[Cleopatra Stood At One Of The Most Dangerous Intersections In History; That Of Women And Power. Clever Women, Euripides Had Warned Hundreds Of Years Earlier, Were Dangerous.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Eli Wallach Quotes

"And that movie was underrated - Nuts - because it deals with a terrible subject, but Its very well done."

G Lyness Quotes

"Books are another kind of magic."

Sarah Glidden Quotes

"One thing that I love about traveling is feeling disoriented and removed from my comfort zone."

Bob Goff Quotes

"I used to think God wouldnt talk to me, but now I know Im just selective with what I choose to hear."

Megan Mayhew Bergman Quotes

"I wanted, then, to become what I most admired, what now seemed most real to me. I wanted to be that exalted, complicated presence in someones life, the familiar body, the source of anothers existence. But I knew what I wanted was not always what I needed."

Yann Martel Quotes

"Isnt it ironic, Richard Parker? Were in hell yet still were afraid of immortality"

EJ Koh Quotes

"Metaphysically, his bowl filled and emptied at the same time. Violent and maniacal to push himself so far, hed both created and destroyed his bodys energy. In other words he had complete power, self-sustaining, self-sacrificing power at the origin of himself."

Walter Kaufmann Quotes

"The good must be clearly good but not wholly clear. If it is wholly clear it is too easy to reject.What is wanted is an oversimplification, a reduction of a multitude of possibilities to only two. But if the recommended path were utterly devoid of mystery, it would cease to fascinate men….There would be nothing left to discuss and interpret, to lecture and write about, to admire and merely think about.The world exacts a price for calling teachers wise: it keeps discussing the paths they recommend, but few men follow them. The wise give men endless opportunities to discuss what is good."

Evanescence Quotes

"I like to use two basic elements for my clothing: rock... you know, metal and chains and stuff - mixed with fairies and drama and Victorian clothing - fantasy."

Stephen M Irwin Quotes

"But a smell shivered him awake.It was a scent as old as the world. It was a hundred aromas of a thousand places. It was the tang of pine needles. It was the musk of sex. It was the muscular rot of mushrooms. It was the spice of oak. Meaty and redolent of soil and bark and herb. It was bats and husks and burrows and moss. It was solid and alive - so alive! And it was close.The vapors invaded Nicholas nostrils and his hair rose to their roots. His eyes were as heavy as manhole covers, but he opened them. Through the dying calm inside him snaked a tremble of fear.The trees themselves seemed tense, waiting. The moonlight was a hard shell, sharp and ready to ready be struck and to ring like steel.A shadow moved.It poured like oil from between the tall trees and flowed across dark sandy dirt, lengthening into the middle of the ring. Trees seem to bend toward it, spellbound. A long, long shadow..."

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"In private, Sonia often addressed Dr Singh as Manmohan," - Author: Anonymous

Quotes About Rudyard Kipling

"wish to deal with my most distinguished contemporaries, not personally or in a merely literary manner, but in relation to the real body of doctrine which they teach. I am not concerned with Mr. Rudyard Kipling as a vivid artist or a vigorous personality; I am concerned with him as a Heretic — that is to say, a man whose view of things has the hardihood to differ from mine. I am not concerned with Mr. Bernard Shaw as one of the most brilliant and one of the most honest men alive; I am concerned with him as a Heretic — that is to say, a man whose philosophy is quite solid, quite coherent, and quite wrong." - Author: G.K. Chesterton

Quotes About Ethnic Cleansing

"As for the third Official Reason: exposing Western Hypocrisy - how much more exposed can they be? Which decent human being on earth harbors any illusions about it? These are people whose histories are spongy with the blood of others. Colonialism, apartheid, slavery, ethnic cleansing, germ warfare, chemical weapons - they virtually invented it all." - Author: Arundhati Roy

Quotes About Animal Adoption

"If women understand by emancipation the adoption of the masculine role then we are lost indeed. If women can supply no counterbalance to the blindness of male drive the aggressive society will run to its lunatic extremes at ever-escalating speed. Who will safeguard the despised animal faculties of compassion, empathy, innocence and sensuality?" - Author: Germaine Greer

Quotes About Family Gatherings

"I dont want you to think I dont love my extended family. I do. I just dont want to be around them. Some of this is because Im a loner. Some of this is because at family gatherings you are forced to face the short genetic distance between you and a clinically insane person." - Author: Jim Gaffigan

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"Banking doesnt involve fraud, banking IS fraud.(from video by Paul Grignon done for United Financial Consumers (2002) ) (Added to goodreads by Mike Tobin)" - Author: Tim Madden

Quotes About Gaining Strength

"Sitting on the train I watch the scenery speeding by, notice a cobweb in the top corner of the window, undulating with a gentle breeze I cant feel. I lean back in my seat and take my book out of the carrier bag. Turning it over in my hand, it feels warm. It feels how I want to feel; full of knowledge, full of the future.The time Ive spent staying in bed smoking dope Ive been hibernating, recuperating and gaining strength. Im weak socially, but being away from other drug users has made me resilient. Its allowed my mind and body to heal and mend. As if the winter is over, Ive come out stronger now. Im on my own. I have the choice of what to do with my life.Im going to stay clean. Im going to be the woman I can be." - Author: Christine Lewry

Quotes About Wail

"Meanwhile a certain amount of moaning and groaning was coming from upstairs. Sophie kept muttering to the dog and ignored it. A loud, hollow coughing followed, dying away into more moaning. Crashing sneezes followed the coughing, each one rattling the window and all the doors. Sophie found those harder to ignore, but she managed. Poot-pooooot! went a blown nose, like a bassoon in a tunnel. The coughing started again, mingled with moans. Sneezes mixed with the moans and the coughs, and the sounds rose to a crescendo in which Howl seemed to be managing to cough, groan, blow his nose, sneeze, and wail gently all at the same time. The doors rattled, the beams in the ceiling shook, and one of Calcifers logs rolled off onto the hearth."All right, all right, I get the message!" Sophie said, dumping the log back into the grate. "Itll be green slime next"." - Author: Diana Wynne Jones

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"They [high school students] all seemed quite excited to be there [a formal dance], like they were finally getting a glimpse of this magical new world they assumed was adulthood. As if adults regularly got together at large dances, all dressed up in fancy new clothes." - Author: Cheryl Cory

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"I have these surreal moments where Im like, Im pregnant with Jake Gyllenhaals baby and Im telling Robert Pattinson that he smells of sex. But youre acting, so the focus is on the work." - Author: Sarah Gadon