[Command Those That Govern Your House Before All You Household That They Keep Careful Watch That All Your Household, Within And Without, Be Faithful, Painstaking, Chaste, Clean, Honest And Profitable.]

Author: Robert Grosseteste Quotes

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Ian Livingstone Quotes

"Excuse me for a moment, will ye. I think I have to talk to the river, he said unsteadily and flopped over the side-rail."

Roy Acuff Quotes

"Put your trust in the Lord and go ahead. Worry gets you no place."

Giacomo Casanova Quotes

"God ceases to be God only for those who can admit the possibility of His non-existence, and that conception is in itself the most severe punishment they can suffer."

Michelle Read Quotes

"Dimitri: "Youre beautiful in battle. Like an avenging angel come to deliver the justice of heaven."Rose: "Funny. That is kind of why Im here."Dimitri: "Angels fall, Rose."

Carmen Renee Berry Quotes

"I continue to experience my faith in God as a personal relationship between the two of us. However, having admitted my commonality with the human race, I find that my faith does not flourish in isolation. As much as I hate to admit it, my faith is enhanced and enlarged when in relationship to other less-than-perfect human beings. Even though at times other Christians can be quite annoying, I feel very fortunate to have found my way back to a spiritual community that puts up with me even when Im a bit annoying myself."

Paul Zindel Quotes

"Theres no one else to blame. No Bores or Old Ladies or Norton or Assassins waiting at the bridge."

Jerry Kleczka Quotes

"Theres never any ability to plan a personal life."

Richard Harris Barham Quotes

"Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to."

Kelly Cutrone Quotes

"If people decide thin is out, the fashion industry wont have thin models anymore. Have you spent time with fashion people? They are ruthless. They want money. And the one thing they know is people want clothes to cover their bodies. Unfortunately, most people arent comfortable with their bodies."

PL Travers Quotes

"And all the time he was enjoying his badness, hugging it to him as though it were a friend, and not caring a bit."

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Quotes About Funny Veganism

"It is funny how it is almost more painful to fall over and scrape your knee than to be blown up. Your body goes into incredible protection mode." - Author: Giles Duley

Quotes About Drain

"...I could feel what was left of my soul just slipping away as I fed on that girl until she was totally and completely drained." - Author: Daniele Lanzarotta

Quotes About Mother Tongue Language

"The mother tongue of politicians is that of ancient Babylon: a language designed to severely limit discourse within a tower of praise to elitism, a language carried on breaths reeking of the fecal matter from their paymasters" - Author: Dean Cavanagh

Quotes About Competition With Yourself

"We cant worry about competition. Besides, you arent competing with anyone but yourself. They have nothing to do with whether you make a good movie or not." - Author: Chris Wedge

Quotes About Deep Water

"At the edge of the still, dark pool that was the sea, at the brimming edge of freedom where no boat was to be seen, she spoke the first words of the few they were to exchange. ‘I cannot swim. You know it?" In the dark she saw the flash of his smile. ‘Trust me. And he drew her with a strong hand until the green phosphorescence beaded her ankles, and deeper, and deeper, until the thick milk-warm water, almost unfelt, was up to her waist. She heard him swear feelingly to himself as the salt water searched out, discovered his burns. Then with a rustle she saw his pale head sink back into the quiet sea and at the same moment she was gripped and drawn after him, her face to the stars, drawn through the tides with the sea lapping like her lost hair at her cheeks, the drive of his body beneath her pulling them both from the shore. They were launched on the long journey towards the slim shape, black against glossy black, which was the brigantine, with Thompson on board." - Author: Dorothy Dunnett

Quotes About Predatory Animals

"Unlike New Zealand, which has nothing especially predatory, Australia is full of spiders and crocodiles and all kinds of animals that will eat you and sting you." - Author: Brian Cox

Quotes About Bulimia Nervosa

"In yet another paradox, bulimia nervosa serves as both an expression of feelings and a defense against experiencing feelings, particularly shame, anger, loneliness, sadness, envy, and guilt. A person with bulimia nervosa fear, whether consciously or unconsciously, that painful feelings would be unbearable, even annihilating"." - Author: Sheila M. Reindl

Quotes About Drunk Fathers

"One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts;I could never stand to see anyone like that. whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was." - Author: Anthony Burgess

Quotes About Anchors And God

"One day Sharon got a call from Greta Van Susteren, one of the anchors at Fox News.‘I was wondering if you and Ozzy wanted to have dinner next week with the President of the United States, she said.‘Is he in trouble again? asked Sharon.Greta laughed. ‘Not that I know of, no.‘Thank God for that.‘Will you come?‘Of course we will. It would be an honour.When Sharon told me, I couldnt believe it. I always thought Id be on a ‘Wanted poster on the Oval Office wall, not invited over for tea." - Author: Ozzy Osbourne

Quotes About Timing In Business

"From behind Lissa, I heard Christian say, "Worst. Timing. Ever." Adrian studied Lissa and then looked at Christain sprawling on the bed on the far side of the suite. "Huh," Adrian said, letting himself in. "So thats how youre going to fix the family problem. Little Dragomirs. Good idea." Christian sat up and strolled toward them. "Yeah, thats exactly it. Youre interrupting official Council business." - Author: Richelle Mead