[Cleopatra Stood At One Of The Most Dangerous Intersections In History; That Of Women And Power. Clever Women, Euripides Had Warned Hundreds Of Years Earlier, Were Dangerous.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Maryse Holder Quotes

"That was the next-to-last time I felt any desire. And he was pale and tall (how disgusting tall men are, such a waste of space and flesh, so uncompact). (I am hideous myself now. Discovered in new, M.C., mirror that skin is a jungle of pearly stretch marks all over. Face sags too. Always new awful discoveries. If could only vomit up age like the food I relentlessly wolf.)"

Thom Yorke Quotes

"I think no artist can claim to have any access to the truth, or an authentic version of an event. But obviously they have slightly better means at their disposal because they have their art to energize whatever it is theyre trying to write about. They have music."

Barbara Mertz Quotes

"I have no writing habit. I work when I feel like it, and I work when I have to - mostly the latter."

Dagoberto Gilb Quotes

"This morning I heard: the hesitancy in her voice wasnt ordinary sincerity but a lot of it, and her tone wasnt only friendly, it was intimate, private, longing. The words, quiet and simple as they were, were strong, deep tosses that landed close, and loud."

Gerard Butler Quotes

"By that point, I had started taking singing lessons. And after the first session, I mean, I was surprised that the windows didnt shatter. And after the third session, I really didnt know where this voice had come from."

David Lee Roth Quotes

"I used to have a drug problem, now I make enough money."

Henry Kuttner Quotes

"Shut up, Ray."

Brenda El Leithy Quotes

"We are beings of energy, and as such we are all perfect magnets - – attracting according to our personal energy vibration."

JC Morrows Quotes

"As crazy as it seemed, it was almost like she was the fog."

Nadair Desmar Quotes

"Trust the faith everything will be okay."

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Quotes About Being Successful And Strong

"It must be strange to keep your strong mind in a body that grows older and weaker and no longer resembles your own image of yourself." - Author: Jane Hamilton

Quotes About Responsible Parenthood

"Parental love is not contingent on the talents and attributes the child happens to have. We choose our friends and spouses at least partly on the basis of qualities we find attractive. But we do not choose our children. Their qualities are unpredictable, and even the most conscientious parents cannot be held wholly responsible for the kind of child they have. That is why parenthood, more than other human relationships, teaches what the theologian William F. May calls an "openness to the unbidden." - Author: Michael J. Sandel

Quotes About The Bahamas

"I wanted to be a marine biologist my whole life until I graduated high school. And even now, Im still like, Maybe Ill just quit the biz and go to Santa Cruz and study marine biology and have my own research center in the Bahamas. Yeah, Im sure it would be just that smooth." - Author: Cobie Smulders

Quotes About Confidence And Beauty

"O, lack and doubt and fear can only comeBecause of plenty, confidence, and love!They are the shadow-forms about their feet,Because they are not perfect crystal-clearTo the all-searching sun in which they live.Dread of its loss is Beautys certain seal!" - Author: George MacDonald

Quotes About Foundation Makeup

"Work is so foundational to our makeup that it is one of the few things we can take in significant doses without harm. Indeed, the Bible does not say we should work one day and rest six or that work and rest should be balanced evenly but directs us to the opposite ratio. Leisure and pleasure are great goods, but we can take only so much of them." - Author: Timothy Keller

Quotes About Indecisiveness

"Indecisiveness is a very unattractive trait in a man, especially when hes just a boy." - Author: Dia Reeves

Quotes About Acts Of The Apostles

"Gnosticism is undeniably pre-Christian, with both Jewish and gentile roots. The wisdom of Solomon already contained Gnostic elements and prototypes for the Jesus of the Gospels...God stops being the Lord of righteous deed and becomes the Good One...A clear pre-Christian Gnosticism can be distilled from the epistles of Paul. Paul is recklessly misunderstood by those who try to read anything Historical Jesus-ish into it. The conversion of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles is a mere forgery from various Tanakh passages... [The epistles] are from Christian mystics of the middle of the second century. Paul is thus the strongest witness against the Historical Jesus hypothesis...Johns Gnostic origin is more evident than that of the synoptics. Its acceptance proves that even the Church wasnt concerned with historical facts at all." - Author: Arthur Drews

Quotes About Destruction Of Nature

"False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that it has no remedy for evils, except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are of such a nature. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Author: Cesare Beccaria

Quotes About My Long Hair

"The white saucer like some full moon descendsAt last from the clouds of the table above;She sighs and dreams and thrills and glows,Transfigured with love.She nestles over the shining rim,Buries her chin in the creamy sea;Her tail hangs loose; each drowsy pawIs doubled under each bending knee.A long, dim ecstasy holds her life;Her world is an infinite shapeless white,Till her tongue has curled the last holy drop,Then she sinks back into the night,Draws and dips her body to heapHer sleepy nerves in the great arm-chair,Lies defeated and buried deepThree or four hours unconscious there." - Author: Harold Monro

Quotes About Pretentious

"American religion is conspicuous for its messianically pretentious energy, its embarassingly banal prose, and its impatiently hustling ambition." - Author: Eugene H. Peterson