[Ci Sono Cose Che Si Perdono E Non Tornano Indietro; Non Si Possono Riavere Mai Più, Se Non Nella Carta Carbone Della Memoria. Ci Sono Cose A Cui Sembra Impossibile Rassegnarsi Ma A Cui Rassegnarsi è Inevitabile. Lo Scorrere Dei Giorni Leviga Il Dolore Ma Non Lo Consuma: Quello Che Il Tempo Si Porta Via è Andato, E Poi Si Resta Con Un Qualcosa Di Freddo E Duro, Un Souvenir Che Non Si Perde Mai. Un Piccolo Bassotto Di Porcellana Delle White Mountains. Una Marionetta Del Teatro Delle Ombre Di Bali. E Guarda: Un Calzascarpe D'avorio Di Un Hotel A Quattro Stelle Di Zurigo. E Qua, Come Un Sasso Che Porto Ovunque, C'è Un Pezzetto Di Cuore Altrui Che Ho Conservato Da Un Vecchio Viaggio.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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"Nostalgia is the intimate refuge of every man and every woman in a world seemingly gone mad."

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"Say not always what you know, but always know what you say."

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"mengetahui lebih baik daripada tidak tahu karena dengan mengetahui kita dapat menilai baik ataupun buruknya sesuatu."

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"Love them for who they are, and what they are they are; they are not you. Good stuff, isnt it? You have to live 73 years to get that."

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"Yes, I believe the will is very important. Its how I have succeeded in life."

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"Unseelie dreams make unseelie fae."

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"The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe."

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"We need myths to get by. We need story; otherwise the tremendous randomness of experience overwhelms us. Story is what penetrates."

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"Foreshadowings of the principles and even of the language of [the infinitesimal] calculus can be found in the writings of Napier, Kepler, Cavalieri, Fermat, Wallis, and Barrow. It was Newtons good luck to come at a time when everything was ripe for the discovery, and his ability enabled him to construct almost at once a complete calculus."

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"It is because every individual knows little and, in particular, because we rarely know which of us knows best best that we trust the independent and competitive efforts of many to induce the emergence of what we shall want when we see it."

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"If, on thinking this, I look up to see if reality can quench my thirst, I see inexpressive facades, inexpressive faces, inexpressive gestures. Stones, bodies, ideas - all dead. All movements are one great standstill. Nothing means anything to me, not because its unfamiliar but because I dont know what it is. The world has slipped away. And in the bottom of my soul - as the only reality of this moment - theres an intense and invisible grief, a sadness like the sound of someone crying in a dark room." - Author: Fernando Pessoa

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"The depth of my love for him, of my need for him poured over me, both painful and sweet, both comforting and frightening. If anything happened to him, I didnt know how I would keep going." - Author: Lisa Wingate

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"Like the Baron, Mathilde developed a formula for acting out life as a series of roles—that is, by saying to herself in the morning while brushing her blond hair, "Today I want to become this or that person," and then proceeding to be that person.One day she decided she would like to be an elegant representative of a well-known Parisian modiste and go to Peru. All she had to do was to act the role. So she dressed with care, presented herself with extraordinary assurance at the house of the modiste, was engaged to be her representative and given a boat ticket to Lima.Aboard ship, she behaved like a French missionary of elegance. Her innate talent for recognizing good wines, good perfumes, good dressmaking, marked her as a lady of refinement." - Author: Anaïs Nin