been touched by it once, it doesnt mean were immune to ever being hurt again. Lightning can strike twice." - Author: Tess Gerritsen

Quotes About Being Soaked

"No, Im serious," Frankie insisted, fed up with being silenced. "Why didnt you just make me a normie?"Viktor sighed. "Because thats not who we are. Were special. And Im very proud that. You should be, too.""Proud?" Frankie spat out the word as if it had been soaked in nail polish remover. "How can I be proud when everyone is telling me to hide?""Im telling you to hide so youll be safe. But you can still feel proud of who you are," he explained, like it really was that simple. "Pride has to come from within you and stay with you, no matter what people say."Huh?Frankie crossed her arms and looked away." - Author: Lisi Harrison

Quotes About Friends Fading Away

"There are these rare moments when musicians together touch something sweeter than they´ve ever found before in rehearsals or performance, beyond the merely collaborative or technically proficient, when their expression becomes as easy and graceful as friendship or love. This is when they give us a glimpse of what might be, of our best selves, and of an impossible world in which you give everything you have to others, but lose nothing of yourself. Out in the real world there exist detailed plans, visionary projects for peacable realms, all conflicts resolved, happiness for everyone, for ever - mirages for which people are prepared to die and kill. Christ´s kingdom on earth, the workers´paradise, the ideal Islamic state. But only in music, and only on rare occasions, does the curtain actually lift on this dream of community, and it´s tantalisingly conjured, before fading away with the last notes." - Author: Ian McEwan

Quotes About Death Eulogy

"A recent survey stated that the average persons greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, youre telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy." - Author: Jerry Seinfeld

Quotes About He Who Laughs Last

"He who laughs last ... just didnt get the joke." - Author: Carroll Bryant

Quotes About Morning And Breakfast

"she started asking me all kinds of personal questions " - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Afternoon

"Id be totally exhausted by mid-afternoon, and I could barely climb the stairs at home. It was particularly alarming because all my life Id enjoyed doing all my own stunts in shows, taking on every physical challenge. Yet suddenly, Id become like a very old man. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea what." - Author: Michael Crawford

Quotes About Hunter Gatherers

"We spent an enormous amount of time as hominids and as primates living as hunter-gatherers. That is the natural way for us to live, and were suddenly living in this profoundly unnatural way, and were still in the process of adapting to it and working out how to live with it." - Author: Spencer Wells

Quotes About Fat Friends

"I wonder if my father, given the chance, would have wished to go back to the time before he made all that money, when he just had one store and we rented a tiny apartment in Queens. He worked hard and had worries but he had a joy then that he never seemed to regain once the money started coming in. He might turn on the radio and dance cheek to cheek with my mother. He worked on his car himself, a used green Impala with carburetor trouble. They had lots of Korean friends that they met in church and then even in the street, and when they talked in public there was a shared sense of how lucky they were, to be in America but still have countrymen near." - Author: Chang rae Lee