[Comedy Is Tragedy Plus Time, But The Time Is Different For Everybody.]

Author: Mike Birbiglia Quotes

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Alison Blackmore Quotes

"Be always adventurous in the creating and sharing of your art in any form. Take risks and do not settle for playing safe. If you hesitate you are restraining your creativity. Some will appreciate your creative work and others will not. Just be free in expressing the creative you!"

Jacques Monod Quotes

"Even today a good many distinguished minds seem unable to accept or even to understand that from a source of noise natural selection alone and unaided could have drawn all the music of the biosphere. In effect natural selection operates upon the products of chance and can feed nowhere else; but it operates in a domain of very demanding conditions, and from this domain chance is barred. It is not to chance but to these conditions that evolution owes its generally progressive course, its successive conquests, and the impression it gives of a smooth and steady unfolding."

John Darnielle Quotes

"I wish theyd conduct a national poll to find out who feels out of place and who doesnt. Just to get the numbers, you know? To get a feel for how many of us there are."

Balthus Quotes

"The best way to begin is to say: Balthus is a painter of whom nothing is known. And now let us have a look at his paintings."

Jeffrey Tucker Quotes

"Beautiful, seamless upgrade from Twitter today, making functionality smoother and cooler. We didnt have to lobby, didnt have to beg, didnt have to elect a new leader, didnt have to push or protest. Progress is built in to the structure of the mechanism itself: this company exists to please you and me. This is a far better system than any political system on earth."

Robert Walser Quotes

"That is all very senseless, but this senselessness has a pretty mouth, and it smiles."

Margaret Walker Quotes

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money wont go."

Edward Mooney Jr Quotes

"The waters of the stream played the part of the orchestra, and the sunlight provided the dancers. Every now and then a crescendo of wind highlighted the symphony in the clearing by the creek."

O Anna Niemus Quotes

"James Bond: a paid assassin of plutocratic cartels, a womanizer, a dipsomaniac, a speed demon, a materialist."

Edward Conlon Quotes

"Later that day when I passed the Admin lieutenant and the Sargeant standing by the Desk, I said casually, "Im leaving too, Sarge.""Okay," he said, and I kept on walking."

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Quotes About Value In Business

"Vau: "We were having a philosophical discussion, as Mandalorians often do, and I asserted that the only demonstrable reality was individual consciousness, but he insisted on the existence of a priori moral values that transcended free will. So I hit him." Zey: "You think youre so witty." Vau: "No, I think you should stay out of Mando clan business." - Author: Karen Traviss

Quotes About Irrelevant Hoes

"It used to be just CIA agents with ear-pieces who walked round with preoccupied, faraway expressions, and consequently regarded all the little people as irrelevant scum. Now, understandably, its nearly everybody." - Author: Lynne Truss

Quotes About Kindness For Granted

"But Roberto already knew what the Jesuits real objection would be. Like that of the abbe on that evening of the duel when Saint-Savin provoked him: If there are infinite worlds, the Redemption can no longer have any meaning, and we are obliged either to imagine infinite Calvaries or to look on our terrestrial flowerbed as a priveleged spot of the Cosmos, on which God permitted His Son to descend and free us from sin, while the other worlds were not granted this grace--to the discredit of His infinite goodness." - Author: Umberto Eco

Quotes About 198

"I gained a first class degree in Physics at Imperial College London in 1968 and did research in solid state physics, but did not pursue meteorology matters until gaining an M.Sc. in astrophysics from Queen Mary College London in 1981, after which I investigated and attempted to construct theories of solar activity." - Author: Piers Corbyn

Quotes About Internal Organs

"A long-dead angel who thought to own me," was his enigmatic answer, the silver in his eyes almost liquid. "I tore out his throat. After that, I ate his liver and his heart. The remaining internal organs werent as tasty so I gave them to his other creatures."Elenas hand tightened on the handle of the knife, conscious Naasir carried gleaming blades of his own in the sheaths strapped to his arms. "I wouldnt think a vampire who killed an angel would be permitted to live."A slow, feral smile. "I didnt say I killed him." - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Computer Graphics

"The Ancestral Trail was split into two-halves of 26 issues each. The first half takes place in the Ancestral World and describes Richards struggle to restore good to the world. After the initial international run, which sold over 30 million copies worldwide, Marshall Cavendish omitted the second part of the trilogy and used the third part (future) for the second series that followed. This part of the series, written up by Ian Probert and published in 1994, takes place in the Cyber Dimension. It deals with Richards attempts to return home. Each issue centered on an adventure against a particular adversary, and each issue ended on a cliffhanger.The Ancestral Trail was illustrated by Julek and Adam Heller. Computer-generated graphics were provided by Mehau Kulyk for issues #27 through #52." - Author: Frank Graves

Quotes About Piano Teachers

"I was much more interested in the orchestra than the piano, but I did become fairly proficient as a pianist and my teachers felt I had talent and wanted me to become a good concert pianist and earn my living that way." - Author: Alan Hovhaness

Quotes About Husband Miles Away

"<…>Days before, seconds after she told him she wanted to have breakfast with her husband and he liked hearing her say that, he liked it too fucking much, he fucked up. Then he kept fucking up. Then he kept fucking doing it. He knew it and he couldnt stop. Then, the instant she pressed her mouth to his, her soft body in his lap, overwhelmed with emotion and sharing that with him he lost control and he knew he couldnt do that. And the only way he could manage to keep control was to stay the fuck away from her, her sweet smiles, her soft voice, her brightness, that fantastic fucking body. He couldnt hold up. So he stayed the fuck away from her and spent a lot of time thinking about how to encourage her to stay the fuck away from him.<…>" - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Long Distance Love Sad

"I felt for a long time that this is what I want to do so Im happy at this point to just take my time and work on projects that I feel strongly about, and the rest of the time just live my life." - Author: Jennifer Connelly

Quotes About Worst Feelings

"I took a final look at my mothers silhouette in the doorway and tightened my grip on the steering wheel.Hades followed my gaze. "She was trying to protect you.""I know. Thats the worst part. Im just tired of her deception. I mean, keeping the fact that I was a goddess from me my whole life was one thing, but to still keep something from me? Thats just…" I couldnt put words to the feelings that were bothering me."You wanted her to be as honest as youve always perceived her to be.""Yes.""It could be worse.""How?""My father ate me." - Author: Kaitlin Bevis