[Cinta Nggak Akan Buat Kamu Berpaling. Kamu Akan Tetap Memandangnya Tanpa Menoleh Ke Siapa Pun.]

Author: Laili Muttamimah Quotes

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Gordon Bethune Quotes

"Whether Im at the hangar or at the airport or on an airplane, I get respect. And thats the best part of my day."

Nina DAngelo Quotes

"Listen to me you piece of shit, if you ever give the press information about me, my parents or even breathe a word about me to anyone ever again, I swear to god I will make it my mission to make your life a living hell. And, believe me Ill do it with a smile on my face the whole time. Youre a worthless excuse for a Detective and everyone here knows it. Youve screwed your way to the top and backstabbed Gena to get into your Captains good books. Well look around you honey, youre a real star. No one stopped Gena or me taking you on. Ive currently got you in a hold, where I could snap your neck if I wanted to, and not one person is stepping forward to help you. Yeah, youve really made it." - Stephanie Carovella to Sandra Barton"

Timothy M Brenner Quotes

"Pick a sunset, and well ride off into it together."

Roman Coppola Quotes

"Anything that you think is wild or fun, or cant wait to see or show your friends, go for it."

J Ruth Gendler Quotes

"‎Pleasure is wild and sweet. She likes purple flowers. She loves the sun and the wind and the night sky. She carries a silver bowl full of liquid moonlight. She has a cat named Midnight with stars on his paws. Many people mistrust Pleasure, and even more misunderstand her. For a long time I could barely stand to be in ...the same room with her..."

Werner Klemperer Quotes

"Im very surprised at that, yes, because there were many chances for it to be in Germany once the syndication market started and it continually just did not happen."

Frank Wedekind Quotes

"If our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, does not find our room ventilated sufficiently, I should like to suggest that our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, have a ventilator set into his forehead."

Ed Rendell Quotes

"Growing Greener doesnt produce money for farmland preservation or open space preservation."

Harriet Martineau Quotes

"The progression of emancipation of any class usually, if not always, takes place through the efforts of individuals of that class."

Ali Al Ahmed Quotes

"God is merciful cant we all be on the right track of faith but just using different roads?"

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"A rat in its stealing behavior may manage to steal gold jewelry and to make a nest with it but that does not in anyway qualify the rat to be a millionaire though its gold pieces be worth that much." - Author: Newton Gatambia

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"People like to be shown around archives. I dont know why. Im in the business, but one row of shelves stuffed with manila files looks much like another." - Author: V.T. Davy

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"Out of the ashes of Sara Whitehead rose Melissa Stern. Out of the ashes of Mary Beth Whitehead, there were pieces lost." - Author: Mary Beth Whitehead

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"For new media reactionaries...the problem is technology, the endless distractions of the Internet, the breakdown of authority in an age of blogs and Twitter, the collapse of narrative in a hyper-linked, multi-networked world." - Author: David L. Ulin

Quotes About Mediterranean Sea

"I believe that Palestine is an occupied land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, and this is the right of the entire Palestinian people, this land." - Author: Hassan Nasrallah

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"Monotonous talk of the end of American hegemony, the universal cliché of the period, is mostly a way of avoiding mounting a serious opposition to it." - Author: Tariq Ali

Quotes About Deeper Understanding

"There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made. And he spoke to them, propounding to them themes of music; and they sang before him, and he was glad. But for a long while they sang only each alone, or but few together, while the rest hearkened; for each comprehended only that part of the mind of Ilúvatar from which he came, and in the understanding of their brethren they grew but slowly. Yet ever as they listened they came to deeper understanding, and increased in unison and harmony." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About No Regrets In Love

"Im rather an admirer of the book," Robert said and took a sip from his glass. "Damien, whenyou marry, you might want to see if Brianna wont lend it out to your bride. I promise you noregrets if you give it to your beloved. Lets just say there are certain things a gentleman wontaddress with his wife that Lady Rothburg has no trouble discussing in detail."If his younger brothers sinful grin was any indication, it was true."Im headed back to Spain tomorrow." Damien pointed out. "So I doubt romance of any kind isin my future, but Ill keep it in mind.""One never knows." Colton commented. "Had anyone said it was in mine, I would have protestedvehemently."How true. How could anyone have guessed his upright older brother would marry such a lovelybut impulsive young lady and manage to become a different man than the upright,unapproachable Duke of Rolthven?" - Author: Emma Wildes

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"Kindle, isnt it?" the waitress asked. "I got one for Christmas, and I love it. Im reading my way through all of Jodi Picoults books." "Oh, probably not all of them," Wesley said. "Huh? Why not?" "Shes probably got another one done already. Thats all I meant." "And James Pattersons probably written one since he got up this morning!" she said, and went off chortling." - Author: Stephen King

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"I loved Elijah Muhammad with a love that I cant adequately describe." - Author: Louis Farrakhan