[Ci Sono Cose Che Si Perdono E Non Tornano Indietro; Non Si Possono Riavere Mai Più, Se Non Nella Carta Carbone Della Memoria. Ci Sono Cose A Cui Sembra Impossibile Rassegnarsi Ma A Cui Rassegnarsi è Inevitabile. Lo Scorrere Dei Giorni Leviga Il Dolore Ma Non Lo Consuma: Quello Che Il Tempo Si Porta Via è Andato, E Poi Si Resta Con Un Qualcosa Di Freddo E Duro, Un Souvenir Che Non Si Perde Mai. Un Piccolo Bassotto Di Porcellana Delle White Mountains. Una Marionetta Del Teatro Delle Ombre Di Bali. E Guarda: Un Calzascarpe D'avorio Di Un Hotel A Quattro Stelle Di Zurigo. E Qua, Come Un Sasso Che Porto Ovunque, C'è Un Pezzetto Di Cuore Altrui Che Ho Conservato Da Un Vecchio Viaggio.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Anthony Everitt Quotes

"Either the future is subject to chance--in which case nobody, not even a god, can affect it one way or the other--or it is predestined, in which case foreknowledge cannot avert it." --Quintus Tullius Cicero"

Gabriel Wilson Quotes

"Success certainly isnt achievement of popularity. Success in Gods kingdom is loving God, loving one another, and being faithful to what Hes called us to do."

Dulce Maria Loynaz Quotes

"Cuando vayamos al maryo te diré mi secreto:Me envuelve, pero no es ola...Me amarga..., pero no es sal..."

Janice Hanna Quotes

"What would be the purpose of having an imagination and not using it?"

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"Alis daughter is fighting and Joe Fraziers daughter is fighting as well."

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"Do try The House by fresh new author, Susannah Mansfield, its funny, sad and very different, youll love the characters and the stories."

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"Feminism means something - legislation, cultural change - but Girl Power meant nothing more than being friends with your friends."

Carol Bellamy Quotes

"I think he is an entertainer. I would prefer if he were a performer."

Ann D Clark Quotes

"Be grateful. These feelings, no matter how painful, are part ofliving. Today, we are alive—not anesthetized, not sedated, not passedout. Take control of your feelings and through action you can change.Today, as every day of sober living, we have a choice."

Anna Faris Quotes

"I really love comedy and weirdly enough, I love how my journey has ended up. I get to laugh all day long."

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"In spring training prior to his 1995 rookie season, Chipper was already so confident in who he was as a player that he famously deadpanned to veteran slugger Fred McGriff, after the Crime Dog grounded into an inning-ending double play, these two words: "Rally killer." His confidence carried over to the field, just as it had since he began playing as a kid—he batted .265, and he led all rookies with 23 home runs, 87 runs, and 86 RBIs. Hideo Nomo was Rookie of the Year for the Dodgers, but Chipper and the Braves were World Champions." - Author: Tucker Elliot

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"Um príncipe deve ter o extremo cuidado de nunca deixar que saia de sua boca nada que não esteja repleto das cinco qualidades supracitadas [piedade, fé, integridade, humanidade e religião]; e que ele pareça, ao ser visto e ouvido, todo piedade, todo fé, todo integridade, todo humanidade, todo religião - de resto, parecer possuir esta última qualidade é o que há de mais necessário. Os homens em geral julgam mais com os olhos que com as mãos; porque todos são capazes de ver, mas poucos, de sentir; todos veem aquilo que você parece, poucos tocam aquilo que você é; e estes poucos não ousam opor-se à opinião de muitos, que contam com a majestade do Estado para defendê-los; enfim, nas ações de todos os homens, especialmente nas dos príncipes, quando não há juiz a quem apelar, o que vale é o resultado final." - Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

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". . .sometimes reading the same page over and over, until one sleepy afternoon something clicked, like a lock unlocking, and she saw those printed doors swing open on a vast house of words." - Author: Ken Kesey

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"Kitaplar yeni tanıdıklarına karşı çok ketum olurlar. Bir kere de onlarla laubali oldunuz mu size malik oldukları her şeyi verirler ve onlar bizim isteyebileceğimiz her şeye fazlasıyla maliktirler. Kitapları bir kadın gibi sevenler, yalnız bekar odalarının azabını daha az duyarlar. Ellerinde bir kitapla beraber yattıkları, başuçlarındaki lambayı yaktıkları zaman, bahtiyar bir evlilik hayatının daima tekrar edilen saadetini hissederler. Kitaplarla zifafa girmesini bilen adam, beşerliğinden kurtulmaya başlamıştır.Ve biz daima, daima beşeriz." - Author: Sabahattin Ali

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"Stealing bases was put to me almost as a prerequisite for staying in the game. They didnt give me a handbook on how to do it; they said do it. Under those conditions you go out and develop your own handbook." - Author: Lou Brock

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"Yours is a race whose imagination is limited to its own small appetites. Greed, lust, envy - these are the motivating forces of humankind. What redeems you is that in every man and woman there is a seed that can grow to encompass love, joy and compassion. But this seed is never allowed to prosper in fertile ground. It struggles for life among the rocks of your human soul." - Author: David Gemmell

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"Ive started to show the consistency in majors I had in regular tournaments back in 1998-2000 when I was contending nearly every week." - Author: Lee Westwood

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"Brutus: Kneel not, gentle Portia.Portia: I should need not, if you were gentle Brutus. Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus, Is it excepted I should know no secrets That appertain to you? Am I yourself But, as it were, in sort or limitation, To keep with you at meals, comfort your bed, And talk to you sometimes? Dwell I but in the suburbs Of your good pleasure? If it be no more, Portia is Brutus harlot, not his wife." - Author: William Shakespeare

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"The Forgiveness Castle remains open all day and all night, and the best thing is that there are so many entrances, usually found where youd never thing to look: behind potted plants, in crayon drawings, and on old birthday cards. I have it on good authority that one entrance is through a tree fort. Many of the Forgiveness Castles entry points remain secret, which is why you hunt around, press the blue walls gently, and wait. Sometimes saying the most obvious words, Im sorry, opens a hidden door right where there seemed not possibility."He looks away."Youre welcome to visit this castle to wait for a friend, to sit in one of its orange and yellow gardens, or to find your own reflection in the polished blue rock and whisper, Please.Come home." - Author: Edmond Manning

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"The travails of being an employee include not only uncertainty about the duration of ones employment, but also the humiliation of many working practices and dynamics. With most businesses shaped like pyramids, in which a wide base of employees gives way to a narrow tip of managers, the question of who will be rewarded - and who left behind - typically develops into one of the most oppressive of the workplace, and one which, like all anxieties, feeds off uncertainty. Because achievement in most fields is difficult to monitor reliably, the path to promotion or its oppositie can acquire an apparently haphazard connection to results. The succesful alpinist of organizational pyramids may not be the best at their jobs, but those who have best mastered a range of dark political arts in which civilized life does not usually offer instruction." - Author: Alain de Botton