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Author: Yakov Smirnoff Quotes

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Stephen McAndrew Quotes

"We are fed ideas in small sound bites that are really just the conclusions of particular beliefs. We do not examine what underpins these sound bites. If the sound bites are presented by a source we are accustomed to accepting as true, there is a danger we will assimilate the conclusion without knowing, or caring, whether it is based on solid arguments and assumptions."

Hank Edwards Quotes

"Whats your name, Farm Boy?""Charlie Heggensford, maam." He stuck out his hand and she smiled as she shook it."

Joey Lawsin Quotes

"Beauty begins in the eyes of the beholder; Reality ends in the mind of the observer."

Vince Flynn Quotes

"Revenge is more wild, less calculated...deeply personal. Retribution is a punishment that is morally right and fully deserved. (Mitch Rapp)"

Jamie Lynn Spears Quotes

"Everybody is dealt a hand of cards. It was my choice to play them the way I played them."

Jean Claude Juncker Quotes

"When it becomes serious, you have to lie."

Anthony F Rando Quotes

"With each kiss that we shared we experienced the meaning of love. With the passing glances of passion we surrendered our hearts to the silence of the storm of intoxication. Holding on to each other till the roots of our souls have become entwined in the eternal desire of each other." Poem: "The Silence of Love"

Eckhart Tolle Quotes

"Fulfill me, make me happy, make me feel safe, tell me who I am. The world cannot give you those things, and when you no longer have such expectations, all self created suffering comes to an end."

Santigold Quotes

"Anyway, Id get bored with just doing music!"

Mathers Quotes

"But Mathers smile faded as he thought of what other provisions the charter contained. What would the godly say when they learned that the electorate was no longer to be limited to members of the Covenant but broadened to include propertied members of every Christian sect this side of papistry? This was a revolutionary innovation, whose consequences would be incalculable. Hitherto the limitation of the privilege of voting to the elect had been the very corner-stone of theocracy. It had been a wise and human provision designed to keep the faithful in control even when, as had long ago become the case, they were heavily outnumbered by lesser men without the Covenant. God who had not designated the majority of men to salvation surely never intended for the damned to rule. Yet now, under the new charter, it very much looked as if they might."

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Quotes About Whirlwind

"Universal meaninglessness gives way to ecstatic inebriation, an orgy of irrationality. Since the world has no meaning, let us live! Without definite aims or accessible ideals, let us throw ourselves into the roaring whirlwind of infinity, follow its tortuous path in space, burn in its flames, love its cosmic madness and total anarchy! To live infinity, as well as to meditate a long time upon it, is the most terrifying lesson in anarchy and revolt one can ever learn. Infinity shakes you to the roots of your being, disorganizes you, but it also makes you forget the petty, the contingent, and the insignificant." - Author: Emil Cioran

Quotes About Responsibility And Growing Up

"Were meant to stay connected to our hearts, you see. Feeling our feelings, present in the moments were given. But we dont do that. And thats when we get in trouble. ...We mature and take responsibility for ourselves and others, and thats a good thing. But were never meant to lose that alive quality, to get cut off from our true hearts. Growing up isnt the same thing as shutting down. ...We can fight it. We have to fight it. Because when our hearts shut down, we become mere shells of who we once were. We dont laugh—not honestly, not from the heart. We dont dream. We dont feel our feelings or use our gifts. We end up trying to just survive instead of live. Its like weve handed our hearts over to the enemy of our souls and said, Here you can have it. Im giving up." - Author: Denise Hildreth Jones

Quotes About Bad Areas

"I was like the good girl, bad girl, there were no grey areas for me." - Author: Belinda Carlisle

Quotes About Yolda

"Ve ben bir adım atarak korkuluğa yaklaşacağım, saçlarımı balkondan aşağı sarkıtacağım, kendimi boşluğa bırakacağım. Yolda karşıma iyi niyetli biri çıkacak ve soracak olursa, aşağıdaki insanları gösterip, bir süre yere paralel gittikten sonra onlara anlayamayacakları şeyler anlattım diyeceğim. Öyle olsun." - Author: Barış Bıçakçı

Quotes About Rump

"Some men are born to good luck: all they do or try to do comes right—all that falls to them is so much gain—all their geese are swans—all their cards are trumps—toss them which way you will, they will always, like poor puss, alight upon their legs, and only move on so much the faster. The world may very likely not always think of them as they think of themselves, but what care they for the world? what can it know about the matter?" - Author: Jacob Grimm

Quotes About Caged

"Matter is lazy. It resists change. It wants to keep on doing whatever its doing, whether thats sitting still or moving. We call that laziness inertia, but that doesnt mean we understand it. For a thousand years weve labelled it, quantified it, caged it in equations, but weve still only scratched the surface of what it really is." - Author: Alastair Reynolds

Quotes About Fabulous Me

"How fabulous down was for those first minutes! Down, down, down Id go until down too became impossible and punishing and so relentless that Id pray for the trail to go back up. Going down, I realized was like taking hold of the loose strand of yarn on a sweater youd just spent hours knitting and pulling it until the entire sweater unraveled into a pile of string. Hiking the PCT was the maddening effort of knitting that sweater and unraveling it over and over again. As if everything gained was inevitably lost." - Author: Cheryl Strayed

Quotes About Zima

"Devojke su poput jabuka na stablima.Najbolje se nalaze na vrhu stabla.Ljudi ne žele doći do najboljih, jer se boje da ce pasti i povrediti se.Umesto toga, uzimaju trule jabuke koje su pale na zemlju, i koje, iako nisu tako dobre,do njih lakše dođu.Zato jabuke koje se nalaze na vrhu stabla, misle da s njima nešto nije u redu, dok su zapravo one veličanstvene.Jednostavno moraju biti strpljive i čekati da pravi čovek dođe, onaj koji je tako hrabar da se popne do vrha stabla zbog njih.Ne smemo pasti da nas dohvate, kome trebamo i voli nas napraviće SVE da dođe do nas.Žena je izašla iz rebra muškarca, a ne iz nogu da bude gažena, niti iz glave da bude nadmoćna.Nego sa boka da bude jednaka, ispod ruke da bude zaštićena, i blizu srca da bude voljena." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Friendship And Support

"This airline is grateful for his extensive contributions and we will miss his friendship and support. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Casey family on its personal loss." - Author: Gerard Arpey

Quotes About Norwegian Love

"As I say, we Norwegians love our woolens, and you can buy some beautiful knitwear in Oslo. They might cost you a bit - but they will last." - Author: Jo Nesbo