[Cooper Came Back Down To The Darkened Room About Half An Hour After Lucky Had Freed His Hands. The Boat Was Still Rocking, The Wind Was Blowing And Sawyer Called Out, "Dude, You Can't Leave The Boat On Auto-pilot In This Kind Of Weather. Jesus Is Not Here To Take The Wheel.]

Author: SE Jakes Bound To Break Quotes

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"Most species of dragons had retired or, mistaken for dinosaurs, collectively hung their bones in museums, waiting in the wings for just the right time to reemerge, to scorch schools and char church parking lots."

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"We can no longer allow multinationals to parade as agents of progress and democracy in the newspapers, even as they subvert it at the workplace."

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"Travel, of course, narrows the mind."

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."

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"If youre always worried about crushing the ants beneath you... you wont be able to walk."

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"É muito difícil ficar bem, depois do depois, quando tudo se acaba, porque afinal, o que fica quando acaba o amor?"

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"I had to go. A spirit in my feet said Go, and I went."

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"In another life - and as I like to say, another body - I used to teach aerobics."

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"Never give importance to anyone more than yourself, because once that person becomes important, you become nothing...."

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"The two smallest boys were cut down first, bodies bounding in different directions as they were shot from opposite sides of the field, like pinballs caught in a tight corner."

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"It is always thus, impelled by a state of mind which is destined not to last, we make our irrevocable decisions" - Author: Marcel Proust

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"I listened humbly, resentfully. I knew I did not have charm. Neither Laura nor I had it. We were too secretive for charm, or else too blunt. Wed never learned it, because Reenie had spoiled us. She felt that who we were ought to be enough for anybody. We shouldnt have to lay ourselves out for people, court them with coaxings and wheedlings and eye-batting displays." - Author: Margaret Atwood

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"We need to remind our core supporters that we have not forgotten their concern with the way our democracy is being replaced by European bureaucracy in so many areas." - Author: John Redwood

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"In literature, too, we admire prose in which a small and astutely arranged set of words has been constructed to carry a large consignment of ideas. We all have strength enough to bear the misfortunes of others, writes La Rochefoucauld in an aphorism which transports us with an energy and exactitude comparable to that of Maillard bridge. The Swiss engineer reduces the number of supports just as the French writer compacts into a single line what lesser minds might have taken pages to express. We delight in complexity to which genius has lent an appearance of simplicity. (p 207)" - Author: Alain de Botton

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"I think Ed Koch is the person most responsible for allowing AIDS to get out of control. It happened here first, on his watch. If he had done what any moral human being should have done in the beginning, and put out alarms, then a lot fewer people would have gotten sick." - Author: Larry Kramer

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"What was glimpsed in Aquarius-what was envisioned, believed in, prophesied, predicted, doubted, and forewarned-is made, in Pisces, manifest. Those solitary visions that, but a month ago belonged only to the dreamer, will now acquire the form and substance of the real. We were of our own making, and we shall be our own end." - Author: Eleanor Catton

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"Whats your name, lad?""Newton. Newton Pulsifer.""LUCIFER? Whats that you say? Are ye of the Spawn of Darkness, a tempting beguiling creature from the pit, wanton limbs steaming from the fleshpots of Hades, in tortured and lubricious thrall to your Stygian and hellish masters?""Thats Pulsifer," explained Newton. "With a P. I dont know about the other stuff, but we come from Surrey."The voice on the phone sounded vaguely disappointed." - Author: Neil Gaiman

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