[Creation Takes Place Through Words, A Series Of 'And God Saids' Bringing Each New Stage Of Life Into Being. Language Is God's Divine Power Made Manifest In The World.]

Author: Myla Goldberg Quotes

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Christine OKeeffe Lafser Quotes

"I am not functioning very well. Living with the knowledge that the baby is dead is painful. I feel so far away from you, God. I can only try to believe that you are sustaining me and guiding me through this. Please continue to stand by my side."

Tears For Fears Quotes

"When people run in circles its a very very... mad world."

Chuck Palahniuk Quotes

"Its not true that your life flashes before your eyes when you die. At least, not all of it. Some of your life might flash. Other portions of your life it might take you years and years to recall. That, I think, is the function of Hell: Its a place of remembering. Beyond that, the purpose of Hell is not so much to forget the details of our lives as it is to forgive them."

Amy Waldman Quotes

"My parents are aging and there are difficult issues. Its strange to have children at the beginning of life and parents nearing the end."

Ella Berthoud Quotes

"In many ways sci-fi is a natural progression from the magical worlds we inhabited as children. Speculative fiction opens up parallel universes to which we can escape and exercise our love for all things beyond our ken. close off these speculative worlds at your peril."

Will Koz Quotes

"Your only regret should be that you didnt start sooner."

Peig Sayers Quotes

"Ar chualabhair riamh," arsa Eoghain, "ná fanann tráigh le headra agus ní lú mar a fhanfaidh an traein linne. Ní hé seo an tOileán agaibh go bhfanfaidh an naomhóg libh go mbeidh sibh ullamh."Chuir sin imníomh orainn agus bhú gach aoinne ar a dhícheal ag baint an stáisiúin amach. Nuair a shroicheamar é ba dhóigh leat nár cailleadh aoinne riamh, bhí a oiread sin daoine ann. Bhí gach carráiste lán."

Maria Lima Quotes

"more money than the crooks at Enron and less taste than a drunk after a bottle of tequila"

Rebecca Walker Quotes

"One may be nice on the outside but on the inside isnt pretty"

F Sionil Jose Quotes

"Hunger precipitated despair."

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Quotes About The Negative Effects Of Television

"Have four things going. I have stand-up comedy, two television shows and Im working on a play. I like to work, and I fear that something could fall through. You know what they say: The show must go off." - Author: Joy Behar

Quotes About Weight Loss Surgery

"Not only weight loss surgery is unnecessary but also it deprives human being a normal life. People after surgery would never be able to enjoy their food ever for the rest of their life whether it is Christmas or they are on their holidays or their child birthday or any other festival. List of problems and complications after the weight loss surgery operation are endless as one may get additional problems such as Hernia, Internal Bleeding, Swelling of the skin around the wounds, etc. I wonder how many weight loss surgeons advice about weight loss surgery to their own family members." - Author: Subodh Gupta

Quotes About Corruptibility

"In a land of fear... incorruptibility is like a lamp set upon a stand, giving light to all in the house." - Author: Alan Paton

Quotes About Arguments In Marriage

"By our Heavenly Father and only because of God, only because of God. Were like other couples. We do not get along perfectly; we do not go without arguments and, as I call them, fights, and heartache and pain and hurting each other. But a marriage is three of us." - Author: Barbara Mandrell

Quotes About Raspberries

"I have raised beds, perennial beds, cut flower beds. I have an island on a pond thats just covered in peonies. I have an herb garden, tons of vegetables, raspberries. I have everything. Im a green guy." - Author: Steve Zahn

Quotes About Golgota

"Nu exista o alta ilustrare mai mare a bunatatii decat Crucea de la Golgota.Acolo,Domnul Isus a acceptat sa moara pentru pacatele mele.El S-a facut jertfa de ispasire pentru mine.Bunatatea Lui nemarginita mi-a dat dreptul sa ma fac copil al Lui Dumnezeu." - Author: Simon Schrock

Quotes About Primitivos

"Es un país estupendo, ¿verdad?Sí que lo es. Duérmete.¿Compañero?Dime.Así es como era entre los habitantes primitivos, ¿verdad?Sí.¿Cuánto tiempo crees que te gustaría quedarte aquí?Unos cien años. Duérmete." - Author: Cormac McCarthy

Quotes About That Boy You Like

"Uh… not sure buying the entire store for that boy is good, Chace. If hes living on the street, the rest of the homeless population in Carnal will fall on him like vultures," I remarked.Then he turned to me. "Got one homeless guy in town, darlin. He calls himself Outlaw Al. He celebrated his seven hundredth birthday this year and looks it. You talk to him, hell swear he was the one who shot Billy the Kid. Every feral cat in Carnal will claw you soon as look at you but of any day or night, one or a dozen of ‘em will be curled into Al like hes their Momma. He has two teeth. And I dont see good things for his dental future since Shambles and Sunny built a small lean-to behind La-La Land so hell have some protection from exposure. He was much obliged for this effort. Moved in while Shambles was still hammering in the nails. He mostly stays there except when its his time to howl at the moon. And Shambles gives him baked goods he doesnt sell. I think our kidll be good." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Luxa

"What say you, Luxa?" said Vikus."What can I say, Vikus? Can I return to our people and tell them I withdrew from the quest when our survival hangs in the balance?" said Luxa bitterly."Of course you cannot, Luxa. This is why he times it so," said Henry."You could choose to - " started Vikus."I could choose! I could choose!" retorted Luxa. " Do not offer me a choice when you know none exits!" She and Henry turned their backs on Vikus." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Your Mom Leaving You

"Sweet Pea: This cant be. We did everything right.Baby Doll: A map, a fire, a knife, a key, one thing more, one thing more. Its me.Sweet Pea: What?Baby Doll: [a breathy Oh] Oh its me,of course its me. Its the only way this ever coulda been prevented.Sweet Pea: What do you mean?Baby Doll: Im saying you go home, go to your family. You tell your mom what Rocket said, make her happy. Go out and live a normal life. Love, be free, you have to live for all of us now.Sweet Pea: Baby, no, you cant...Baby Doll: Yes Sweet Pea, youre the strongest. Youre the only one of us who ever had a chance out there. Youre going home and leaving, thats how we win. Its ok, its better this way. Now listen, Im gonna walk out there and when they come after me, you go, ok?Sweet Pea: Theres gotta be another way.Baby Doll: No, this is right. This was never my story, its yours. Now dont screw it up ok?" - Author: Zack Snyder